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  1. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Just in from game .. Sunbathing down in 102. Game like chewing gum. Early excitement and anticipation then …humdrum game . Hearts left the boot in too often. Thomson ignored it.. Good for Sammi he scored .. Efe woke us all up in 90 th min with slackness.. Great to see Kayals vision and urgency back . Good to see Harald Brattbak get a wee run at the half …


    That’s my match report..



    I hope their keeper is ok. Never nice to see serious injury.




  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    They are doing such a good job in flying away from us at the speed of light into obscurity that I expect them to take the field with a whip and shield in hand soon



    But seriously they are operating on fear and fear of being soon exposed I reckon.




  3. Not that good today but hey who is bothered we won.The CL is our stage this season the SPHell is done and dusted.The Beano is now banned from every hun houshold.

  4. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11


    According to sky pundits he came round in the dressing room and when he sat up asked if the ball landed in net.


    So seems ok but not heard any more.


    Ps someone mentioned something about Andre Blackman last night any updates



  5. Stroll home in the sunshine after an excellent result, and solid performance from the back four which ensured Celtic remain top of the league.



    The game could have been won much more easily had Celtic turned their superiority into goals, and the same game could have ended 4 – 0. It was unfortunately the ruinous return of Craig Thompson that marred a game punctuated with consistently poor decisions, 99% of which of course went against Celtic.



    Thompson’s performance was typified by instantly producing a yellow card to Kelvin Wilson who’d simply protested to the linesman for the non award of a blatant foul, and then the gormless gangling pedant baffled the Celtic defence and the support by introducing a new 18 yard limit for the Celtic wall, after giving Hearts a fanciful free kick.



    Hearts were never in Celtic’s class, and fortunately the game was played out safely for Celts despite, and not with the presence of Craig Thompson. The Celtic back four especially Mikael Lustig all excelled and Emilio Izzaguirre continued to dispel the myth of, not having returned to his status of Celtic left back legend.



    Kris Commons should have squared on at least two occasions instead of shooting wide, and Samaras could have at least doubled his tally. A clever substitution by NL introducing Beram Kayal added more steel to the midfield midway through the 1-0 doldrum period, and ensured Celtic were the only side that looked likely to score, which they could have done right till the end of the game.



    A fine outcome after the long distance midweek triumph.



    Hail Hail

  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    According to BBC sportsound when he came round he asked if Craigy had disallowed the goal.




  7. South Of Tunis on

    Barca ———- Real



    Sicilian bookies ——–



    Barca 10/11


    Real Madrid 43 /13


    Draw 60/19.



    I ain’t betting – but it wouldn’t surprise me if Real win .

  8. When the Hertz goalie regained consciousness he asked the following questions –



    – How many penalties did we get?;



    – How many goals did Celtic have disallowed?;



    – How many Celtic players were booked and sent off ?.




  9. Tallybhoy.



    It’s the anti fenian rule.



    Only applied when the huns need assistance.






    your spot on with big effe,thinking we’re spoilt for choice in midfield just now.


    The big man’s solidified the defence and Thomson looks more confident beside him.hh

  10. South Of Tunis on

    Andre Blackman ?



    Seems to be heading for the most shown the door prize



    Arsene Wenger really rated him –

  11. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    There was that old joke as a bhoy I heard often ..



    Trainer shouts to the side ” Boss it’s a head knock, he hasn’t even a clue who he is!”



    Boss replies ” rub him wi’ the sponge and tell him he’s Pele!”

  12. At one time we seemed to have got into the habit of dropping domestic points after a good result in Europe.



    It looks like we may now have broken that habit.



    Armageddon indeed.

  13. NUFC Gettin skooled ………good …….ugly shower of wannabe Huns ( that’s just the wummin)




  14. On the game today, the linesman needs to learn the laws of the game. You cannot be offside if the ball is passed back the way. Twice he got it wrong.

  15. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on




    I think the linesman knows the laws very well.


    He also knows when to apply or not apply them as well as which teams they should or should not be applied to. As for the ref………………….

  16. South Of Tunis on




    ” Inter tonight ? ”



    Truly not sure .. If I was forced to make a prediction – I’d say Inter but that’s only because Milan have been relatively poor . Milan’s best performance of the season was the midweek away win at Zenit . .



    The game is not a sell out. .



    I want Napoli to win the title so a draw would suit me

  17. Catman



    Quite so




    Remember all the pens claims againsts the huns ….about 4 in one game ….

  18. johann murdoch on

    Just back in from the game ( accompanied by old tim) ..referees performance was embarrassing from a so called FIFA ranked official…stopped the game flowing,turned a blind eye to some atrocious fouls and invented some rather bizarre new rules..still on song with brother Dallas though..good win to go top of the league ..hh

  19. I counted 3 honest mistakes within the first 4 mins today, all against us obviously.



    Thompshun is a decent enough referee, as long as Celtic or them aren’t involved.

  20. The MIBs are doing everything in their power to ensure that CFC are –



    – NEVER given the benefit of the doubt,



    – that players are not given adequate protection from the hammer throwers,



    – being denied blatant penalties,



    – players being booked for trivial offences,



    – …….



    I could go on.



    This should not be construed as incompetence ‘tho – it is downright cheating!



    It is what we have had to contend with for a hundred years, and it is becoming more blatant since the demise of ‘them’!




  21. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    The referee’s assistant was doing exactly that – assisting with the cheating

  22. Valentine's Day on

    Solid performance 3 points


    ref gave us no protection


    hoops should be worn at home.

  23. Has anyone noticed that during half time big Fraser the goalkeeper never seems to be part of the half time team talk.Neil prefers him to be out getting a workout with the goalkeeping coach.Answer me this did this happen with Arthur.Is this a new thing or does it just happen for domestic games only.I fully appreciate that its the only time in 90 mins that he sees any action.So what does the reserve keeper do will it be the Nintendo, Playstation or X box the day.

  24. Does honest ref Thomson not realise that the ole huns are deid ?


    Tell him that our results do not affect the zombie mob in div3.


    Cheatin bass? if not incompetent bass and same as Ogilvie should not


    be getting paid by the footballing public.

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