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  1. Top five – get in! I am such a wean at times!! 1-1 extra time – think the nerves will get to the players :-( looking at starting 11 hoping for a midfield diamond, otherwise, can see us being exposed on the flanks!

  2. Last post on old blog again. T’wasn’t up to much anyhow so I’ll not bother to copy & paste it. My main message to folks “Lay off Stoksey”.

  3. CELTIC (4-2-3-1) Gordon; Ambrose, van Dijk, Denayer, Izaguirre, Brown, Johansen; McGregor, Commons, Stokes, Guidetti.


    Subs: Zaluska, O’Connell, Kayal, Bitton, Griffiths, Scepovic, Tonev.


    This will be a rout tonight.





  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    If we canny beat Hearts boys club at Parkhead we should give it up and go and play snakes and ladders.H.H.

  5. Good evening friends.



    Celtic will win tonight. We will start well and be 2 up within the first hour. We will end up winning by 3. We will rejoice.




  6. Paul the spark, from previous…


    Depends. Not sure the BBC site has it on but if you’ve access to virgin or sky you can get BBC Scotland (862 on virgin I think). Failing that you can download tvcatchup on your laptop/iphone/android device and put regional settings to Glasgow. Hope this helps, I’m stuck at work and am forced to try that last suggestion!

  7. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    Bit of a long shot but does anyone have any ideas of a pub in Halifax that will have the game on tonight, just finished work now and about to walk the streets and peer in pub windows to check.


    Hope everyone who is there tonight gets to see a great victory.

  8. Corkcelt



    Will lay off Stokes as and when he gets finger out and becomes what WGS would describe as “a good teammate”.

  9. bournesouprecipe on





  10. Gene's a Bhoy's name on


  11. Another chance for the players to show they’re up to the job, I can accept a lack of ability, I cant stomach a lack of application or effort, get your fingers out and show you us you deserve to be wearing The Jersey



  12. Right, just about to watch Celtic on BBC Scotland whose presenters make the CQN Negatrons seem like amateurs .



  13. squire, Stokes was no better or worse than 6 or 7 of the team against Motherwell but imo gets an unfair amount of abuse on here. Lets keep an eye on him tonight & highlight both the good & the bad.

  14. saltires en sevilla on

    Like the starting 11



    Let’s get the system working properly Celts



    I have 4-0 or 4-1 with stokesy to score anytime




  15. Terrible team selection… Pandering to the masses? Prepared to put my tin hat on, if the front 4 play well it will be a demolition, if not we’re in for a rough night.

  16. Corkcelt 18 46



    I’m with you on those sentiments 100 percent. One of the more skilful players in the Celtic squad.


    saltires en sevilla


    19:02 on



    I have 4-0 or 4-1 with stokesy to score anytime





    Hurd it!

  18. shameless re-post…



    Long term lurker; first time poster…forgive the length!



    I’m posting because of the outcome and aftermath of the referendum vote, and in response to a lot of the positions I’ve seen advanced on the blog the past few months.



    Personally I’m fed up with being told I voted no out of a combination of:


















    It’s presumptuous, arrogant and insulting.



    I’m also fed up with people pretending that the proposition put to the electorate last week was not a nationalistic one. It fundamentally was. It asked “Should Scotland be an independent country”. That’s as nationalist as it gets.



    I’m also depressed that the nationalists were able so readily to occupy the centre left terrain to the extent that many voters (if social media and this blog are a barometer) concluded the nationalist imperative was:



    (a) a better facilitator than the current constitutional arrangement; and


    (b) a pre-requisite



    of a more equitable society.



    To analyse those propositions, you have to ask whether an IS would have been able to enact the policies many of the people in the Yes campaign (although not all; business for Scotland and the Communist party seem un-cosy bedfellows to me) wanted.



    Well, government needs two things to do anything, political capital and money. Would an IS have enjoyed a more comfortable fiscal position? I’m not convinced it would have. In fact, looking at a balance sheet which includes 16% of revenues from north sea oil and gas, I suspect that public finances in an IS would have enjoyed less of a bulwark against volatility in the global price for those commodities than Scotland’s finances presently enjoy as part of the larger UK economy. Ideas about an oil fund are pie in the sky when you project to run a deficit which takes all (generously) projected revenues from oil and gas into account, and when the value of the revenue stream is subject to considerable, and impartial, scepticism going forward. I also look at the figures indicating that the deficit is higher per head of population in Scotland than the UK average and I am given pause for thought as to just how awash with cash (in which currency??) the country really would have been.



    Would we have enjoyed the political capital to make more “progressive” policies a possibility in perpetuity? Perhaps to an extent, if you look at the last set of election figures from Holyrood and from WM 2010. If you were going to conclude the existence of a perpetual centre left consensus though you’d have to ignore the 100,000 people voting UKIP up here a few months ago, and the fact that in 2010 over 30% of the electorate up here voted for the current two parties in government. You’d also (since yessers were looking to change a constitution, not a government) have to look further back in history, to when Tory majorities in the Scottish electorate were far from out of the ordinary.



    You’d also have to ignore (admittedly my source for this is a Gallup poll) the 20% of SNP voters who voted against independence, suggesting the direction of travel of an independent Scotland would not necessarily have been an uncomplicated one towards socialist nirvana. The existence of a permanent centre left consensus in Scottish politics is a myth.



    You also have to look at the achievements made by UK Parliaments over a longer period than I was encouraged to look at by Yes Scotland. I look at the welfare state, the NHS, the defeat of fascism, old age pensions, housing benefit, tax credits, the minimum wage, the best homelessness rates and strategies in Europe. However you slice it, the lot of the working man in 21st century Scotland is infinitely better than it was in the 40′s.



    These things have all been achieved by a Parliament now utterly derided by the Yes campaign. And please, by looking at things in context over a longer period, don’t insult me by saying I’m an apologist for the current government. For the record, I am fervently in hope that the current government will not survive until the general election, although I see the general election as my best realistic chance to remove them. I am also far from enamoured with the current condition of the labour party, particularly in Scotland. But suggesting our constitution is for the bin because of Parliament’s current and most recent incumbents is, in my opinion, to be wilfully ignorant of what Parliament can achieve, particularly when political parties are at their most invigorated by public participation. It is to be hoped the recent turnout in the referendum will lead to greater turnout at all elections; might those who have abandoned the political process over the past generation might want to question whether their non participation over decades has contributed to Westminster, and particularly the Labour party, becoming so alien to them? Decisions (on laws, policies, manifestos) are, after all, made by those who bother to turn up.



    So, I wasn’t convinced that the government in an IS would have had enough politics or money (choose your own currency to count the money in, btw, that’s the choice I was left with on the 18th) to do the things that seemingly motivated so many people to vote yes. That apparently makes me a tory loving; callous; ignorant; terrified apologist for needless poverty by voting No.



    I’m told that the nationalist imperative was the only route to ameliorating the conditions of the more vulnerable in Scottish society, that it was a pre-requisite, and I disagree.



    On a more fundamental level I’m also implicitly told that I’m to ignore the condition of the more vulnerable in English, Welsh and Northern Irish society, abandon my electoral capability to ameliorate their condition, and due to nationality prioritise the peculiarly Scottish interest at all times. I find that abhorrent. Even if IS really would have been as fiscally sound and constitutionally inclined as YES suggested, what would it say about me that I was ready to set sail on the good ship petro-socialism, happy to dish out the best public services north of the border, bank the “surpluses”….and ignore the english, welsh and northern irish, many of whom in the same economic condition and condemned to a far greater likelihood of tory majority this time and next? That is not solidarity, that is its opposite, which nationalism almost always is.



    Even saying all of that, outlining all of my motivations for passionately voting No (as opposed to the motivations many yes voters arrogantly attribute to me), I would have respected a Yes vote and made the most of it. That is not what “the 45″ are doing. They are persisting with the nationalist imperative, manifest destiny attitude, with all of its divisiveness and uncertainty. The clear majority of voters be damned. “The 45″ rationalise the vote of an overwhelming number of the electorate as illegitimate based on their (hugely arrogant) assumption as to the voting intentions and influences on those who voted No. Not for them the acceptance of the majority and the dedication to the infinitely more difficult and less binary task of fighting everyday electoral political fights to progress their aims through our current, and very clearly democratically endorsed, constitutional structures. No, for them it is entrenched opposition to the outcome and persistence with the nationalist imperative at all costs, even to the detriment of what might be a functionable, serviceable and hugely reinvigorated WM parliament at the next election. It’s “Yes or else”.



    I’ve got nothing but contempt for that position, and I hope it ends in the self regarding ignominious failure it deserves.

  19. Corkcelt,I’d be delighted to highlight the good for Stokes,its been about 6 months since I seen any.

  20. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Stokes retains his place …FFS



    Deila ….thinks we’re getting there ….F knows where he’s taking us …

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