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  1. On a side note folks I had some transactions on my Santander account which were not legitimate and having reported it to them it will be investigated by their fraud department, I also see that criminals are targetting Santander machines in Lancashire but possibly further afield, if you do online banking check your accounts

  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Shafted for donkeys years by the old bigot mob….now sevco want to commence the cheating.


    Will we just let them get on with it then….by pretending, or looking the other way?


    No we will not.


    Never fear the truth.




  3. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    I would welcome NFL back as our manager …. A real Tim

  4. Re KevinJ’s story about larkhall or larkhaw as the natives call it.



    Coming fae the Bonnie Banks I didnae know much about larkhaw or other zombie mining villages in Lanarkshire, Lothian or deepest darkest Ayrshire, that is until I left school.



    My first job with the country’s largest home builder was in a housing scheme in Dumbarton called Glenside. Seemingly when a company wins a council contract it has an obligation to employ a percentage of locals.



    All the squad I was assigned tae were fae Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven. On my first day on hearing one of them, from the Peoples Republic of Brucehill, name remarked that there was a lad at school from the same scheme as him with the same name, his response was he didnae go tae that school. I would later find out that his niece was married tae a massive massive Westcliff Tim.



    He would later tell me that the building trade was full of kafflicks and daft prods as any of the latter with half a brain widnae work in it.



    One day I overheard this painter belting out deid team songs, so being the young bhoy I was a shouted at him, in jest I hasten to add. I was told quite vociferously tae shut up by a Dumbarton supporter who grew up with my da in Silverton, “you’re no in Balloch noo son, there are some nutters out there.



    Eventually, I along with another St Pats FP was transferred tae Duntiglennan Farms, now known as Duntiglennan Estates in the holy village of Duntocher.



    We didnae know a soul, but true tae form a huge abundance, especially among the apprentices, of Tims were on the job.



    Then one day disaster struck as a squad fae Larkhaw appeared and guess which apprentice was assigned tae them. Being the shrinking violet I am)) there was no hiding what I was.



    Wet days are usually spent hanging around the trailer, on one of those the cave dwellers took off for one of the local pubs, “Dirty Dicks” as it was known. The rain eventually goes off and I’m sent down tae get them, as they are leaving hauf oot the bag I’m told by the bar mhan tae tell them when they sober up not tae come back, it seems they were belting out the war tunes. BTW they came tae the job by car and drove home that night!!!!!!



    Rolling on a bit and it’s now January 5th, 2 days after the 5-1 game, we got 2 days holiday at New Year then since Christmas day was a working day.



    In ah wander, happy as a pig in Raphael. Wee bit more mature now I say SFA, however I have this huge grin on my face, and why not. They are all growling and one of them seeing my happy wee face breenges at me, fenian bassa was the term I heard.



    Now I’m a young lad playing fitba at the time so I’m quite fleet of foot, off I take and jump up on this widnae sill with the intention of escaping out of it. It’s been a bit frosty and the top layers of brick give way and out I tumble landing on the pig iron soil. Winded and sore Duntocher Hibs, nae pun intended, but also a huge bruise on the side of my face.



    That night there’s a trophy presentation and through the contacts our curate and former St Michaels Parkhead one Father O’Rourke had arranged for big Billy and John Fallon to make the awards.



    I still have the photo taken that night and I’m quite prominent in it, not because of the nice tin flute I’m wearing but because of the unmistakeable bruise on my face.



    So to this day the name larkhaw, I know there are good Tims there including the Maestro’s family, still makes me shiver and think DOBs.

  5. willmacufree on

    Talking about referees and the Lanarkshire crew, I posted this on Feb 1:


    Willmacufree on 1ST FEBRUARY 2016 10:35 AM



    Charlie Richmond was a top grade SPL and FIFA referee. He made no honest blunders that I can remember. Yes he did make mistakes, but they seemed to even out over time, which is what real honest mistakes do.



    He retired aged thirty two or so, after being given few top matches to control. He later revealed that he had been quietly told by a refereeing functionary at the SFA that he didn’t join in things with fellow referees. That therefore he wasn’t one of the good ol’ boys, hence his exclusion. Charlie has remained tight lipped ever since.


    Has anybody any idea what Charlie is doing these days?


    His story would be interesting. I wonder what “activities” he refrained from joining.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/ross-county-v-celtic-live-updates-7/comment-page-35/#comments



    Has anybody any idea what Charlie is doing these days?



    Then there was the young assistant who spilled the beans in the Dougie Dougie disgrace. He was hounded out of Sunday amateur league football where he was discovered by SFA spies to be running the line. What a bunch of pleasant people Dallas and cohorts are.

  6. South Of Tunis on




    I caught the cricket bug in late 50s Glasgow. .I was a glutton for being given a hard time .Being a Celtic supporter who attended a Non Denomination school was a walk in the park compared to being a weirdo who liked cricket .Boy Named Sue stuff.

  7. whitedoghunch on

    could some fine fellow remind me of the magazine/publication ? that looked into the Ibrox disaster and those who perhaps shirked responsibility

  8. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    North Cyprus Bhoy re this:


    “Fans are who you play for. Without them, you would be nothing.”



    The words were spoken by young Patrick Roberts after yesterday`s game.


    Early days but there is a lot to like about this young man…..and we have him all of next season as well.




  9. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on

    Thanks for that, JJHS.



    Spoken like many a true true Celt!




  10. There is no doubt that Neil has suffered more than most at the hands of the Hun Monkeys. There is also no doubt that coming from the Northern part of our Sainted Isle that he is well aware of the mentality that sustains them. Given that why does he give credence to their rewriting of history. Why, as the Green Man says, not tell it like it is. They died stiffing 276 creditors and depriving our public services of money that could have been used to make life more tolerable for those less fortunate by improving health, education et al?


    The collateral damage was financially doping their way to Titles and cups they otherwise wouldn’t have won depriving a host of other Scottish (and European) clubs of additional revenues aided and abetted by a bent SFA.


    The next match against them will be the second time we have played them. If we buy into their narrative we legitimise them. Neil has done alright out of football. We all have to feed our families. It’s a question of whether we need to sell our souls to do it. Haven’t heard Tom Boyd feeding the beast.


    HH Tom Boyd

  11. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    Big dick has more than a brass neck. .. Sir David buried the stories about his extra caricular activities. . Interim interdict on the smsm on reporting his indiscretions .



    I met him in shawlands after he retired .. sniffing about the mulberry. Took the opportunity to call him a nonce and will again if ever I cross his path again .



    Remember the big dick raising his 2 palms in the air signifying 10 in a row … how did that one work out dick .



    He continues to keep good company with the cross eyed Castlemilk convict … scum of the earth the lottarem

  12. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    Agree 100%.



    Remember him telling the girl on the Irish talk show how he would reveal what mccoist said at a later date.. spit it out son

  13. Neil will have disappointed a few of us by parroting the O** F*** lie.



    But he has earned more than enough, by virtue of what he suffered whilst with us, to be kept free of any taint of soup taking, betrayal, or media-money chasing.



    He deserved to get a bigger gig than the doomed Bolton job and I trust that he will get a chance again to show his worth in management and coaching.

  14. Larsson and McStay on




    Good story , they’re just about tearing down your handywork in Glenside these days. The new Our Lady and St Patrick’s is about to be built a couple of hundred yards away on the site of the old high rise flats..I’d imagine they were built after Glenside.


    The old St Pat’s Cardross Road, that we both went to , will become an even older memory as the new school in Bellsmyre will be the second high school for bhoys in Dumbarton/Balloch/Vale/Renton and helensburgh to attend since the old school was demolished

  15. mike in toronto on

    Gearoid @ 8:25pm



    Just back in … I have some sympathy for NFL, but it is hard to argue with much of what you say there.

  16. Phulbhoy




    Am with you mate


    No need to give oxygen to somethung


    that does not exist



    Not a mere error


    Dave the cheat done so to feed an entitlement that was not merited.


    with money skanked from everyone


    The arrogance of the loyal carpophagists extended to her majesty



    On 14th june 2012 it all came to a dignified end


    rangers ceased to be


    Anything after that date is made up tosh and square peggin history into a round hole for a non foitball narrative



    Using ‘old fraud'(you get my drift) is guff


    Dissent it.its nonsense


    Its part of the continuity vomit


    No thanks from me their cheating dead club will be reminded of their selfish self harming.






  17. FourGreenFields on

    Highlights from FAI Junior Cup games starting on Sky 191 ( Irish TV ) .


    Just incase anyones interested

  18. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on





    I worked with a guy called Keith Sorbie. .. assistant referee and hearts fan



    Charlie Richmond and he officiated a match between Gordon Strachans celtic and aberdeen at Pittodrie.



    We were winning 3-1 .. Strachan had put Adam Virgo on for the last 10 mins and he was playing up front !!!!



    In the last minute a ball was played through to Adam and with just an advancing Jamie Lingfield to beat he put the ball past him to run by and score into an empty net



    However the goalie handled the ball 2 yards outside his box and knocked it away.



    Richmond gave us a free kick and Langfield a yellow card .



    I asked Sorbie on the Monday why only a yellow … he answered that Charlie had asked him ” inside or outside the box ” to which he replied outside.



    Richmond then asked ” yellow or red ”



    Sorbie said he advised yellow as it was the last minute with the match already won by celtic so no point in a red . He then joked that Adam would have missed the open goal anyway.



    I called him a cheat and a disgrace to football. .. we never spoke after that .

  19. TBj/MIT


    To thine own self be true. Personally, I would rather drink my own p#s#. They died, end of.


    Until people start calling them out for what they are….a new club, their narrative will gain momentum.


    If they had have been called out at the start the lines would not have been as blurred as they now appear to be.(particularly within their own sad heads). For evil to triumph all it takes is for good men(and ghirls) to do nothing.



  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    South of Tunis, that would have been some amount of grief you got for supporting us and liking cricket.



    Some pals of mine moved to London in the mid eighties. On their trips back up the road for some of our games, I would ask them what they would do during the close season. They told me they would be going to the cricket. It turns out they went cricket matches during the close season as the clubs had all day licences and pubs didn’t at the time.

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Spoke to Stephen today


    Seems EK closing soon and you obviously knew it was coming

  22. I’m guessing but I think Neil Lennon doesn’t feel the same need to make the distinction between old and new Rangers that many of us do. We do it because we’re faced with it daily.



    I don’t think it’s anything to do with money or pandering to the same club myth, it’s just that he fails to see the need to point out what we know.

  23. GEAROID1998 on 3RD APRIL 2016 9:07 PM




    The thing is, they were called out at the time, the Daily Record had a picture of a coffin with the headline RFC RIP above it.



    It’s what’s been written since that’s the real issue.

  24. What is the Stars on

    The only thing that surprises me now is that people still are surprised when someone else comes out with the same club old firm blah blah stuff.


    Cqn is a bubble/ cocoon with mainly like minded people agreeing on a particular narrative. ( You wouldn’t think so with all the bickering but by and large it’s true)


    In the wider world, it’s a non issue, even in the wider football fan world,.


    They are not the first football club to go out of business and re invent themselves


    Have a read of this about the once great french club Stade Reims



  25. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    I dont care who it is…those unable to tell that truth, and back the big lie of thugs and bigots.


    imo…can GTF




  26. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    I was tipped off in November 2012. My friend worked in hr in muller and advised me that aberdeen and East Kilbride would close in the near future . Just a matter of time. I then watched the lack of investment and being run down by a dirty low life hun Muppet. When the opportunity came along for me to leave it was a no brainer



    I think a good few from ek will get offered a place in Bellshill and maybe Stephen






    I get your point but he should know better than feeding the smsm the old firm bs .



    Do you think he wants to return to Glasgow in any capacity. .. I think a sky or bt gig is worse than celtic manager as he will either make himself a target or sell out to keep the peace

  27. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Fourgreenfields, thanks for letting us know. It was the IFA cup semi final between Lurgan Celtic against Hunfield yesterday.



    Lurgan’s first choice goalie was suspended. They had tried to rearrange a league game so the suspension would be served. The IFA said naw to the rearranged game.



    Lurgan Celtic went into today’s game without their first and second choice goalies.



    Lurgan Celtic were denied a stonewall penalty.



    The game was played at Windsor Park. The Lurgan Celtic manager said you don’t get too many decisions thete.

  28. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Seems like it


    14 week consultation but money being ploughed into Bellshill is the party line

  29. Some real spoilsports on here tonight, trying to get us all to believe they are a new club.



    Haven’t you heard of the law of unintended consequences? It’s hilarious.