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  1. Sorry but no matter how much game time he gets for me AJETI is slower than a Tax Rebate…..and he doesnt have a Fitba Brain.


    Just my opinion, and I am NOT just judging him on his wee Cameo appearance Today and the chance that he missed….but he looked like he was spooked in front of goal imho.

  2. Thank fek it’s at home…say no to plastic pitches…watched them against Aberdung….we really should breeze past them

  3. Celtic v Raith Rovers



    Rangers v Livingston



    Dundee United v Hibernian



    Dundee v St Johnstone

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    On a more positive note, what’s this I see?



    Tom ‘cameo’ Rogic with MOTM😮



    Not bad for someone heading in to the sunset.



    The contrast between he and Griffiths is quite astounding (but not surprising).

  5. Match Stats



    Home TeamCelticAway TeamHearts










    Shots on Target











  6. Great attacking performance but manager has to make changes a lot sooner. Starfelt could be another Barkas.


    I hope not.

  7. Big Jimmy…Kyogo through the middle, all day long aye…but he gives us options coming in from the left…plus he was my MOtM…




  8. Our defence will really need to smarten up against better teams than Hearts…..as you can BET your bottom dollar that Gerard will be TELLING his Hun players to close Celtic down and get in our faces when we are trying to play outta defence…nothing surer !



    I used to have a Kyogo Haircut back in the 1980’s…I miss those times on a Friday/Saturday night blow drying my Hair with a Drier and a Brush…Before meeting a Burd….or Burds !


    3-2…SHOULD have been outta sight by Half Time ?



  9. Jist trying to imagine it…



    Barber: ok Big Jimmy, what’ll it be?



    Big Jimmy: huv you got wan o they bowls?



    Barber: Eh, aye, why?



    Big Jimmy: a wiz thinking wan o those feathered bowlcuts might work



    Barber: but you’ll want to dye it, right



    Big Jimmy: now yer talkin ;-))







  10. Thought JMc looked the part when he came on.a couple more games and he’l be up to speed.this will release CalMac to play further forward which to me will make the real difference.CalMac doesnt look comfortable in deeper role he is a natural attacking player.



    Hail Hail Brothers

  11. THELURKINTIM on 15TH AUGUST 2021 5:29 PM


    Big Jimmy…Kyogo through the middle, all day long aye…but he gives us options coming in from the left…plus he was my MOtM…




    IF Ange is going to play BOTH Eddie and Kyoto in the same games…maybe he could tell them to ” Switch” positions during some games IF things are not working to well ?


    HH Mate.

  12. Anthony Ralston and Big Tam Rogic for me Today…although Eddie did well and looked interested …and wee Kyogo is gonna be a SUPER Star !



  13. When you get down to the brass tacks, Ange has brought in ONE player and he has taken the game in Scotland by storm, he has done what was expected from a proper coach and that is improve others and he has done that in spades, IMO he know what/who he wants and I pray he gets them, else this will all have been for nothing

  14. From the boss…



    ‘First hour is best we’ve played’ – Postecoglou


    FT: Celtic 3-2 Hearts



    Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou tells BBC Sportsound: “For the first hour we were outstanding – it’s as well as we’ve played this season. The only thing is we didn’t take more of the chances we created.



    “The last half hour we got a bit ragged, which is understandable and down to fatigue, but overall I’m pleased.



    “Hearts’ goal gave them a bit of momentum but we could have scored more after that.



    “There’s still a lot more in us. We just have to keep improving.”

  15. TET…when the universe tends to entropy…it’s all been for nothing ;-))




  16. If we get a better right back…could we/should we look to play AR in an attacking midfield role?

  17. Brian F…apart from break up play by giving non fk’s to Hearts, ignoring a penalty that would b given 100% of the time if it wasn’t for Celtic….not a lot…

  18. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    It’s early day’s for this side, they remind me of the Celtic side of the early


    80’s,we won’t always win but we will watch entertaining football.



    Will that be good enough for today’s Celtic fan?

  19. Brilliant entertainment and progression to the next round. Football the Glasgow Celtic way.



    I agree with Big Jimmy, Tom Rogic and Anthony Ralston for me too.



    The transformation in players is truly amazing.


    I wonder how Shane Duffy would have performed under AP.




  20. Nye…why not…every generation has experienced it c’ept that young wee BGFC ;-))…I watch ’cause I support the team….u could say that every Celtic fan alive has experienced us not getting the Ten…we gave ourselves a chance….and that is worth remembering….

  21. GREENPINATA on 15TH AUGUST 2021 6:15 PM




    ‘I wonder how Shane Duffy would have performed under AP.’






    Hopefully we’ll never know.

  22. MIB are upping their game.


    Its the double standards that stand out.



    WR time for flashing a yellow card — OE and his little stumble.


    Nothing given not even a dirty look — Hertz player in box playing best man falls.

  23. TET…I feel like that’s a literary reference over my head….my best guess answer is




  24. lets all do the huddle on

    TET…when the universe tends to entropy…it’s all been for nothing ;-))





    Mods please delete my last…it is a truism…but doesn’t belong on here, ta








    dont dare delete that post



    as the great Homer (Simpson) said..



    “In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics”