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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Disappointing first half. Only the 21 shots. None conceded. Hoping for better in the 2nd half…

  2. TET



    Talk for yersel……….I’ve just opened a bottle.



    It’s good to be a Tim! ( who’s still on holiday!)




  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Tony Ralston btw. What a transformation. Slack with a couple of passes, but a fantastic cross field pass, flying into tackles and overlapping like Roberto Carlos!

  4. I want us to move up a gear in the second half — the ashes need to be vitrified and sent into outer space.

  5. Ralston and Taylor getting up and done the pitch and smart with use of the ball – Ralston with a couple of crunching tackles – he is no nonsense player!



    Rogic is like a new signing 0 found his magic feet and his off ball movement is fantastic.



    Hard to see where we can improve going forward other than the ref doing his job – defensively we look good but we all know they will struggle against better opposition. Board cant get complacent!



    Hard to see what Mccarthy can bring – I’m fascinated to see him

  6. BB1


    Enjoy it, I am on the beer today, too hot for the red vino and am no a white vino aficionado, so the cold beer is fine, but eff me, the footy is like a drug, it’s amazing stuff.

  7. TET



    It’s been remarkably warm here of late and my beer intake ( Smithwicks and Beamish) reached new heights but it’s cooler now so a fruity red ( Mr Pinot Noir ) will not survive the next 45!



    Cheers and HH.

  8. Eddie finding his feet again, good performance in and around Kyogo. Could have had a couple more, but getting into good positions. Seems to be enjoying being out there today, wont be easy to replace him, no matter what many on here might think.

  9. TET…am curious…when the room temperature is really high….how does red wine go down…or do you chill it in the pool ;-))



    How are you and yer good lady doing…u still looking to sell up n move closer to home?




    Typing with a wee hangover after mixing the old adult beverages with the neighbours. Lord knows what I am talking about but my big “yasss” probably woke a few folks around here.




  11. cigalasporfavor on

    Classic Beaton at Celtic free kicks in dangerous areas….10 steps forward,2 backwards then draw a line!

  12. BB1


    Aye, have a few friends where you are and they have mentioned the weather, two days in a row here we have hit over the 50, where I am is in a dip and sometimes not a breath of wind and the temp just gets hotter and hotter, but inside it’s fine, caves are superb in the heat and the cold.


    Take care



  13. The Penalty would have put the game beyond reasonable doubt…………….



    Thems can be the differences………….



    Celtic – call the huns ooot!