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    Good story TBJ. It’s great to get these wee nuggets. I wonder where is Charlie now. His story would be interesting. Also the young lad, whose name’ll come back to me, who refused to be intimidated by the SFA rascals and told the truth about Dougie. For his truth, he’s been hounded out of the game he loves.

  2. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Hamiltontim, still thinking of work when you are on holiday. I think Roy Castle sang dedication for your good self.



    Fourgreenfields and I have various mutual acquatenances and he is everything you say he is

  3. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    I sent a complaint to channel 4 on Friday night. . Disgusted that they had not noticed the blatant sectarian logo on the mug .



    Got an automated reply with an assurance I will be contacted this week

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Brilliant …… But as you say blatant and getting paid for their idiocy…..well done TBJ & C4



    That’s you both on the FF list…..

  5. FourGreenFields on

    Dallas Dallas and HT



    Thanks Bhoys but not deserved .


    I might try and put something down on paper and get HT to correct it ( probably get detention ) we will see.






    As you know mate I’m very shy :-))

  6. FourGreenFields on




    Thanks for pointing out the programme earlier , very interesting and informative .





  7. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Shy ? Not one of the adjectives I would use…..would love to read about your wee trip to Germany



    Get BBC Alba on…… My first wedding anniversary the morra, I might end up divorced if end up putting the tunes on

  8. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    Charlie Richmond (born 13 May 1968) is a Scottish former football referee. Richmond was on the FIFA list of international referees and officiated in the Scottish Premier League (SPL) from 2002 to 2012.[1] Richmond resigned in April 2012, after being overlooked for SPL appointments during the 2011–12 season.[2]



    Richmond is known to have refereed at men’s international matches during the period from 2005[3] to 2007.[4] He also officiated in women’s international matches.[5]



    He is an engineer by profession.




    Steven craven was the assistant in the Dougie Dougie incident






    I Defo don’t do feart from any of that zombie mob … I’ve watched dawn of the dead 3 times






    I don’t at all, very heartening to read.



    I didn’t know my fathers father and I seen how much that annoyed him at times. Sadly history like it does so often has repeated itself.



    But I’ll be dragging my child along to the brandywell every home game and reminding them why I went and who I went with. History will repeat itself in a good way .

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Being “feart” was never an option…..my mother used to go aff her heid when I wore the hoops when they were walking their queens highway, now, I prefer my nephews not to be as stupid as me but also like the fact they don’t listen too me

  11. FGF



    Glad you enjoyed it, I also thought it was excellent ..fine women who lived lives we can only dream off.



    Gave so much with so little in return . Love learning about proud Protestant republicans aswel.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Thanks, and brilliant…..that’s what makes us, when I m feeling a bit sorry for myself my mother is probably looking down and saying you shouldn’t have waited until I was 81 before you had a child



    Hail Hail

  13. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    My wee maw ( born and raised church of Scotland ) dragged me through the ranks on July. . ” those idiots aren’t holding us up all day ”



    Funnily enough I did the same with her when the hibs walk gathered outside her place in govan. She had to get to the hospital and the fanny called me a hun for driving through them.

  14. Just heard Thomson on Sportsound say it’s .going to be a really competitive league next season.






    Without the benefit of a spreadsheet let’s say Celtic take 8 points from TRFC. 2 home wins and 2 away draws.



    Assuming other competing clubs take 6 points against TRFC does that not add to Celtic’s total assuming results against other clubs mirror this season.



    Anything more than 8 points v TRFC increases the gap.



    Put another way if we take max points v TRFC the pack will have more draws against each other than this season.



    Anyone like to suggest what I’m missing?

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I went to one “republican march” had a wee word with myself, am just as bad as the ones who repulse me……. Never went to another, some might say there is a difference, not for me, hire a hall and sing all the songs you want but no need for people who have no interest to be effected



    By the way as a kid I wanted to join one of the bands, my aforementioned mother nearly had a fit and my father said “you don’t need a uniform to show people who you are” wise words



    I think you are mistaken about anyone being denied access to The Lord Provost’s Fund.



    Rangers QC argued first that all of the fund be deducted from any award made by the sheriff.



    Then when this was dismissed they appealed the sheriff’s award on quantum and argued that amount Rangers had paid to the Lord Provost’s Fund (£50,000) be deducted from the award.



    They either lost the appeal or withdrew it. IIRC

  17. Clogher Celt



    Thanks for that, night time here for me.. Up and at it early tomorrow.



    If you can check out that programme I suggested tonight, may be on BBC iplayer. Great story of a Tyrone women and 2 Belfast sisters .



    Faithful to the last

  18. Last one afore I go




    What you’re missing is 4 points because we are going to beat Elvis FC 4 times.



  19. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    I’ve always said the knuckle draggers could go to a big field like Kinross and have an orange fest weekend …



    I agree that parades from either side should have no place here yet consider myself Irish / Scots catholic with republican sympathies

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Likewise…..I agree with much you type



    Defo sleep time….. Take care & God bless fellow Celtic fans

  21. Sportscene, dear oh dear.


    I’ve been saying for weeks to my da about the big screen, the camera they use to look at the big screen is to far away to see what they are talking about. It’s like they are talking to themselves, then we get a close up but not of the action we want to see but the pundits.


    Michael Stewart is by far the best pundit they use.


    Anyone else notice Mark Wilson has not been on it since the Paul Paton incident?


    Spent more time on the championship than some top league games, will they still do that next season?



  22. Mark Wilson now disgraces himself and assaults common sense on credibility of SSB. Crap pitch at ha hampden would be more welcomed by Celtic than by the great exponents of passing football c2012.






    HH jamesgang

  23. Michael Stewart is a welcome breathe of common sense, so to speak.



    Steven Thompson, less so….



    HH jamesgang

  24. Big Nan



    Thank you for the correction.and well put. Your correct access was not denied but as you point out the club argued bout deducting it from the fund.all in pretty wretched behaviour










    A massive data leakin a Panama law firm sheds light on how the welfare state for the rich and powerful is alive and kicking in the offshore accounting industry.


    The tax havens bbc1 7.30




  25. Auldheid 11:30


    As I watch the finale of the Walking Dead, I dare to contradict you on the potential achievements of their Scottish soccer equivalents.


    Their record against SPFL sides is patchy, to be kind.


    Their Level 5 reputation far surpasses their achievements.


    They will have to rebuild a team within stringently restricted financial resources.


    Only lower tier loanees will be willing to risk their careers with a financially strapped club/ company.


    So we will face a makeshift hastily assembled side with no cohesion or mutual understanding fielded early in the season.


    The pressure on them to succeed will far outweigh the side’s ability to deliver.


    Their 13th man in the stands will drop its support when they are continually embarassed by the top teams and struggle against the lesser sides.


    No way will they rise to the challenge against us and I will be surprised if they make the top six and have a 2nd meeting at Celtic Park.


    Anyone care to bet against our first meeting with the newcomers to be at Ibrox?


    Will the Magic Hat team still be in place as they trade on their promotion to find a more lucrative and less taxing position in the second or third tier of the English pyramid?

  26. Good morning friends from a disappointingly wet, grey, dreich and misty East Kilbride.