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  1. You know the way in a marathon the ‘challengers’ can stick with the really fast guys until the last third and then the quality tells and the really good guy kicks on?









    Get it right up ye ya zombie bams

  2. braw braw braw braw braw to zero….



    smiley and the jelly and icecream is dripping aff me thing



    thanks to GG and Brawongifilo….




  3. Huns have no need to worry. There will be another Statement shortly. Can’t wait to have a read on Hun Media.

  4. Over on Follow Follow, there seems to be a variety of opinons:



    “We could have Klopp in the dugout with unlimited finance and we still wouldn’t be allowed to win the League. Its embarrassing for Scottish football the corruption of officials.”






    “Gerrard can %^*& right off & take his pals with him. We wont win anything with him in charge”



    “‘m not sure how much longer I can suffer watching this team f%^king collapse every January and February



    Gerrard is going to be the Manager as Celtic win 6 trophies under his watch”

  5. I cannot wait for kris boyd’s fizzer to appear on my timeline on twitter – delicious!!!!



    Rugby park used to be a bogey ground for us. Now it’s where Sevco dreams go to die. Beautiful

  6. Will have to see it again, but Morelos goal disallowed at Killie before they scored did not look the correct decision, but I for one will take it as compensation for George Cadete in circa 1996/7 at Ipox, which I know for a fact was falsely ruled out. g-slip simply cannot win leagues.. But, we did our job. Keep the focus

  7. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    El Huffalo escapes 2nd yellow for a dive more blatant than the one he got booked for.



    Beaton shat it. Or just plain cheated.