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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Now why wouldn’t I believe that?



    I’ve spent the best part of 6 years working on an agreement with the same people (Celtic Executive) at Celtic Park who have reneged on every promise they made.


    When you have spent as long trying to get the executive to honour their commitments then maybe you will have something to use as a gauge.



    I honestly believe the Plc executive have fucked over Brendan Rogers, Neil Lennon and Res12. The Res12 stuff is just personal experience so obviously I wouldn’t know as much as those who have zero experience.

  2. jinkyredstar on 19th May 2019 10:40 pm


    ‘Those of you talking about Merino – why? ‘







    Well it’s very warm, lightweight, hardwearing and doesn’t itch like ordinary wool.

  3. Huntlybhoy86 10.34pm



    I think Kris Ajer has been young player of the year for us, but you are correct about young Edouard… before we signed him he had hardly played any first team football, this season has been hit by niggling injuries but he has still contributed greatly … we all forget he is just a kid as well

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 19th May 2019 10:42 pm




    It’s not like you weren’t warned.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    suppose I’d better go to bed and leave the clapping seals to bark about how honour from dishonour is a great thing.



    Neil Lennon a Celtic legend embarrassed by those he trusted most.

  6. Canalamar with the Lawell obsession 10.54pm



    Stay up … never go to bed in a bad mood … life is too short



    Happy clapping ??? I call it 8@row …



    we can all look out the same window and see a different view :-)

  7. huntlybhoy86 on




    That’s true. This is effectively his first full season as a professional (playing 40-50 games for the first time in a single season must be difficult at such a young age) and with all of the stuff that’s been happening on and off the park this season he has conducted himself with class. Leading the line successfully at such a massive club takes a certain type of character and he has never once looked overawed, if anything he looks like he’s playing 5’s with his mates!



    Highlights: his performance at Pittodrie in December where he totally changed the game, Tynecastle and Dens Park last minute winners (which were made to look easy but were far from it), 30 yard free kick v Motherwell when the game was finely balanced and his performance v Sevco in the 2-1 game.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 19th May 2019 10:54 pm





    ‘Neil Lennon a Celtic legend embarrassed by those he trusted most.’






    Mibaes aye and mibaes naw.



    But the embrace of PL today looked like a scene from Goodfellas or suchlike.

  9. huntlybhoy86 on

    Oh…and I forgot the best of the lot, his home performance v Leipzig in the Europa League! He was immense that night; the very embodiment of a big-game player.

  10. Matt Stewart on

    Just been told that following McDonalds complying with a police request to stop selling milkshakes and ice cream while Nigel Farage was in the vicinity, B&Q have announced ‘allegedly’, that they will continue to sell bricks.



    Hail Hail




  11. Huntlybhoy86 10.57pm



    I think Odsonne was meant to have been in a bit of bother 16yr/17yr old and PSG were happy to loan him out… obviously with the money they have he was way down their list .. am also sure Brendan said he was a terrific young professional … again the point is leading the line (which I don’t think is his strong point) with us must be a hard shift at such a young age… we all might moan but we have an unbelievable young first team which with two or three quality signings we will kick in and maybe win a quadrupole treble :-) … that can only happen if we first get the job done on Saturday 25th May 2019



    Always loved the Scottish Cup final

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Mousse was welcomed to Celtic Park today by the fans AND as a guest of the club.



    For me, that says it all.

  13. Was impressed by the kids today, johnson played very well, wee dembelle’s decision making and ability was easy for all to see. very impressed with henderson, his ability to see and execute a pass is great. Ralston done well first half but dropped off it a bit second half. We also had welsh, church and oxo-flex on the bench.



    Think we can all agree its nice to see so many kids pushing hard for their breakthrough. The number of good kids in our academy should allow us to reduce our squad size to no more than 22 first team players max.



    Reckon mulumbu, compper, sinclair and ntcham are for the off alongside the loan and out of contract players. So about 14 players.



    Next seasons priority signings should be 1 rightback, 1 centrebacks (1 x youngster) if henry goes, 1 forward and 1 centremid if ntcham and mulumbu go.



    Would like to see us play 4-3-3 and 4-3-1-2 next season.

  14. Stephbhoy 11.24pm



    Young Karomoko looked far better today than the youth / Glasgow cup final games … still a long long way to go but as others have said it’s gr88t seeing the youngsters get a wee sniff at the first team … loved Mikey Johnston & Euan Henderson linking up for the first goal .. for me that goal was made up at Lennoxtown :-)

  15. Not read back as I’ve had very poor internet access all day.



    On the third last stage of my journey home. Wasn’t paying £259 to fly back from Edinburgh or Glasgow.



    Thanks to Dena29 who organized the bus and boat to Stranraer and the West Belfast Bhoys who left me to the Europa bus station. Should be home around 1am.



    Great to meet up at Coias for lunch, a quick pint with Cosy Corner Bhoy and his two lovely daughters and a quick visit to the corner.



    Highlight of the day was Karamoko’s performance. What a star he will be.



    C’mon the H88PS.

  16. It was Great to see the 888 Today.



    The MAESTRO, Broonie and an Incredible 8th Title on the spin in the most hostile of environments.



    The wee 77 wisnae bad either.



    Neil Francis Lennon is a Celtic Legend.



    Go get that Treble Neil.



    Celtic are going big with the next appointment and I think it is Rafa.

  17. GFTB on 19TH MAY 2019 11:30 PM



    I watch the youth games. I dont think dembele’s touch, awareness, composure or decision making was any worse during those games. In one games he was starved of the ball and in the other I lost count of the amount of times he did the right thing only to see his teammates miscontrol the ball and/or take the wrong option.



    Today his teammates were better and he got the ball much more. The result was more opportunity to show what he has got. Big future so long as he keeps himself grounded.



    henderson and johnson look very capable. An academy that can produce good quality kids with potential to become players is worth its weight in gold. Its than up to the kids to push on.



    Celtic need to make space for these kids, we brought in mulumbu when we had henderson kicking about and all it did was cost us a small fortune and could potential have hindered henderson’s progress and breakthrough.

  18. Stephbhoy 11.53pm



    I never thought of that but as you say good players will shine playing with better players



    Fellow Celts good night n god bless



    Eight is great :-)

  19. I can’t help getting the feeling we’ve messed Up badly by not trying to get Steve Clark


    Through the celtic park doors , what this guy has achieved at Killie has been a miracle , add to that


    He isn’t afraid to call the cheats out , perhaps that’s what made celtic decision not to go for him . Can’t have an employee rocking the spfl boat . Steve Clark s the best manager / coach in Scotland in my opinion . Pity it looks like he has accepted the poison chalice at SFA HQ , anyway looks like we’ve missed a huge chance there .

  20. The wee guy jumped straight up after being fouled. Even the serial cheat with a whistle had to let the wee guy go and let the play go. The Iconic moment when this wee Bhoy made his Debut.




  21. I was 17 when we first did 8iar.



    Who knew how long it would take till we could do the feat again.



    Celtic have won 50 league championships. I have been lucky enough to see 30 of them in my lifetime.



    I have seen 21 of our 38 SC wins and hope to see 22 next week.



    I have been alive for all of our 18 LC wins but can only say I was aware of 16 of them.



    There are a few who can top my numbers but I am thinking tonight of all those stopped short from seeing all of this.



    We still miss them badly.




    It’s sure been a long time

  22. I heard a few boos when Dedryck picked up his Winning medal :(( . It was a Good day and I’m just gutted I didnae get doon ontae the pitch, shirt on and picking up a medal. ;))

  23. Sometimes there is indeed Unity.



    Wee KD has so much in his Locker. Mightily impressed by his awareness and also his appetite to get on the ba’.



    A Belter of a Player.

  24. The Devil is running amok.



    The Devil is Running Amok.



    Celtic are Winning so much.






    Celtic Park is Full of Love.






    Broonie is taking the hits.



    Celtic is ready to explode.

  25. The new Boss will likely know that Callum is the Man to play in front of the defence, who knows there may indeed be an upgrade on Callum coming in – here is hoping.



    Broonie – Magical Celt.

  26. Good morning, friends from a cloudy but dry East Kilbride.


    A greight day yesterday and now all focus on Saturday’s final. Enjoy every moment!

  27. Good morning CQN from a grey and overcast Garngad



    8IAR wow!!!!????????



    Now let’s get the SC ? and get an even more incredible:








    D. :)

  28. For next season KD is not the story / or at least he should not be the story.


    For next season MJ is the story.



    Great to see him get two good goals.


    He is as raw as sushi and needs to grow up but he is next season’s breakthrough player.



    What he needs is support from those around him and a manager with the coaching skills to improve his game and his decision making. BR let him down so I hope the next manager puts in the effort required.

  29. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Well done to Celtic for a deserved eighth [8TH] title in a row.



    It was good to meet up again with excellent CQNer #1Paul67 before the game.



    I am sure there are days when the ole bhlog drives him to distraction when the snipers and the snarkers are in full flow, so it must give him some satisfaction to see some of the genuine friendships the bhlog has created still going strong.

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