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  1. Well done Celts. A good first half, though we missed chances. but we fell away for a long period in the second half. Then we finished better again. The enforced substitutes didn’t help. I hope the injured players are alright.




  2. the long wait is over on

    Christ I was being sarcastic when I said on last page how often fat boy would mention offside but I underestimated it.



    Irony is he isn’t wrong – wee man was offside.



    Overall though , If Var is brought in and correctly applied we’ll win 20 in a row.

  3. monty looks like a left winger trying to play left wing back , the Irish bhoy scales must be not impressing at training or someone doesn’t rate/fancy him if he can’t get a game, surely Taylor is fit by now.

  4. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Check the linesman’s position when AR crosses for the goal. Perfect placement. Loving how much gurning fatty Boyd is doing. GIRUY monster munch.

  5. If we are playing crap I will say so but If we put in a shift I am happy. Tonight even though we were poor for most of the second half we battled for the shirt and that does for me.

  6. The lack of leadership on the park has to be addressed.


    Plus we are being overcoached regarding shooting opportunities.


    In the first half we tore them apart but kept making the wrong final decision.



    Second half and it was after you Claude.



    CMcG is Olympic class at hide and seek.


    Every Hertz player who closes down a CB — he stays in his shadow.


    When they find him with the ball it was as quick as he could pass the responsibility on to someone else.


    Shocking performance by someone who want’s to pick and choose his involvement in the game.



    As for JF — total coward who’s nerves are shot.


    Lazy / low energy performance where his effort went into looking for excuses.


    The injury excuse has gone so it is all down to attitude and unfortunately he doesn’t have any.



    SW and AM — both need huge amounts of work.


    They seemed to have picked up a lot of bad habits from the NT U21 team.



    Finally — I hope NL was watching tonight to see the damage he has done to the career of MJ. He has been treading water for two years and looks totally shot with no experience and little confidence.



    Good result.


    Some great place.


    Lacking leadership / resilience / drive / ambition.



    So still a work in progress.

  7. Dessybhoy. Not so easy when you’re not speaking in your mother tongue. Let boyd make a dick of himself.

  8. A quick mention of Starfelt. Didn’t have an easy start to his Celtic career and has been missing with injury. Came back and had a very good game.



    Good on him.

  9. SFA / SPFL doing their bit regarding the 3 substitute rule in league games.


    Really hurt us tonight with the injuries — no chance to freshen up the team.

  10. Philbhoy. Travelling from Derry to Glasgow since 1985. Shareholder since fergus sold the club. Season ticket holder from 1997 to 2006. Over every season since then at least two times a season. Why were you not at the game.

  11. CS — had a great game and was deservedly the man of the match.


    He seems to be gaining in confidence and it helps his outfield / constructive play.



    LS — not sure what the problem is?


    He is good enough to add something to the team.


    Size / aggression / speed / attitude — all of which we currently lack.


    not sure if AP is holding him back to justify another CB in Jan.


    Hopefully yes — we need him in the team.

  12. glendalystonsils on

    Inability to turn our outfield dominance into goals is our Achilles heel . Including 13 corners and not one effort on goal coming from them that I can recall .


    The important thing is to keep grinding out these kind of results until Ange has the squad to win such games more comfortably .

  13. GEEBEE1978 on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 10:00 PM


    A quick mention of Starfelt. Didn’t have an easy start to his Celtic career and has been missing with injury. Came back and had a very good game.







    Good on him.






    Don’t/ Didnt fancy him before but tonight he was motm by a country mile ….imo

  14. TR — the Hertz octopus / niggle strategy seemed to get to him in the second half.


    put him off his game for a while although he was still putting in a shift at the end.



    Also KF saved us in the last 5 minutes when he chased back and won the ball at the half way line coming in from the Hertz player’s blindside.



    The look of complete panic on the faces of his three team mates who didn’t know what to do with the ball is still the big worry.

  15. Somebody tell Neilson that will balance out the perfectly good goal we had chalked off at Swinecastle

  16. BELFASTCELT on 2ND DECEMBER 2021 10:13 PM



    I don’t even think it was offside, Kyogo looks in line with the ball when Ralston crosses.