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  1. Weebobbycollins on

    Re Afghanistan…Rory Stewart’s book, “The Places in Between” is a remarkable insight into the Afghans and their culture. Very much worth a read.

  2. MCPHAIL BHOY on 15TH AUGUST 2021 8:26 PM


    SUPERSUTTON on 15TH AUGUST 2021 7:53 PM



    I wasn’t impressed with McCarthy. Nothing wrong with his ability. Top notch. It was his running that worried me. No pace, no acceleration. Hoping it’s only down to recovering from injury and / or fitness problem that will get resolved.



    Otherwise he won’t fit into our style of play






    A bit harsh, McCarthy played for 15 minutes, his first competitive football this season. Give him a chance.





    Not sure that reporting facts can be described as harsh. The fact he was only on for 15 minutes means he had fresh legs and should have been able to sprint when needed. Instead, from high in the North Stand I saw him struggle to chase back when we lost possession on the right hand side. Ralston from further up the pitch went past him. That worries me.



    As for giving him a chance, I think the sentence which starts “Hoping” and ends “problem will get resolved” is doing exactly that.




    Rory Stewart is a Tory you can like *ducks*. He seems like a genuinely decent guy who has an excellent understanding of the area having spent a lot of time there as merely a visitor.



    If you’re on Twitter I’d recommend you follow him, his take on what’s going on at the moment is very interesting, and a long way from the bi-partisan rubbish you’ll see elsewhere.



    He dropped out of the race for London Mayor which was a shame, from what I saw of him he’d have made an excellent one

  4. Weebobbycollins on

    Turkeybhoy…Charlie Gallagher is now considered a Celtic legend and yet he had many, many detractors during his playing days. He was accused of being powder-puff and inconsistent…very similar to James Forrest.


    James will be another Celtic legend.

  5. Weebobbycollins on

    Celtic40me…I do follow him. His is quite a story…and his father before him. I worked with someone who studied with him at Oxford. He was considered quite brilliant…A decade or so ago he made a two part documentary about Afghanistan for BBC, “The Great Game” and although I didn’t quite like the style of it, it was very informative.

  6. RC on 15TH AUGUST 2021 9:50 PM


    OTT criticism of Carl Starfelt.










    He was fine in the first half but looked very leggy second half right from the off. Needs time to get up to speed.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    Once all the pieces are in place then judge players, my criticism of JF is thus, he is always on his heels, if he was on his toes he’d silence a lot if his detractors. Some players take time to adapt, Petrov would’ve been driven down south by many bed wetters on here.



    There’s such a clammer for scape goats you’d think they were masons

  8. Weebobbycollins on

    For those interested…The Great Game was first mentioned and made popular in Rudyard Kipling’s novel “Kim”.


    However, in 1990 Peter Hopkirk’s book The Great Game (On Secret Service in High Asia) was published. It is an in-depth study of the 19th century conflict in Central Asia between Britain and Russia.


    It’s a great read.

  9. Weebobbycollins on

    Ernie…he started out a Labour man. Why he became a Tory, I have yet to find out. His dad was lined up to be head of MI6 but was reputedly knocked back because he was seen as a cold fish and a bit too arrogant.


    The Marshes: Border Walks with my Father is indeed another good read, as is, Occupational Hazards, about his time as assistant governor of Iraq. Unassuming you say but quite a character.

  10. JHB on 15TH AUGUST 2021 8:09 PM















    Everyone of us at the game all agreed that much was enjoyable, but defending concerning. I think that is the almost universal view of post match comments on here.









    Why only pick up on my comment?






    Because you are always so negative. Because your comment about woeful defending for 90 minutes was utter nonsense. If the stats are correct we were only defending for a fraction of the 90 minutes. We defended the few set pieces we faced very well. We conceded very few set pieces. So I commented on your post because the hyperbole of it stood out.

  11. While Bitton was getting pelters ..here and elsewhere …he was always playing better than starfelt……starfelt may turn out half decent ….I have my doubts simply because I don’t see anything that makes him good……can’t tackle…not particularly quick….not great in the air….average passer at best……..has had a couple of decent blocks……not every buy is a good buy no matter how much we wish it…

  12. Weebobbycollins on

    Anyway, I have a long drive tomorrow, so, it’s goodnight from me…and it’s great to be a Tim.

  13. Starfelt is a right footed player on the left hand side if the defence. I’d like to see him on the right. But rightly so, the junior player, Welsh, has priority in that position just now. I’m confident Carl will come good but he needs to focus and then focus some more.

  14. “We win as a team and we lose as a team” – a well-worn football saying. “We attack as a team and defend as a team” – not such a well known quip, but it is one that we need to implement. The implementation of the first phrase was seen many times during the first hour with so many brilliant moves & chances created- and yet we had only two goals to show – it should have been at least four.



    Our defending against a different shaped Hearts team in the second-half grew weaker and it was no real surprise that they scored a second.



    I worry after two games against Hearts and the two against the Danes, that there will be games where we will dominate from mid to front and not win due to our defensive frailties. Let’s hope we can sign a couple and tighten-up.

  15. Almore @8 32 pm



    Father Hurley married me and the good lady many years ago,


    his smile would light up a room. He had a huge influence in my


    family life.


    Rest in peace Father




  16. I cannae believe people are criticising players that are just in the door @ Celtic.



    It is even mair bizarre considering how well we have played the last 4 games.



    We need at least 3 more Quality signings in this window if we want to play this tempo fitba as we will be playing 3 games a week for most of the Season by my reckoning.



    The pass by Kyogo was sublime – Perfect weight. Celtic Park is gonnae be Rocking on Wednesday!!

  17. Wee dip in the pool there.Bloody freezing coming out.Won’t be doing that again.


    Bring on the Clog wearers.

  18. PAULOANTONY on 15TH AUGUST 2021 11:43 PM


    Chuckles Green saying they are a new club




    Sevco a la Rangers are a new club.


    It doesn’t take a capitalist dog to say so, to make it true.

  19. ps aint it funny how capitalist dogs like Lawwell and Desmond argue the opposite. Follow the money.

  20. PETEC on 16TH AUGUST 2021 12:02 AM


    It said it all, that Craig was timewasting even when we were 2-0 up.




    Timewasting lol Did ye take your eyes off John Beaton for minute or two ffs




    Aff tae bed now but I did say……



    PETEC on 15TH AUGUST 2021 7:39 PM



    Oh and Cheating Beaton was at it as usual.