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  1. Buddy Morrisey on

    Bhoys played well enough in a a game they dominated to deserve extra time. Never saw the Hearts penalty but the ball was driven against Webster’s arms in the box.



    We had the possession and in the end created chances that either hit the post or were from shots scuffed towards goal.



    Only good point – it’s harder to argue that Rangers would be missed given Celtic’s difficulties in winning these games. Anyway we could all agree that Celtic should be handicapped by unfavourable refereeing decisions … oh right.

  2. I thought Celtic were pretty poor and Neil has to have them prepared better for these games.



    However…….that penaly decision for me sums up what this country is about. Its an absolutely disgraceful decision – you see those every week and penalties are not given. Norris was desparate to do that – desparate.



    And then we have the usual reaction – the so called pundits all decide it is a penalty – contradicting their usual stance. The anti Celtic stance on BBC Scotland is quite remarkable and as for Clyde – well its simply wall to wall hunnery on there. Once again they indulge in the rewriting of history and they allow the worst elements of our society to call in to vent their absolute hatred of Neil Lennon.



    Its time for Lennon to be given the support he needs from our Board and for our Board to break their silence on whats going on with the SPL and the SFA. Its time we got very serious about this. The SPL and SFA are on the ropes – the media has been exposed for what it it and it is absolutely the cheating will NEVER stop unless we force it. We need to go for them formally now and declare that we have no confidence in the Scottish Football authorities and request UEFA to investigate.



    It has to stop because if it doesnt then the concept of football as little more than watching a game of wrestling – all for show but no real competitiveness will grow and will impact the Celtic support. Whether the Board like it or not – they have to act.

  3. Just got back in and I take it the mood is good.



    After this season.



    Can Celtic withdraw from the two cups next year?



    Maybe the board could put that as a proposal to the SFA and SPL as…



    What is the point?

  4. While it was never a penalty and Black should have been off – that’s 2 important cup games at Hampden where the result has come down to penalty decisions in the last couple of minutes.



    Time to face facts – another below par performance from too many in the hoops – the team is far from the finished article with much work still to be done.

  5. Now we can see how easy it will be to fix a 10 point penalty for the newco next season.

  6. How does a team with 5 international right backs end up in a cup semi with big Vic covering at RB?

  7. Eyes Wide Open on

    Il start out by saying we HAVE to go straight to UEFA or FIFA whichever is the one who can intervene.


    Otherwise we can copy each of our comments of disgust and paste them onto a word document – ready for being copied back onto forums such as this in 6 months, 7 months, 8 months or whenever there is something of substance being played for.



    Im not going to delve in any further or bleat on about the incessant cheating we are victims to time and time again because there is nothing I can say that no one else has.



    However, we have still gone in to the last minute of big games at Hampden on level terms with teams who in English terms – are 2 leagues inferior to ourselves.



    That much is OUR problem.



    What is worse, is that the second came 3 weeks after the first, showing us zero lessons were learned.



    I suppose you can also say what compounds it is that the real Celtic stood up last week – so who are the imposters of Hampden Park this season?

  8. Something told me it would come down to penalty decisions today.



    Been working out some ref stats over the weekend.



    The SFA selected Collum and Norris for the semi-finals – so presumably not under-performing refs but their top guys.



    Aggregating Collum’s penalty awards in SPL, Scottish Cup and League Cup games, he awards Celtic exactly his average of penalties, and awards our opponents the same: 3 pens for and 3 against in 20 games.



    In his 22 Rangers games, he has awarded 12 penalties to Rangers (3.76 times his average) and 1 against (0.31 of average).



    In combination, he is likely to make a pro-Rangers penalty award 3.75 times more frequently than a pro-Celtic one.



    Norris has similar stats: 7 Celtic games, 3 pens for, 3 pens against (2.37 times average in both cases)



    In 6 Rangers games he has awarded 5 penalties to Rangers (4.6 times average) and none against (0.0 of average).



    Norris’s pro-Rangers penalty award factor works out at 2.7.




  9. Just in from watching the game.


    Lets’s not get sidetracked with how bad we played,


    the major talking point once again is the mib’s.




    I would sooner we were no more,than continue in this hell hole.


    If it was up to me I would refuse to fufill the remaining fixtures,


    take whatever fine we got,


    refuse to pay it and show world football what we’re up against.


    This has to stop NOW.


    I ask each and every one of you-would YOU protest.


    If the answer is yes,then start NOW.


    If the answer is no then that’s your choice but don’t come running when it happens AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

  10. Eyes Wide Open on

    nothing without fans on 15 April, 2012 at 15:50 said:



    Good stats my friend.



    It is exactly stats like these Celtic should be sending to UEFA



    (and im sure they can obtain more indepth figures that show an even more crude bigger picture quite easily)

  11. My Dear,Dear,Dear Friend…….



    CultsBhoy(In Administration).



    “Loovens confirming my suspicion that he worthy of Hoops”(sic).



    “Skacel is Celtic class”.



    Just when you finally had oor MWD@Warts convinced by your ‘credentials….you ‘blow’ it..



    Mr Irvine will be most unimpressed….!



    Yer Pal….Who still thinks yer a brammer




  12. Eyes Wide Open on

    teabhoy on 15 April, 2012 at 15:51 said:



    I agree – I really do, however before every game the mantra should be that we need to be good enough to beat the opposition and the referees.



    Thats been the mantra since Stein.



    We have a valid argument – a genuine complaint about some of the most obvious forms of cheating in any professional sport; however I dont think we should allow that, to side track us from another poor performance at Hampden – 3 weeks after we should have learned the valuable lesson which would not have allowed todays performance to have happened.



    Perhaps you are right, perhaps today and tomorrow is the day for taking issue with impartiality and the summer is the time to focus on what has become quite an alarming run of results caused by tactics, selections and mentality in big games.

  13. teabhoy on 15 April, 2012 at 15:51 said:


    Just in from watching the game.


    Lets’s not get sidetracked with how bad we played,


    the major talking point once again is the mib’s.




    I would sooner we were no more,than continue in this hell hole.


    If it was up to me I would refuse to fufill the remaining fixtures,


    take whatever fine we got,


    refuse to pay it and show world football what we’re up against.


    This has to stop NOW.


    I ask each and every one of you-would YOU protest.


    If the answer is yes,then start NOW.


    If the answer is no then that’s your choice but don’t come running when it happens AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.



    It’s deja vu time…..


    but just remember, according to green forever and dansleftpeg IT’S THE LAW and Lenny can’t confront THE LAW


    So no doubt both will be texting in soon with how it’s all Lenny’s fault…..


    Green forever and dansleftpeg….. DON’T BOTHER……We’ve heard all that CRAP before.

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    I read earlier that themib was from Ediburgh …. Can someone please confirm that was not the case……?



    Why was Wanyama not on from the start, and why was Sammi taken off when we needed a goal….?



    We need to put some of the young players on now to see what they can do for next season….



    We had enough chances to win two games ……very disappointed with the ‘bottle’ of some of our players…..

  15. Eyes Wide Open at 15:57



    I’ve been searching for additional sources of information on penalty awards, because the figures I’ve collated from one website for Collum’s SPL games in particular seem scarcely credible they are so slanted. If I can get confirmation of the figures from elsewhere I’ll post some more detailed stats.



    If anyone knows any sites with details of penalty awards could they post a link?

  16. We need some sort of action and it is going to have to come from the fans.as the club


    will do nothing. I was not at the game today but those who were we have seen it all before, I have seen it all before. I have been called paranoid all my adult life and all Celtic fans were called paranoid until recently. Hooper was offside today by about 5 1/2 inches, this is the only decision we have had go for us in the last six weeks that I can think of. We have been cheated out of two trophy’s this season by obscure refereeing decisions and cheated out of God knows how many trophies over the last decade at least. If the rulers of the game cannot do anything or will not do anything but change the rules and cheat again, the only option is for a bhoycott of all away games next season. There has got to be talks between the fans and the board, there must be. I know it will change the way of life for many people but I can see this as the only way forward. It has now gone to the grotesque officials doing everything they possibly can to make sure that Celtic do not win. I speak for myself here but I am absolutely sick of these decisions and if the board do not do anything, anything at all, our board, then I think we demand their withdrawal as they are not fit for purpose.

  17. Evening Celts just back from the game, I was tempted to book into a hotel in Glasgow and get blootered….. But home now… Ah well.


    Hampden is becoming a bit of a jinx for us lately from the Ross county game which I also suffered through, we need to grow a winning mentality, and soon as the Euro qualifying games will be coming up pretty soon.


    Oh for a midfield general or CH like big Roy…. We need this badly…. Maybe it’s a mentality thing, they had it last week….. What’s changed.



  18. That was the first game since the Hibs opening game of the season I wasn’t in the GB, there were some loon tunes around today, slagging of everything and everyone…. I hope they stay away we don’t need that …. Erm support.



  19. I have only seen highlights , had coachng duties at a good honest game where the ref made a few little mistakes but did well and handled all the shit.


    Now having watched the “highlights” from Hampden and seen the stats on Gollum and Norris as detailed earlier, and heard the whispers about it was Vic who handled it….I am staggered.


    I remember when the Cadette goal was disallowed at Ipox and the initial excuse from the MIBs was hand ball, that cover story became offside , both still wrong.


    Now today was new nadir in our ongoing oddysey with the powers that be, I saw NL call the ref a “twat” and a ” f*cking twat” then Looovens call him a ” f*cking cheat”. I am not a lip reader but that was what it looked like, please let me know if I am totally wrong.


    The MIB`s are on a mission, a 10 point penalty is nothing for them to make up over a 38 game season, we will be in the dock after this but watch us get afew soft penalties in meaningless matches from here on in, apart from against them.


    I feel we have no recourse other than to take them on, head on. BTW , in my opinion Loovens and NL were spot on.

  20. Celtic Need Bettah Players.



    Bettah Players Coast A Loata Money..and Money ,at Celtic ,these days,is Tighter than Nancy Reagan’s Face Lift.


    and..that’s TIGHT!






    If Ah wur King.. Ah wid Go aboot the Business o ‘ Gettin’ ..


    my haund oan Some Money..



    Foist Things ,Foist. as the say..






    Ah wid Sell…



    Ki.. fur.. Well.. Whatevah Ah could Get.


    Ki, Flatters tae Deceive.



    Ah wid sell..



    Broonie , Fur .. Whitevah, Ah could get..


    Broonie, is a Guy who aye wiz gie’s Ye Wan Hundred Per Cent.. nae question. but.. A Hundred Per Cent o’ Nothing..is still. well.. A Big Fat. Nothing!



    Sammi, Fur whitevah Ah could Get..



    Sammi, has his Moments, but they ar Few and Far Between..and he is No Bad oan the Wing..


    Howevahhhh. He has Wan big Drawback.. He Disnae Score miny goats.. and.. He is Supposed Tae dae that…


    And ..well. .he jist Disnae..


    Wilson K and Wilson M… two guys who Wull no get any Bettah.. and We want guys who .. Wull!



    Loovens, Who is No A bad Player, but Ah wid Sell Him ,just the same.. as We Need the Money..







    That Loat May bring us in enuff Lolly tae sign.. at Least Wan or Two… Bettah Players that we are Letting Go.. and


    surely that wid be a Bargain..


    and a Step in the right Direction.









    Boattum, line..



    The Players we hiv in oor Team ,at the moment are No really


    good players.. they are .. No Bad Players.. but, As ye kin Readily see.. They are Too easily



    STIFLED , by a Packed Defense..



    and that simply wullnae dae..



    We wull no Get anywhere in Euro Competition. wi’ the Bodies that we Hiv , just noo.



    We goata Get Some Bettah Players in..



    If we dinna.. Ah canny see us Getting past the Prelims in the Euro League, wi this Loat..





    Still, Laughin’