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  1. Gene


    Re ` La plume de ma tante !`


    In the phrase book , that was formed as a question: Ou est la plume etc and the answer was ; Dans le jardin.


    As that phrase book was for readers who could not speak any French,I wondered what use the answer was.


    If the plume happened to be somewhere other than the jardin,, the questioner would have had to request that it be taken there so that he/she would find the response useful !

  2. Drew 1967



    `Say what you want about that mob but they look a solid and settled team.`



    I haven`t seen enough of them to know how `solid` they are but it grows increasingly obvious that we cannot take anything for granted…..at the moment.

  3. This weekend’s foul count …


    Fouls y r


    Aberdeen. 14 ….0….0


    Celtic. 9….0….0


    Dundee u. 18….1….0


    Hamilton. 18….3….0


    Hibernian. 11….2….0


    Kilmarnock. 12….0….0


    Livingston. 18….2….0


    Motherwell. 14….1….0


    Ringers. 8….0….0


    Ross county. 16….1….1


    St Johnstone. 11….0….0


    St mirren. 16….5….0



    Running totals



    Aberdeen 95 8 1


    Celtic 83 8


    Dundee u 128 15


    Hamilton 94 14 1


    Hibs 115 14


    Killie 104 11 2


    Livie 140 12


    Motherwell 125 15 1


    Ross c 145 20 2


    At johnstone 104 12 2


    St mirren 115 18 2


    Rangers 96 6

  4. Hot Smoked



    They just look more of a challenge to us this year.Not losing many goals and scoring a few.



    Today was hopefully a turning point for us performance wise.Much better to watch and no slack goals lost.



    Hail Hail



    Sportscene at 11.40 pm ffs



    It’s always on the BBC Scotland channel around 7.015om on both Saturday and Sunday. It’s then on late evening on the BBC One Scotland channel. Not sure when it gets released onto iPlayer ;-)

  6. That a celtic supporter would have to ask Celtic supporters on a celtic blog who Liam whats his name is is just well bad form.



    If you genuinely did not know why not google it.



    Young players passing on in tragic circumstances is one of those things you tend to remember their names.

  7. Good result today. It was nice to have an opposition team turn up with a plan to play football rather than just sit back and defend. Hibs used their pace to get in behind our defenders several times. Jack Ross is a good coach.



    I was glad when the 3rd goal went in. Turnbull getting 45 minutes and showing real quality was the highlight for me. I thought Broonie had his best game of the season but Calmac is the standout midfielder, always quality on the ball, his 3 shirts outside the box were all on target

  8. What a great display. Not too many negative comments on here tonight. Didn’t Brown do well for such a “young” fella. Callum appears to just stroll through games. Nice to get a look at Turnbull, will do us a great turn I think Keep up the good work bhoys!

  9. Frimpong was great going forward, could see the fear in the defenders when he was running at them outside and inside. His strengths far outweigh his weaknesses, the deficits can be worked on. Similar pace and style on the left hand side would make celtic a far more potent threat going forward and would cut down the needless recycling of balls across the pitch. 3 at the back with a defensive midfielder or 2 (depending on opponents strength) should make the 352 / 3511 workable against other systems/ shapes.




  10. HOT SMOKED on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:03 PM



    That was THE MUNGO version as it was daft and so meant to make you think .The FRENCH think diff as in the pen of my aunt as apposed to my aunt’s pen.



    Other skools were taught SUR LE TABLE DE MON ONCLE.

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Tuned out of CQN at 2.59 as I wanted to avoid the score.



    Just watched the full replay on Celtic TV – Celtic 3 pre-match trolls and Hibs 0.



    Very good.



    Score and performance aside, the highlight was Turnbull. Early days, but he looked like a more mobile Tom Rogic (and I love Tom).



    If Christie wants a move I’d wish him luck and wave him goodbye.

  12. Under the new rules, clubs will be able to name a bench of up to nine players but, in making their five subs, can only halt play on three separate occasions during the course of the match.



    so I take it you can make a sub at half time and that does not count as halting play on 3 occasions , as we made subs on 4 occasions.

  13. CORKCELT on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:42 PM



    wow, just as I thought , was beginning to think we had given them a route of appeal or dock us points.

  14. Apologise for the Broonie comment Bhoys, but over reaction has been poor IMO, Turnbull looked very comfortable ,he looks like a player

  15. Frimpong, Brooney, Bitton. CalMac, Elyounoussi, I have finally reduced my Jobo candidates to 5.


    Think I might take a break for the night & resume my deliberations in the morning.

  16. Favourite Uncle


    It must have been in The Mungo many years before we were as ` La plume` means `feather` or `quill`. Maybe Wee Kenny ( remember him?) used one but but it was `stilos` for us young guns :-))

  17. Btw…who still thinks VAR would be good for the game up here? Watched MOTD last night and they were scathing of it. Have to agree with them, especially these stupid hand ball decisions. Roy Hodgson was apoplectic about it and no wonder. Interestingly, Steve Bruce’s Newcastle were recipients of a similar decision today but he still criticised it. This law has to be looked at and changed. It’s going to spoil the game. Any views?

  18. Corkcelt


    Just to help you out, make Bitton and Frimpong definites then you only have to pick one more !


    Calmac is really the MotM but I like to share it out a bit :-)

  19. WBC


    We don`t have it here but Sevco still got two dodgy penalties today. Is Tavernier Top Scorer in Scotland?

  20. Back in the day at, good schools, the old aunt’s plume was always found ‘sans le bureau des mon Oncle’



    The most interesting part was working out what Jean Claude et Marie France were you to ‘dans le Jardine’



    Wee Frimpers probably knows😀

  21. Yep J.


    Thinking Frimpong, Bitton & Brooney.


    Not sure Brooney contributed more than CalMac & Elyounoussi, but he had a great game and he is special, he deserves to have a few points on the Jobo table and I’ve just convinced myself to vote for him.

  22. If you like a responsible flutter, have a peek at the results in the major leagues today. If the season carries on like this, there’s Gold in them there hills, just gotta find the right hill…



    There’s goals galore en France- not that common and several handicap -2 across the leagues even in Italy!




  23. Celtic Mac…je suis d’accord…bien sur!


    Hot Smoked…those dodgy penalties were legit according to this silly rule. Time for change.


    S’il vous plait…