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  1. The Buns really struggling against more physical sides, Hearts, Killie, and Aberdeen matched up physically and exposed their lack of physicality. Whatever the gap is when we visit Ipox, then whatever we do we need to match up physically on team selection and approach. In addition, they just look a team smashed in confidence, could it be the g-slipp stardust has finally worn off.

  2. The wee are on Hun TV after the game on the 29th,”Look out Celtic,we are coming for ye,the Gers are coming”

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    Slippy starts his interview by saying he takes the blame then proceeds to slate his team for having no winning mentality…the banter years keep on and and on…



    Well done to Celtic and Neil Lennon (humble pie from me). They have been superb this season.

  4. Ntcham was so good tonight, great to see. You cant knock the boys, even with a bit of an indifferent first half we won with so much to spare. 23 wins from 26 is going to take anyone out of the equation. Tonight the Huns dropped off a clip, a draw would have been bad, the defeat was catastrophic. I can honestly say I’m so happy.

  5. Just back from the ground and, if I ever locate them again, after their retreat up into my abdomen, those two results tonight would warm the cockles of my bollocks.



    I said that leagues were won in the long cold hard months of Jan, Feb & March but I was one month too pessimistic



    Gerrard f****d the league at Rugby Park

  6. Will McNugget be on……… in some other guise, talkin’….with great respekt and dignity aboooot the Liverpool Backroom staff and world class…….this that an’ the ither……..?



    Melwood on The Klyde!







  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CELTIC40ME on 12TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:44 PM









    They thought they won it that day. Lenny and the bhoys knew better








    They beat us all ends up .


    It had me concerned .



    Tonight , RELIEF .



    It ain`t the end , or even the beginning of the end ………………….



  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 12th February 2020 9:38 pm





    After Dec. 29 , one word.











    Relief .







    No, quality….. HH





    Relief for me , mate.


    No arguments that we have the quality .



    Sussing out Gdansk .

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    GG.thanks again for updates.





    Hear hear .

  10. Gerrard going on about his team’s mentality….let’s not forget that the guy simply couldn’t win a league at Liverpool and it must be rubbing off.



    Gerrard as Klopp’s successor? If that’s true, Lennon must be worthy of replacing Pep.



    One thing I admire about NL is that when he makes a mistake (and as we know, he has), he seems to learn from them. Many managers seem to have a stubborn streak but Lennon is happy to keep learning and tweaking.



    You really feel Rangers put everything into this season in an “all or nothing” kind of way. I wasn’t sure we’d win 9IAR, especially after they beat us last year. But I always felt if we win 9, we can go onto 10,11,12….

  11. I said to my dad at the start of January that we had been through our poor patch and were still on top. No way Sevco could sustain their form. I expected them to last until the split but their ineptitude since the break surprised me.



    Too many Tim’s believed their hype.



    We need to keep the pedal to the metal now and if we do we will win this league by at least 15 points or more. They are just not that good and once the other teams who are scrapping for top six or Europe or against relegation get the notion that they can take points from them life gets much much harder.

  12. Magnificentseven on

    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 12th February 2020 10:35 pm





    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 12th February 2020 9:38 pm






    After Dec. 29 , one word.












    Relief .








    No, quality….. HH







    Relief for me , mate.



    No arguments that we have the quality .




    Sussing out Gdansk .



    Lets hope so

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Quite similar to the Motherwell game in that the first half was well contested. Celtic then come out in the second, up the tempo and blow them away. Great performance.



    I’ll be honest and say Taylor has not impressed me until tonight.



    He was excellent. Hopefully his confidence gets a boost and he can kick on.




    After the cup final it was an extremely worrying performance. We looked like we’d learned nothing



    And we’ve won nothing yet



    But we’ve got where we are because of a depth of quality in our squad that we all knew we had and a manager with a rock hard mentality. I was always confident.

  15. David 17 – “Slippy better get an exit strategy as things are going to get ugly”



    Do you call that an oxymoron?






    D. :)

  16. Great night at the Park tonight



    Had Dallas ticket but got a better offer for LLU with pies and pints!



    Sorry J, sold out.



    Best bit for me was Killie scores coming thru.


    ON seems to be enjoying himself.



    Huns will be quiet in work tomorrow.

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CELTIC40ME on 12TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:48 PM





    I was quietly confident , but I didn`t like the look of the hun that day .


    Not to mention the following weeks of endurance on CQN which didn`t help.


    At no stage did I feel we had to to spend big , but its easy to be wise after the event .


    Our squad is formidable .


    And the guys seem to be peaking at the right time .

  18. So that’ll be Trabzonspor, ….errrrr…………Zamalek and Grimsby and ermm…..


    …. Beijing Bang Bangs preparing big-bucks bids for Fat Charlie………

  19. Anyhoo, how many complaints does OFCOM get? Why the big timespan for decisions? Don’t get it and I work for the fascist bassas.


    (But not Ofcom)

  20. Gerrard going on about mentality is a classic wtf moment. The man absolutely lost it on the 29th and his players came away thinking they’d the league won.



    Look at yourself Stevie, you’re a clown.

  21. Wasn’t at the game or seen it, back to the old radio days for me and catching up on here.



    Had 4-0 on, ach well, the more we score against the minis the better… On the bright side, had a fiver on killie to win and 2-1, cashed out on both £170 up.



    Happy days. 👍🍀

  22. Asked where the defeat leaves Rangers in their quest for a first league title since 2011, Gerrard told BT Sport: “Very, very tough. You’ve got to look at the form of other people that are relentless right now.



    “But we keep going and try to change the situation that we put ourselves in. There’s no denying they’re obviously in the driving seat.”



    Other people? They’re?


    The word you’re looking for there Stevie is Celtic.


    Don’t mention it our kid, I know things are getting a bit tight right now.




    We’ve won 26 and lost 2 in the last 28 games and one of those defeats was a meaningless game a couple of thousand miles away. We’ve played four Europa league games in that time, and beaten a team with a genuine chance of winning serie a home and away.



    I can’t argue that our performances since the break have increased the pressure on them

  24. I’ll enjoy tonight and tomorrow. Come the weekend, I’ll be getting nervous about Pittodrie.



    A few weeks back P67 spoke about a massive 5 weeks of football we had in front of us.



    Pittodrie will see the end of that 5 week phase. 3 points and we’ll have one hand on the league trophy.



    Stay focused, Celts.