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  1. It is too early to totally judge Starfelt, however defending as a whole is weak.



    don’t agree, our defending as improved from a low starting point , Welsh has to learn to stand up and eliminate those rash challenges or he will have a few red cards from the MIB , Starfelt is lost playing on the left side as he is all right sided and whant to much time to get on his right side and getting his feet in a muddle , several times today he also was not aware of the opposition forward while tried to let the ball drop and not going and heading it clear.

  2. SUPERSUTTON on 15TH AUGUST 2021 7:53 PM


    I wasn’t impressed with McCarthy. Nothing wrong with his ability. Top notch. It was his running that worried me. No pace, no acceleration. Hoping it’s only down to recovering from injury and / or fitness problem that will get resolved.


    Otherwise he won’t fit into our style of play





    A bit harsh, McCarthy played for 15 minutes, his first competitive football this season. Give him a chance.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Starfelt is being played the wrong side of the central defence give him a break😕

  4. Celtic40me,



    I reckon Celtic will score at least 3 on Wednesday. I cannae wait.



    The atmosphere is going to be amazing.

  5. 72 percent possession and 35 attempts at goal, yet only a one goal win at the end of it. Most on here can see it – we desperately need defensive reinforcements. If the recent improvement in performances ends in Board complacency and/or failure/neglect in supporting Ange and signing back 4 players, it will not be forgotten. It wouldn’t be a surprise, but it would be unforgiveable.



    In other news, both Wanyama and Klimala score penalties in Montreal’s 2-1 win over New York Red Bulls.

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    “Are you not entertained “



    That’s the crux of the matter, we know where the problems lie, give the guy a chance to put it right rather than the usual trying to impress the “wife” (other partner specifics are available)

  7. Almore – familiar where Fr Hurley is from but hadn’t been aware of him. Quite a story.


    Thanks for sharing.

  8. PETEC



    If you’re enjoying your football as much as everyone clearly is, why wouldn’t you want to stay?



    Everyone is improving, who knows where it goes from here




    Do you think the fall of Kabul should be the subject of a joke on this site?



    Poor, in my opinion.

  10. The defence has its issues but it is not the whole problem.


    It is the defensive transition — too many of the MF jog back when the opposition attack.



    It was very evident at the end of the game and we need to improve in this area.


    Having TR and DT as 67% of your MF is something we need to work on.



    JF is another who seems to day dream his way back into his own half when the opposition have got the ball.



    Energy and stamina issues are probably in play but a few erses getting booted would help as well.

  11. Fantastic entertainment.Shocking refereeing.Great support.They are loving this.


    Every mistake is not a drama.


    Let’s see what this week brings.

  12. I believe we will score goals against AZ on Wednesday.



    Can we concede less?



    That is the question.

  13. One a more positive note — the first half pressing in the opposition half was very impressive / productive.

  14. Another enjoyable day at CP.



    Tom Rogic won the MOTM and he provided dazzling entertainment but Calmac and Turnbull ran that midfield and were more influential.



    That was one way traffic- 72% possession and 36 shots on goal to their 5. And yet, with that dominance, we managed to concede 14 fouls to their 11 because Beaton was at it. They got 3 YCs to our two but we got the first one and we were even at 2 yellows each up to the 86th minute.



    I accept that Starfelt’s form is worrying but it is far too early to start the scapegoating.



    Especially when so many still have James Forrest in their sights. Thursday night he had a goal and an assist plus another asist for Kyogo’s wrongly ruled out effort. Today he only managed an assist but should have had two when Adam Montgomery missed his header from an inch perfect cross. James has always supplied cutting edge and every manager who ever had him has valued his contribution as have his teammates. Only a persistent section of our fans still doubt. Leil Abada at 19 is very promising and may depose James Forrest. Karamoko at 18 may also replace him but with 9 titles, 5 Sctotish Cups and 5 League Cups and over 400 games under his belt. scoring in all of the last 12 seasons, he will leave us, whenever he does, as a Celtic great.



    His reputation is secure regardless of how much he is disliked

  15. Almore



    I have known Father Gus since I was at St. Augustines annex school in 1966/68 and via St. Ninians in Kirkintilloch where I lived for a few years. My wife’s family are all there so we have been to many weddings and Christenings that he conducted.



    He was the loveliest man anyone could know.


    Adored by parishioners of all ages in all his parishes.



    Such a gentle preacher who got over his message in a way like no other.



    I had this vision of God elbowing St.Peter out of the way to open the gates himself for Father Gus such is my love and respect for him.

  16. Weebobbycollins on

    Compared to last season?


    Chalk and cheese…


    Night and day…


    Apples and oranges…



  17. Stated last week, and will say again


    We need our club officials knocking the door of FtSFA head of refereeing first thing tomorrow morning


    Why are we refereed to a different set of rules.


    Kyogo constantly fouled off the ball, ignored


    Celtic tackle and win the ball, it’s a foul


    Come through a Celtic player – play on


    Odsonne knocked over in box – a yellow card ( yes it was soft)


    Ginnelly of Hearts does exact same, ignored


    Watch positioning of Referee when Celtic in possession, constantly in the way of a Celtic player in space



    Raise our concerns when we are winning – so now

  18. There is a fair chance that at some point teams will work out a way of dealing with us, or that the confidence that we’re playing with will evaporate. Ephemeral, mercurial, we might see those words associated with Celtic in the near future (allowing for a thresaurus being in the office)



    But given that we’ve been dumped out of the CL and been beaten in our first league game and still look to be more confident than in a very long time, there’s also a fairly decent chance that we’ve got a manager who knows what he’s doing and is a very good fit for the job.



    Maybe its beginners luck, maybe we’ll get undone by better teams who’ll outscore us in important games. But maybe in someone who’s not been restricted by the mundane norms of football in the UK, and is strong minded enough to follow his own ways, we’ve found someone who can do something special at Celtic.



    The signs so far are good.

  19. Philbhoy



    Comedy is difficult but you need to look at the intent of the joke.



    Celtic Mac was not “punching down” and laughing at the tragic fate of many Afghans; he was satirising the OTT criticism of Carl Starfelt.



    The US Afganistan experiment was bound to go the same way as the Russians. It was doomed as soon as the West invaded Iraq for the oil. A few people may have had decent intentions in Afghanistan but decent intentions are not enough if you cannot win the fight. Biden will get the blame and backlash but he is being realistic in acknowledging it could not be held. I fear for the fate of the next generation of Afghanistan and all of its female population.



    I hope and trust that the medievalists who have taken over will not be allowed to rule for long as they will bring pestilence and famine to their nation. However, I hope it is the Afghani population that sorts this for itself as they are a country that cannot be successfully conquered for long.

  20. Celtic – 36 shots, 3 goals = 8.3% success rate


    Hearts – 5 shots, 2 goals = 40% success rate.



    Now that’s aworry.

  21. Hate to see Celtic conceding any goal but concessions today are a blessing in disguise.


    In the first instance they didn’t make a tad of difference,


    Today was about progression to next round,, nothing else.


    The concessions will stop us getting ahead of ourselves, also sends a clear message to the Board that we need to strengthen.


    Starfelt has made a few errors and no doubt he will be under the spotlight in next few games, hopefully the fans will support & encourage him.


    Can’t wait for Wednesday.

  22. Hrvatski Jim: thanks for that. I’m still in Spain but the headline caught my attention and when I read the contents I thought the Celtic connection was worth sharing here. Even though I am not religious, I think there are some amazing stories like Fr. Gus’ out there. Many missionaries left Ireland, very often to Africa, but like Brother Walfrid, so many have made outstanding contributions in the communities they served.

  23. Weebobbycollins on

    SFTB…@ 9.25…correct! I don’t understand those who criticise James so heavily. He’s a winger. Wingers have off days. James has had many more on games than off. He will be fondly remembered in the Celtic pantheon.

  24. Meanwhile, the pressure mounts on the Huns, the MSM media have turned on them and they need to find some buyers for players quick

  25. No Philbhoy, it’s not.


    It’s when we stop creating chances, then it’s time to worry.

  26. There is a reason Scotland don’t play KT or Robertson at RB,its because both are left footed,and nowhere near as good on the right.Same as Star felt.Guy doing his best.


    Queue already forming for the Airport journey.


    Down to the powers to get a left sided defender in,and stop faffing about.


    Ange saying they are working hard.Really?

  27. SFTB



    Appreciate your post.



    However, I still feel the comment was inappropriate.



    No harm meant to CELTIC MAC.




    I disagree.



    Will we get 36 chances on Wednesday?



    I hope so but doubt it.