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  1. This Celtic way ahead of Beaton.



    More fresh air at Celtic, sadly in the new era still subjected to John Beaton, whose next pint was waiting at Bellshill loyal.



    Two crucial decisions ‘interpreted’ simulation by Eddy, who ‘didn’t throw himself’ to the ground © Michael Stewart, but took a booking no other team in Scotland would have. Beaton then interpreted clear hand ball at 2-0 not worthy of a penalty, to ensure his grotty wee pint was still fizzing.



    Kyogo’s pass for Forrest’s cross was sublime and Celtic picked up from where they left off in midweek. AP’s mini transformation with new and old players defies the cynics, the back five is suddenly predictable but still vulnerable and if we wait for Julien to be fit before buying another CB option, it could be regretted.



    Waiting to sell Eddy is a dangerous game which we shouldn’t play, we need a player that can hold up the ball for Kyogo and crew, that acceptable bid will come in, if it doesn’t old excuses that there was no time to buy a centre forward won’t wash this time Shirley? Everyone in the side to a man, is playing better with supporters.



    Keep the cheque book out Dominic.



    M.O.M Calum McGregor



    Scottish games, one, two, and three, with Celtic on the wrong end of decisions, and plenty more sh*t coming down the pike.

  2. just back in from the game , once again great movement and pace going forward but sorry Starfelt playing left side of the centre backs will not do , he has been involved in the losing of all our goals , no positional sense of opposition players around him and a panic merchant, we will have to score 3 goals most games as he is liable to cost us 2, not for me.

  3. fourstonecoppi on

    While i thought today was outstanding, we did have periods that dipped, although the energy levels were good when needed.


    The defence tho’ is a worry, to play at such a high tempo we must take most of of our chances.



    They score 2 we score 3……..but with our defence atm we score 3 they might score 3 too. So lets get the finger out and buy some decent defenders ie theres a big CL pot to be had for the league winners and it CAN’T be the orcs.

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    Rd st gm fd hg jk kj cftr poyt lpt.no what I’m talking about ??😡😡




    rod stewarts genetically modified fashion designer helga goosestep just knitted king james’ cat four thousand rats pissing on your television leaving plenty dead?

  5. TLT


    No, google them, history is not what we think/or have been told it is




    Sleep well Timland


    Been a very very long day and it’s the same again the morra.


    And please back Ange, you know it makes sense.

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    i thought callum was easily motm today



    rogic was very good



    but not as good as he was on thursday

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    “Robbie Neilson: Celtic fans will bring out the best in former Rangers man Andy Halliday in Hearts cup clash”




    evening times story from yesterday



    that didnt age well



    hearts manager shat it and took him off at half time so we didnt have the pleasure of seeing him getting taken off during the game

  8. who ever scouted/sanctioned the signing of starflet , how much of our defensive transfer budget have we wasted on duff defenders , we could/should have invested the millions wasted on a defensive coach instead.

  9. Starfelt only made 42 appearances in last 2 seasons,



    he has some bedding in to do yet.

  10. He needs to be told that he is allowed to kick the ball with his left foot.




    We could have got Soutar for a quarter of what we paid for Starfelt

  11. Big Ange.



    Get it into your heads, we never stop, we never stop.



    We stop at half time and we stop at the end of the game when we celebrate but during the game we don’t stop.



    If the opposition wants to stop that’s good for us we’ll f***ing take advantage of it.







  12. What a contrast to last season………….



    How good must it be to be a Tim in that team?



    They all look to be enjoying themselves and that will be infectious,our Stars will get better and the improvers will improve…….



    Still need to call ooot the hun whistler.



    Him an’ his ilk…will cost us, in titles, points an’ players………….

  13. Is this an add…no sure….but u should all watch the feverdream that is TheSuicideSquad…;-))

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    James Forrest – 6 games, 2 goals, 3 assists



    yip he is getting worserer.




    hes never been my cup of tea



    he wins corners



    what has he done in all the years against the huns (both versions) and in europe



    virtually nothing



    i can think of 1 goal against sevco, and a couple of important euro goals



    apart from that hes a player bring on when you need a goal.in the last 20 minutes



    Abada all day long for me

  15. don’t believe we spent £4+ m on starfelt , not with a tenth of that going on his current displays.

  16. Weebobbycollins on

    So many were revving up the engine to take Rogic to the airport…and now it’s Starfelt. Give the guy a chance and let’s see how he does.


    Switch the engine off, at least for a wee while yet.

  17. Another superb day at Paradise.



    Probably the thing that pleased me most was some of the crunching tackles we put in – Full Blooded no holding back at all. Ange wants teams to hate playing against us and we were simply incredible in the first half. We should have been 5 goals up at half time. I thought Eddie had a great game with some sublime touches – hopefully he has his mojo back.



    Buzzing about this ‘new’ team – over to Dominic and the Board to back Ange to the hilt, he has shown in such a short space of time that he is the real deal.

  18. For those that like a chuckle at 2012 incorporated there’s a belter of an interview with Charles Green doing the rounds on the red tops this evening.

  19. Cracking game. At least from one team. The one wearing hoops. The other team just kicked the ball up the park in a non effective way.



    5, 6 or 7 goals for us would not have been unreasonable.



    Ran out of gas and lost two sloppy goals.



    But what went before was just so good to watch. Slide rule passes, lots of chances, 3 well worked goal.



    On top of that, a left back and right back that played the way we / the manager wants.



    Was Rogic motm? Possibly. Kyogo, maybe. McGregor, getting warmer.



    I’m going for Ralston.

  20. I wasn’t impressed with McCarthy. Nothing wrong with his ability. Top notch. It was his running that worried me. No pace, no acceleration. Hoping it’s only down to recovering from injury and / or fitness problem that will get resolved.



    Otherwise he won’t fit into our style of play.

  21. It is too early to totally judge Starfelt, however defending as a whole is weak. Over two games against Hearts we have been in complete control – scored 4 conceded 4. Against the Danes we were in control for the majority of the two games – scored 2 conceded 3. In all four games we passed up plenty of chances.



    Yes our style of play is much better than last season, but let’s be honest, it couldn’t have got much worse.



    There are encouraging signs, but to quote Ange, we are far from the finished article.

  22. ST TAMS on 15TH AUGUST 2021 7:19 PM



    We could have got Soutar for a quarter of what we paid for Starfelt



    *durty bassa was one of the first tae put the boot intae Kyogo.

  23. ROBERTTRESSELL on 15TH AUGUST 2021 4:57 PM




    Everyone of us at the game all agreed that much was enjoyable, but defending concerning. I think that is the almost universal view of post match comments on here.



    Why only pick up on my comment?

  24. weebobbycollins



    Before ye know it the usual suspects on here will be blaming Starfelt for the Fall O Kabul.


    I’m not one for writing off players after one game, in fact only one comes to mind,


    Martin (Morton) Kompnerr, who only actually played er one game to be fair.


    After which I wrote him off.