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  1. Brilliant thruogh ball by Bitton…defence splitting…as ball nicked from Bayo…corner…comes to nowt

  2. GENE on 25TH AUGUST 2019 4:26 PM






    Sometimes you’ve got to say well done




    Aussies only have themselves to blame




  3. Hearts pen…big Forster saves…Washington scores from rebound….the sooner VAR is introduced the better

  4. LazyD…the fact that a janbo brings one of ours down immediately before that should be ignored?

  5. lazydynamite on 25th August 2019 4:41 pm



    Sorry but it was a stonewall..pen..sorry to burst some conspiricy bubbles…stupid challenge by brown




    It was foul by the big Hearts striker earlier in the move when the ball came into the box.

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