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    Love your confidence, but i fancy the front three, Jamesy, Sinky, Paddy


    all to score 3-0 for me.


    H.H Mick

  2. saltires en sevilla on

    No striker!



    Moussa injured last game before window shuts?!



    We are chasing a record ffs!!



    No’ happy btw :-(

  3. KEVJUNGLE on 29TH JANUARY 2017 12:16 PM


    How long before Brendan gets embarrassed shooting fish in a barrel…?


    How long before Brendan realize’s that, even squirrels have a PLC shelf life….?


    How long before these eejits who put up styoopit banners that have hee-haw to do with the team on the pitch and get the Cellic yet another caught with an easy punch style of fine and, when the requisite number of these fines are accumulated…get Cellic banned oot of Europe…?


    Ah mean, how many more styoopit fines are we away from a ban…?


    Do these folk who’ll today be handing out awards for the Palestine thing or whatever it is, not get that they’re by they’re own uberness…driving the Cellic towards a ban from Europe…?


    Anyway,…wtf has Palestine got to do with the Cellic team on the pitch…?


    Ok….I get the same suffering from oppression and us coming from immigrants of oppression etc….


    But, reign it in ffs…ah mean,….yeez a plastic-provos fae the back of the bus that sing songs about the ‘troubles’…ah mean,…the ‘troubles’ were a burning issue in the days of the magical Jungle who used to support the armed struggle…vocally, financially, emotionally, politically…the folk at the sharp end of that…want to move on…let them or,…yeez are just the other side of the time-warp-coin….let it go….


    Ah mean, do these pseudo freedom fighters not do hypocrisy…?


    Ah mean, banner displays for freedom….then handing over they’re season ticket money to a PLC board full of warmongers…?




    BLANTYRETIM – Hail Hail amigo, hope all are well.


    Re: The Blantyre mining disaster, my late mothers brother, Tommy Callaghan was killed in that disaster.


    Thanks to – Gearoid – for playing the link HH.


    Re: BRTH’s question about – what song to play as yer being carried away oot the chapel on yer final journey, if….it’s the chapel yer getting carried oot of.


    For me – Ol’ Man River by – Al Jolson.


    Every midnight on Christmas eve, there would be an appearance from the artist who….imho….sung thee greatest Christmas song ever…..


    ….Nat King Cole – Oh Holy Night….magic.


    On my grave stone would be carved….


    …”Hear sleeps Kev…the bhoy …


    …who never left the Jungle and….


    …no matter how hard he tried…


    …he couldn’t connect with…


    …the rich man’s soul less Cellic FC / PLC…”


    Thoughts and Prayers for all Celts in need.



  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Are there offers on the table for our two strikers ? or have they upset Brendan it is strange that neither is in our squad. I cant see either of them being very happy if they are fit. H.H.

  5. Bojan away to Mainz on loan. That’s one definitely not happening then.


    I think we all saw Moussa took a dull one on Wed, Griff has been struggling. Call me naive if you wish but I don’t see anything sinister with the strikers missing out.


    4.0 to the hoops.

  6. Kevjungle



    Try connecting yer brain wi’ yer typing finger, ye sound like a hun devaluing what Celtic and Brendan are darin’ cos the huns are shite..



    Nae offence likesy




  7. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on

    Griff seems to have had a problem with his calf for a while ….



    Sinclair as striker ??

  8. From a Hearts point of view how do you defend against a team with no strikers… this could be very interesting to watch..

  9. saltires en sevilla on




    Hope you are right buddy…



    TET – hadn’t realised he was injured – i need to calme doon ;-)



    C’mon the Hoops

  10. Clogher a win for Rod hopefully. KevJ hope the bad health issues a thing of the past.


    We will ragdoll their defence with our pace but have to be careful from their set pieces.


    Go on the Tic

  11. Hope Sinclair does a Christie as a makeshift striker. James and Paddy on the pitch at the same time. Lovely.



    Boyata retains his place due to playing well. That is a good message to all the squad.



    Looking forward to seeing Tierney again. He is just the best.

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