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  1. Grande performance du Celtic aujourd’hui 🍀



    Les rangers ont été liquidés Récit.👻



    Dans le journal French Sun selon lequel tous les joueurs du Celtic sont en grève parce qu’ils ne peuvent plus manger de baguettes et de pâté à Lennoxtown … ça doit être vrai … 😉

  2. p.s. Well done Lenny.


    When the team struggles you get stick, so when they play like today, only fair that you get praise,

  3. loverly to watch



    Bitton is one of my favourites, GT owned his part off the pitch. What he does getting forward is very good, he will get better at the other end as time goes by. I liked the way a few times tonight he passed backed then went looking for the one_ two. When ever he got dragged into the the middle up front thought he was very good.



    Would have been nice to get that 3rd goal a wee bit earlier, give some of the new bhoys a bit more time.



    well thats one bogeyman scratched off the list






  4. glendalystonsils on

    I’d like to see Ajer lose that habit of turning and backing himself into a corner at his own corner flag when faced with an opposing forward . There are occasions for fancy fitba and occasions for a hefty hoof .

  5. Friesdorfer on 27th September 2020 2:51 pm

















    Thanks mate, but did not work on my smart tv.



    Worked on phone and laptop, however, 5 to 3 my sister in law and her husband arrived at the door so didn’t see any of it!



    Thanks again and hope you are well!

  6. MARTIM 1980 @5:32 pm



    Thank you, your post is easier to read than Mad Mitch’s initialisation postings :-))

  7. Welt was a good wee outing could have been another 2 or 3.


    Downside- Ajeti getting injured, I hope it’s not bad and only a precaution him coming off.



    Onto Saraveo or whatever they are called.






    D :)

  8. Philbhoy


    No worries, strange though as I’ve been watching direct on smart TV since the first game.


    All well here, glad your crew are in similar position.



  9. If Ajeti is out for a few weeks, fairly standard for a hamstring tear, then we better hope Griff has had a wonderful post- pre- season.


    Eddy is missing in action.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Promising stuff. Well done Bhoys.



    No failures in the group today.



    Some bright individual spots.



    Decent 45 minutes from Turnbull



    Taylor and Brown (who have taken some stick recently, some of which was merited) were both very good.



    Elyannousi looked bright.



    Better from Edouard but, IMHO, playing a little like a guy trying to avoid injury.



    Slightly churlish maybe after such a good result but ….



    Duffy fine but still not fit



    If you want the ref to get his cards out before 80 minutes, get in his ear after 80 seconds.



    Frimpong’s instinctive work is superb but his structured/coached work is ordinary at times.



    MOTM – All of them



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  11. Through the rain on

    Back to…..



    “Frimpong’s instinctive work is superb but his structured/coached work is ordinary at times.”



    What does this mean?



    Genuine question




  12. 3pts well received


    we are still weak on our left side , Ayer is very poor on his left side , Taylor as usual always looking to keep possession by passing sideways or backwards other than going outside of the defender and getting in a cross.


    Eddy looks to be playing in a trance trying to run through defenders other than going round them , not the Eddy we know.


    Turnbull played very well.


    usual broonie performance, some short and some overhit passes, as has been mention many times before he and Ntcham can’t play in same starting 11 ,showed today , still would prefer CMcG is his position.


    Christie poor form continues.

  13. Man City 2 Leicester 5 – some game – best non Celtic game I’ve seen on the telly this season👍

  14. Good result and more than well deserved. Glad we got a goal in the second half, our attacking play certainly merited it. Good displays from many but mentions to Taylor, Frimpong and Brown. Turnbull looks a bit of a player, can pass, and he can hit a ball an all. More from him please. Pity about Ajeti, gives Klimala an opportunity, and the Griff in a bit. That game would have drew around 60,000 had we been allowed in, Bhoys did well without us it has to be said.

  15. Hi Bhoys



    Just seen something i’ve never seen before. Wolfsburg goalie put goal kick out for an opposition corner.



    Celtic played some nice football today. When Eddie starts trying other teams are in trouble.




  16. Highlight for me was Turnbulls performance.the guys looks itching to try things.we’ve been watchin slow build up play too long.Hes going to speed things up.Shit that Ajeti injures himself just as he was looking fitter.Got a battle on our hands to win title this year.Say what you want about that mob but they look a solid and settled team.



    Hail Hail

  17. Classy Celtic turned a wee corner against the SPL form team, who had secured a point verse the mighty close season Champions, and the Celtic VST tedium of 22 points from 24 when you’re not playing well,versus a mountain of mounting debt, continues a pace. Rainjurz great, Celtic sh8ye, they bang on the big drum, but reality was more Celtic normalcy and another fresh dappled, autumnal day in Parkhead, closed with a fine Celtic win and set us up for Sarajevo.



    With NFL forced to field Jeremie Frimpong from the off, the supporters were treated to a man of the match performance second to none, and the rare sight of a wide man beating the full back on the outside and again sometimes on the in. The ‘injured’ Scott Brown snuffed the Hibs midfield, and threatened the MOM podium with another Parkhead Pirloesque performance for the more defensively minded. El Younoussi threatened from the off and Callum invisible MacGregor fired in (again) before the Norwegian’s toe poke effort, after fine play, led to Ajeti’s latest league strike.



    David Turnbull appeared at the restart like a sight for sore eyes, a player of some elegance and this new Celt who stands tall in the saddle, picked a thread for MOI, to take a well deserved second goal in four days. With the Celtic support filing away into the ether, the goal put a more emphatic look on the scoreline here in sombre Scotland.



    Things you won’t see in SMSM, the unseen fenian game in hand CSC



    M.O.M. Jeremie Frimpong

  18. Just back from a walk down to Grand Canal Dock on this pleasant Autumn day and I must say it was with a little trepidation I opened the updates on the old laptop. Delighted with the result and in particular that 3 – 0 scoreline’ great to be back in the goals again. Jeez, Ajeti is some operator, this lad can’t stop scoring, what a predator. Hope the injury is not a bad one. By all accounts young Turnbull did well and the lad at over 6 feet gives a bit of physical presence. Great result for Lenny and the lads.

  19. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    Is it just me or does anybody else see a wee resemblance to Tommy Burns about Turnbull?






  20. onenightinlisbon on

    Well done celtic today. balance of the team was good and young Frimpong and Turnbull were excellent!

  21. “We want to add maybe just one to the squad and keep everybody else. It’s going to be fraught because it’s the last week of the window.



    “There could be a lot of people scrambling for players and we are not immune to that, but we don’t want to sell anybody and I think we are quite strong on that at the minute.”



    – I like this. Can’t wait for the window to end.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Through the rain – cheers.



    Jeremie is terrific running freely with the ball down the wing or diagonally into the box.



    All about his pace. Genuine weapon.



    The bad? Three times today he lost possession in decent areas for Hibs.



    Each time we were building the play and he made a bad choice when an easy option was available, he got squeezed, lost the ball and put us on back foot.



    Second half, the ball got threaded inside him to a much slower Hibs player. Was well beaten.



    Position and lack of awareness were the stuff of a schoolboy.



    Not a major gripe – we have to allow young players to learn and get better.



    But he is certainly a work in progress.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith