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  1. Ring ring.


    Ring ring.


    Ring ring.



    (Or whatever noise or tune Brendan has on his phone).



    Brendan answers phone: Hail! Hail! Brendan speaking.



    Other end of phone: hi Brendan it’s Peter here.



    B: yeh. Can I help you.



    PtBC: mind that bit of cash for that Bhoy from the Ivory Coast.



    B: yeah. Is deal done then. I’ve pencilled him into squad for next game Peter.



    PtBC: Yeah. I understand that Brendan but there has been a glitch.



    B: a glitch?



    PtBC: Yeah. You see it’s Craig. You how you would like to keep him and given that you spent a bit on a new no1. Well Craig wants a new and better deal.



    B: yeah. I get that Peter. What’s the problem?



    PtBC: well he wants 4 years on what he is worth.



    B: yeah. What’s the problem Peter?



    PtBC: well it’s complicated and you’ll not really understand the details but we don’t have money for both!



    B: Really? You do know we are in for a bumper payout from the CL.



    PtBC: I understand your frustration Brendan. But there are costs incurred which you’ll not understand.



    B: ah. Your new thermostat for your heated drive way?



    PtBC: no Brendan don’t be silly. I’m talking profit and loss.



    B: So there’s no profit then Peter?



    PtBC: There is Brendan and you know every penny profit we earn goes straight back into the company.



    B: Ghats good. So the deals will be done then?



    PtBC: of course they will but the details of the deals that will be done when accounted for don’t match your expectations.



    B: you mean to deliver another number profit with another CL qualification.



    PtBC: Domestically we are dominant Brendan and the support, well they are delighted. Financially we are all delighted.



    B: enjoy your heated driveway ya bam. Hey Chris when is my next TV interview. (In distance Chris replies after game against Hearts boss)






    PS all of the above is fiction so Dinny get awe hairy hoofa

  2. Bournesouprecipe





    The mention of Cowglen and NSB got my memory working on the number of football teams that emerged from the Cowglen HQ from 1966 to 1977.



    The obvious starter for me because both Bournesoup and I feature, is Boydstone Rovers. They were a late comer (hence the choice of name based on Boydstone Road as most others had been used up by 1977) and Bournesoup is in front row second left and I’m in top row end right above the hirsute chaps in front. (My moustache being my attempt to look older than my then 31 years. )



    See https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B62m3ggkEX2RVDFmVjZkaUd0d28/view?usp=sharing



    The other teams names I recall were:



    SBD (Saving Banks Division)



    NSB. (National Savings Bank)



    DNS (Dept for National Savings)



    Cowglen (probably the most successful),



    Invac (Investment Accounts)



    DNS CC (Dept for National Savings Computer Centre)




    I think there might have been 9 teams at one point but the above seven are those I remember.



    On any given Saturday morning there were at least 30 teams or more from the Civil Service Saturday Morning League traversing the city to play the best game in the world.



    That picture is from Boydstone’s first game at Glasgow Green. The “strips” were T shirts from a promotional campaign involving bumble bees because on the Monday there was no Boydstone and by the Friday we had committed to using the surplus (from SBD I think) to fill an unexpected vacancy in the CSSM league.



    Bournesoup only guested in that first 11-0 defeat and Boydstone’s rise to the top tier in 4 years had nothing to do with his return to SBD and more to do with my use of management power to stalk and threaten players from other teams to join Boydstone.



    This pic of the top tier players contains a couple of guys in the originals bolstered by a few great lads from Castlemilk






    Ah memories.

  3. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 30th January 2017 11:34 am











    Where did that come from?




    Gimme a laugh and tell me it’s West Ham. They got £25m for a,ahem,striker. They can use that as a deposit.




    Totally agree with you!!

  4. Kitalba –



    I wish I was 56 :-)



    What I said was, 56 years on . . . from the Real Madrid friendly, which was 1961.