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  1. Got home from a very good evening in Parkhead about 10.45 last night. Freezing, of course, but delighted, especially after learning about what happened in Kilmarnock. Thank you, Celtic.

  2. Good morning from a crisp and fresh Forres, presently -1*C, could be worse as it’s -10 in Govan.


    I went out to de-ice Mrs PMTYH’s car before she went to work, I know it’s a hard life, and she listen’s to Radio 4 (I think). They did a bit on the football last night and Proddy Forsyth was on and was asked by the presenter if he thought Celtic had now won the league? Well apparently he bought into the sevco delusion that up until last night the huns would win their game in hand and the next two Glasgow derbies and go on to win the league by 2 points. He also stated that Celtic could equal their record of 9 IAR jointly held by Celtic and a team called rangers.


    3 points Mr Forsyth:


    1. We did it first.


    2. RFCIL cheated to accomplish the feat.


    3. The team currently playing out of Ibrox has never won a senior honour in their 8 years existence. You should be aware of this being one of RFCIL’s creditors.



    Ps, Happy Saint Huno’s day – 8 years ago today I was driving down South on my way back to Germany when Craigy Bhoy announced he was going to put der hun into administration.





  3. Cant vote in the player of season email as i did not watch the match.



    Couple of points in defense of the sevco manager.


    Firstly he is very unlucky to have come up against a celtic team full of talent full of options and managed by a truely remarkable manager in Neil Lennon.


    Indeed a few have had a wee chuckle at gerrard not being able to mention the name of our club ‘celtic’


    Well our own manager Neil Lennon does exactly the same in his interviews.He prefers to say closest challengers rather than say the name of the ibrox club.


    I have no problem with either manager doing exactly that.



    Last night we got another winter gift.Well done killie.


    However talk of league over e.t.c is nonsense.


    We have a strong advantage but that is all it is.


    We have to keep the blinkers on and keep collecting the 3pts.


    Thankfully I believe our manager Neil Lennon will be demanding exactly that.


    The man that the sevco fans used as their main observation as to why Celtic would fail this season is turning out to be the man who may be far too clever and tactically aware for them


    God bless Neil Lennon

  4. See all the Fearties are on here ,oh they have a game in hand ,also 2 Games against us,and that we would be a point in front of Sevco,talk about being Negativity,Talk up the Hoops ,everything else Irrelevant.

  5. There’s still games to be won so the league is not over. That said, it would take an absolute monumental collapse to lose the league from this position.



    Lennon’s win percentage would suggest that’s very unlikely to happen.

  6. Neil Francis Lennon.



    Ok wrong time of year to watch games live. On the road to ten is Ntcham our new Broony. Scott Brown is so far ahead of the pack in the CQN potty but just asking going forward. Leigh Griff. Well done bhoy. Love killie pies 😛😂

  7. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Well what a reaction to events of 29th December!



    Last night was monumental – didnt see the huns dropping anything – and looking at their run of fixtures I didnt see them dropping anything until we play them at Ibrox mid-March.



    Now, we still have a 7 point cushion IF they win their game in hand. Effectively 8 with the goal difference advantage.



    Full credit to the manager who is doing a fantastic job.




  8. IF…Celtic do 9 in a row…then this current Sevco squad will be remembered as the Billy Boys who failed to stop the Celtic despite throwing money that they dont have at a rookie “manager” and his great backroom team taken from Liverpool, not forgetting ALL the media help , and Refs help that they will have been given….and they would still have failed.



    For Hun chumps especially like McGregor, Kent, Morelos, Jack, Arfield etc etc…..THEY will be long remembered as The Chumps that FAILED…


    Like many Celtic supporters I have truly believed that IF Celtic did 9 in a row again…then TEN is a PROBABLE…no matter what the Hun might try and throw at us, as I believe they have rolled their Dice this season and IF it all goes wrong , the pressure of Celtic going for the 10 next season would surely be all too much for that Sevco squad…as til now they have shown and their “Manager” admitted last night that they couldnt handle the pressure with Celtic going for NINE !



    in all my long years and being old enough to grow up following Celtic during the 1st NINE in a Row…I never dreamed of seeing Celtic doing it yet again…?


    Oh my Days…..


    Celtic make my heart sing.



  9. Terrific stuff last night, second half we were superb. Greg Taylor grew into his Celtic shirt last night. Ntcham my MOTM with McGregor not far behind. No failures.



    Another huge game on Sunday at Aberdeen.



    Nothings won yet Celtic so keep your foot on the Huns throat!

  10. I look forward to that Hun Chump Kris Boyd telling us all about the “In fighting and disharmony in the Ipox dressing room”, and how Stevie G has lost the dressing room etc ?



  11. Slippy Stevie and that Sevco squad will certainly know all about real pressure WHEN that Hun support turns on them in any game from now on, all it will take is for some team to go ahead or even get an equaliser against them…and that Hun support will be going radio rental…if they arent already ? LOL



    Oh my Days…Im just loving it



  12. Siempre



    Well said fella. I’m one of those petulant eijits that got all dizzy at the prospect of Rafa and threw a wee hissy fit when Neil got the gig.



    Once again, shows what I know.



    Massive well done Neil. Now let’s finish the job. We’re 3 trophies to play for.



    Great times to be a Tim.

  13. My friends in Celtic,



    What an enjoyable night. A fantastic crowd to witness some magical football and the atmosphere in the last 20 minutes was brill.



    Our players were focused and determined. Great credit to NFL and the team. We continued our talking on the park.



    HH to all, the journey continues

  14. I will allow myself today to gloat & celebrate but then last night is history & the only game that matters is the Sheep at the Sheep Pen,

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I again broke my Radio Scotland/Sportsound boycott on the way home last night (sorry Bankie).



    Whilst enjoying the schadenfreude, I couldn’t help but notice just how unprofessional it is.



    The emotional involvement and vested interests of their pundits meant they could hardly do their job.



    Dodds sounded utterly devastated, whilst Ferguson came across as angry and bitter.



    The BBC simply wouldn’t get away with this bias and partisanship in any other news category.



    Ironically the only thing that comes close is its coverage of the Royal family.

  16. Heard today we’ve equalled the goals scored for the whole of last season in the first half of February. Some achievement.



    Neil Lennon’s entertainers!




  17. This won`t be popular but I think Stevie Gerrard came over quite well in his post match interview. He is more honest than most mangers I hear. I don`t expect the Sevcoites to share my view!

  18. AN TEARMANN on 12TH FEBRUARY 2020 7:00 PM


    Sadly can’t make tonight but I am hopeful that Celtic will work hard for a victory.



    Do your best Celts,work for each other to give a victory.



    Hope all going enjoy



    Well my Mhan, Celtic DID work hard for a victory, they worked for each other and we all DID enjoy it. Pity you missed it, maybe the next one?



    A wee aside, as no-one had mentioned it (I think). Broony in front of the North Stand, last 10 minutes or so, then the fans start going tonto. Stares at us and clearly mouths “What is it?”. Cue big cheesy grin when he sees all the double and single digits go up and trots off with a giant grin on his coupon shouting at the other players. It’s the wee things that add to the experience.

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BIG WAVY on 13TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:54 AM



    Great times – people were right to be concerned about the recruitment process and the job offer in the shower but crucially I think we had the right guy for the moment AND the long term. I’d like to think Lawwell and Desmond knew this and hence seemed so blase…



    Hopefully we will not have reason to have to recruit another manager for a long time to come.



    Any depression I had over Rodgers leaving dissipated very quickly when we beat Hearts in Lennys first game back and he started making noises about cutting out the overplaying at the back.



    There is no doubt in my mind that this has improved our fortunes in Europe, made us harder to beat and to all intents and purposes, stronger now than we have been maybe for 3 years!




  20. Recent form:



    1 Celtic 6 6 0 0 22 2 20 18


    2 Livingston 6 5 0 1 10 5 5 15


    3 Rangers (sic) 6 3 1 2 7 5 2 10




  21. Ntcham has been great and while he must take plaudits, credit where it’s due to Lennon’s man-management.



    In pre-season, Ntcham’s comments about the league and our club looked to me as if he’d lost his teammates and the fans….there’d be no way back and he’d sulk on the bench until we accepted a cut-price fee for him in the next transfer window.



    Lennon said they had a “chat”. I’d love to know what that chat was because it’s certainly worked. Even if he’s playing for a bigger move, as long as he gives his all and contributes towards more trophies, I’ll accept that.



    Brilliant attitude from the man and superb man-management from Lenny while Slippy continues to throw his players under the bus.

  22. One of the joys of last night was listening to BBC sportsound and having the BT Sport match on at the same time.



    There is clearly a time delay of about a minute so you could relive the sheer pain of the BBC hun cheerleaders when Morelos’s goal was chalked off or listen to the Brophy goal again having already skipped around the room when seeing it on BT Sport.




  23. As funny as it is to see Barry Fergus on accept the title race is over… It isn’t



    Drop two points at the weekend and it back in their hands



    Neil Lennon will know this as much as anybody. He knows what it’s like to lose titles that go to the last day.




    They also play Braga twice in the next couple of weeks- they’ve won 9 drawn 1 and lost 1 of their last 11 games, they’ve beaten Porto twice, at Porto’s ground and in a cup final



    Then hearts in the cup at Tyncastle