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  1. A wet day in the Eternal City …………… and a wee quick look round this Dear Green Place.


    Delighted with our result and pleasantly surprised how well Glasgow looks despite the gloomy weather.



    It’s good to be a Tim……..


    Glasgow is indeed Green and White.



    There’sAlwaysGonnaBeAshow CSC

  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I was at the game on Saturday and felt Madden punished us much more than he did Hearts.


    I watched Sportscene lat night and was made to realise the error of my ways.





    PS In the spirit of saving any outbreaks of apoplexy, I better mention that I am being sarcastic.

  3. Morning Timland from a soon to be warm hun free mountain valley.


    Was scanning the Football is Fixed website, a lot of talk about Leicester City and how it’s a conspiracy that they are top of the epl, and frankly there may well be something in it.


    Anyways, that is not why I am posting, while scanning the site I came across this…..




    Very interesting indeed.





    Also from FOOTBALL IS FIXED,



    “it should be remembered that Andrew Jennings, the investigative reporter who brought down Sepp Blatter, reckons that The Sunday Times team are the ONLY valid mainstream sports media in Britain.


    All other media orchestrate, collude in or turn a blind eye to corruption in British football.”



    Interesting comment,pity they haven’t yet turned their sights North.

  5. BobbyM


    Saw that comment, prob too much for them to get their teeth into down south, also I doubt they wil have the same barriers to contend with in england.



  6. That’s not being churlish or unkind. Warburton, in fact, can feel rightly proud of what he has achieved in his first season in Scotland. Under his watch, Rangers have been completely overhauled and transformed into a contemporary, stylish attacking unit.



    This process of modernisation has required vision and diligence from the man in charge. Warburton was also brave enough to take a blank canvas approach to rebuilding the football side of a club which, over a chaotic four years, had been horrifically mistreated off the park and horribly neglected on it.



    While Dave King’s new regime have cleaned up the general working environment, Warburton’s hard graft and radical thinking has re-energised Rangers from top to bottom. As a result this club is unrecognisable from the putrid mess which King and his men liberated a little more than a year ago




    Read more at http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/sport/keith-jackson-rangers-title-party-7683189#jv2JBcPsSldQS9XM.99



    “Will no one rid me of this idiot Hack”


    I know we see and hear this guff every day,but it does not make it easier for me to stomach.I know I should not read it,but being over here,I read everything.

  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    `well-founded` would have been better than ` valid`.


    So, do you think the basis for the scenario described is well-founded? 0:-)



  8. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    There was a clear barge on erik at hearts goal .. the BBC commentator said the hearts player did well .



    50 / 50 on the head butt … according to same commentator.



    2 off many incidents they got but Neilson reckons they were hard done by



    My own personal favourite was at the last free kick in first half when the crowd around us counted out the 9 steps Madden took. When the hearts players refused to go to his mark he walked forward 2 yards and painted the line in front of them just 7 yards from the free kick .



    Blatant cheating that the club should follow up on imho

  9. JJ


    Why not, the game in scotland is finished, it’s rapidly becoming a version of the Irish leagues, nobody will plough any money in and the money men only care about money.


    They know something has to be done.



  10. My friends in Celtic,



    They are a new club. Of that there is little doubt ( In my mind anyway ) No matter what, I will never be convinced otherwise.



    However I am intrigued by Winning Captain’s not so subtle hints. Maybe WC & NFL know something that I don’t :-)



    Anyway on to the city of Discovery tomorrow. The only absolute certainty is that we will get the predictible postings about how bad the referee was. 100% Guaranteed. Mystic Meg not required.



    We are good enough to beat any team in Scotland if our application is correct. No ifs, no buts.


    There is a time and place for calling out referees, but not every single domestic and European game.



    Hail, Hail to all and especially to those who will make the effort tomorrow.

  11. Hrvatski Jim on




    Celtic have agreed a pay-off for expensive flop Derk Boerrigter, the Dutch winger who has not featured in the first team for 20 months. (Sun)

  12. TET



    The guy that wrote that blog has been the subject of some attention from ra bears and has been outed as one of the many imagined Rangers-haters



    from last year



    Just because- they are against him- does not mean his information is either proven or disproven.



    I would guess that the English club being hinted at as a Sevco “shadow outfit” might be Accrington Stanley, however I would also guess that any “Dual Ownership” moves are at sufficient arms length to pass legal and FA rules’ barriers , at present, however, we feel about the morality of “owning” another club.



    For me it is a too-high risk strategy and morally repugnant. In the process, we would be fooling genuine fans of Oxford (if the story is true) into following a false flag entity who will disappear or transform into something else to which they may have or want to have an affiliation.



    I do want a change in league status but I would like to obtain this, on merit, as Celtic. Again, all of the above, is with the caveat that there is any truth to Mr. Bullivant’s information.

  13. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    For a second, ie until the second sentence, I thought you were giving your own view and I despaired! ” Oh, no!” I thought. ” Even one of the good ghuys has lost the plot now! ”


    Phew (and sorry for the thought no matter how fleeting!).








    If the Oxford United thing is true,I’m staying in Swindon a bit longer!



    Better if they took over Swindon Town,though. Plenty of good Tims down here. And since the club runs on fumes,they’d be easy to deal with.





    How’s tricks,fella?



    I don’t see any truth in it either,but Celtic have to get out of Scotland one way or the other.

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Why not, indeed. I wasn`t dismissing the possibility. Simply enquiring. Personally, though, such a move would seem to underhand for my support. Still an interesting article , though, and thanks for posting it.





    ” There is a time and place for calling out referees, but not every single domestic and European game. ”


    Would `the time and place` be anything other than the times and places where calling out was justified ?



  17. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Good morning to you,Kev.


    You should have gone on Saturday……..there must have been over 19,000 there 0:-)




  18. BMCUW



    I’d love to believe that it would make a difference But Celtic fans would not tolerate being Swindon Celtic for any length of time. Why would Swindon fans accept being Celtic Swindon (with the second name being conveniently droppable along the way.



    A club losing their history because another club “kills” it would be a sad state of affairs.

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Morning All.



    I would take all tha the Football is Fixed site says with a huge pinch of salt. I saw that Celtic article re Oxford United some time ago, and until all that redacted stuff is cleared up you cannot read too much into it.



    With regard to the challenge from The Rangers next season, while Mark Warburton deserves credit for building a league winning team he faces real problems in the coming close season.



    Unless there is a major injection of cash, he cannot afford to maintain the current squad let alone add to it. Further, you can bet your bottom dollar that those players who have the freedom to argue for a higher rate of pay for playing in a superior league will have their agents contacting Ibrox just as soon as their league is wrapped up and promotion is inevitable.



    Warburton himself will know that his stock has risen and he is smart enough to assess whether or not a continued stay at Ibrox is in his own best interests. My suspicion is that he will remain down Govan way secure in the knowledge that any assumed failure next year could reasonably be blamed on cash restrictions within which he would have to work.



    Behind the scenes however, someone somewhere must be scrambling for cash and working overtime in preparing cashflows and business plans with a view to demonstrating their ability to meet liabilities for the forthcoming year.



    Also, watch their ticket prices and how they are treated in relation to away ticket allocations and credit from other clubs.

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Sportscene excelled themselves with their selective editing last night.



    Hearts had two attempts on target in the second half which were shown but missed out our attempts on goal like Leigh get a foot in when Alexander tried to a drag back in his box.



    They didn’t include Broonie’s lunge on Juanma in the highlights but showed it in the discussion after footage from the game. I gather the editor didn’t have footage of Prince Bauben hitting Leigh twice during the stramash after their left back injured Tom Rogic.

  21. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Thinking about that crowd comment to Kev, why did we have such a decent crowd on Saturday?


    I have read on here ( too often for my liking) the reasons for apparently dwindling crowds. So, why did they all turn up on Saturday?


    1. A while since we have been at Home.


    2. Feel-good factor from Tom`s superb strike against Kilmarnock?


    3. Genuine ( and generally despised) opponents.


    4 The possibility of winning the title increases.


    5.All the disillusioned supporters have had a sudden change of heart.




  22. I’m still not relaxed about taking the Title. My doomsday scenario always starts with assumption that Aberdeen win all their remaining games. If that admittedly unlikely scenario comes about we are left with a cushion of 4 pts to protect over remaining 6 games including a visit to Tynecastle.



    We need to press home our advantage tomorrow night. Dundee will not be an easy fixture and any slip up will fire up the Sheepies for their Friday night game with Hertz.



    Having said all that, we will probably win League by 12 points or more, but this Tim is still keeping within striking distance of available toilets.





    On that,I totally agree. You only need to look at the Wimbledon fans as an example.



    But it doesn’t alter my opinion that Celtic have to find a bigger stage than Scotland. If not,the current downsizing will be a pleasant memory.

  24. JJHS,


    I could never have such an imagination to enable me to write guff like that.LOL.



  25. RE Saturdays game ….. I thought Hearts were more overly robust than normal and the ref tried to let the game flow to start with but typically the jambis see this as a green light to stick the boot in …. The Hearts lad with the head butt on Rogic was borderline out of control the entire game and I think the ref just got fed up with the general thuggery and send him off …. The head butt on Rogic was premeditated in my book , the jambo had no chance of getting the ball any other league straight red card ……



    Hearts made it difficult for the ref and the bleating afterwards from Neilson is pathetic …. Still good to see us stand up for ourselves after the head butt , I can only assume that the lack of coverage on the BBC means that than none of our lhads merited a card



    Onwards and upwards to Tuesday

  26. BMCUW




    Hail Hail fella, hope yer well.


    I’m well too….as far as I know…but, I’ve been wrong before.


    Anyway….Celtic don’t need to get out of Scotland.


    Why should they ?


    Coz they’re awe aginst us ?


    It has forever been thus.


    It disny get any better than, sticking it right up awe them that are aginst us.


    All we need is, a hierarchy who are not in the pockets of awe them who are aginst us.


    That I’m afraid is the state of affairs at the minute.


    It’s like that coz, Celtic supporters put up wi it.


    They keep,year on year, handing over they’re money to a hierarchy who would sell them to all the devils in hell just so long as the hierarchy, has an easy ride.


    Naive, too trusting, innocent, well meaning, canny see the deceit, put up wi anything for a season-card Celtic supporters who, in all innocence will pose ‘no’ threat to the set up inside Celtic Park.


    “The game, the game is over….the rebels have gone!”


    Aye….that’s where we’re at.


    Know what else….the only way that the set up at Celtic Park will be altered is if….Sevco put us oot the SC!


    Nobody in Timdom wants to see that but,….a shock on that scale, probably helped by mibbery will be what it takes to ‘shake’ Celtic supporters of today….out of the apathetic arm-lock that they’ve been under since MO’N left the club.


    The last time that it was the Cellic….imho


    So again….we don’t need to get out of Scottish fitba, we just need to be led by a hierarchy who will not bow to any other order but ‘our’ own, stop playing by they’re rules…make up our own!


    Call out the cheating!


    Ban the anti-Celtic SMSM en masse!


    Get a manager with the cojones to deal with…how the land lies in this country!


    Keep highlighting the disgraceful treatment of Celtic supporters by Focus!


    If the fans wake up – get the club right – we’ll not need to leave.


    Bhoycotting won’t harm the club….it’ll get rid of those who do….imho.


    Hail Hail

  27. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on 4th April 2016 9:00 am




    So, Celtic get a crowd just scraping the 40,000 mark and, you want street parties ?:)))



  28. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Hi folks



    Looking for two tickets for me and Wee BGFC for Dundee tomorrow.



    Any spares looking for a good home?










    Glad to hear you’re well,bud. That’s the important thing.



    Leaving Scotland has nothing to do with how it views or treats us,it has everything to do with money.



    We either get it or get forgotten.



    Celtic is still a worldwide brand,but that is diminishing year on year,IMO. We have to get back in the spotlight,and I just canny see it happening in Scotland.



    Keep up the positive thinking,mate. And I’m talking about your health,not your opinions of the board(!)