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  1. On the fitba .. I really rate young Turnbull and I have been dating this since we nearly signed him last year … I would actually take the Bhoy Campbell as well …. Broony won’t be about for ever :-) Turnbull is a star in the making and Campbell will join him

  2. TOSB


    Starting Ajeti, giving Moi that free commission to stretch Hibs, getting Nir to play football from RB and letting Turnbull weave his youthful, accurate magic were inspired choices. Moi is both skilful and tenacious in the tackle. 3-zip; what’s not to like except Alby’s hammy issue ! HH

  3. TOSB 11.55pm



    Apologies the other week I was annoyed about the abiuse Neil was getting and I think we (me) had words .,, you did ask me not to respond to your posts …. which is fair enough not I would uptempo like to argue with big Teabags teacher …. it’s no the worst if Celtic fans dint agree ..

  4. Wishaw Tim



    All kidding aside mate .. you and your good lady take care life is far too short



    God bless 🍀






    Starting Ajeti, giving Moi that free commission to stretch Hibs, getting Nir to play football from RB and letting Turnbull weave his youthful, accurate magic were inspired choices. Moi is both skilful and tenacious in the tackle. 3-zip; what’s not to like except Alby’s hammy issue ! HH




    It was great. We’re all delighted with today’s display and outcome against a good Hibs team. I think Neil Lennon deserves credit for trying something different. The second half performance from Turnbull, the displays of Frimpong, Broony, Calum and others were excellent. A great day to be a Tim.

  6. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Interesting stats on BBC (I know!):



    Celtic 65% possession



    20 Shots, 9 on target



    Hibs 9 shots, none on target





    Watching David Turnbull stroking his passes around reminded me of Liam, whats his name???, from Cork Who went to Man U…






    seriously, ?



    Liam whats his name ?



    nobody else picked up on this ?



    then the next one that said Turnbull reminded him of Tommy Burns .



    stop all the petty infighting,

  8. SLABHOY – ON THE ROAD TO 10 on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:47 PM


    Is it just me or does anybody else see a wee resemblance to Tommy Burns about Turnbull?








  9. SAINT STIVS on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:42 PM


    That a celtic supporter would have to ask Celtic supporters on a celtic blog who Liam whats his name is is just well bad form.







    If you genuinely did not know why not google it.







    Young players passing on in tragic circumstances is one of those things you tend to remember their names.

  10. GFTB on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:04 AM



    missing the point,



    why would celtic supporters make stupid remars about liam miler and tommy burns

  11. St Stivs



    Not me … Tommy Burns is my Celtic



    And Neil Lennon .. and Scott Brown and even more si Peter Grant ,.. Peter is my hero … am nearly 51 and I love Peter Grant

  12. St Stivs … true story my the Hamilton’s ( peters in laws ) trusted you the Coatbrig hannaways … I could not gegva ticket the pittodrie …think it was a 2-2 draw after extra time … the have was on a Wednesday .., on three Monday my Hun bird handed i is 4 o pop sort tickets . … until this day I love Peter the Pointer

  13. ST TAMS on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:15 PM


    7 years after joining us, Bitton is all of a sudden became a great player. How much our standards have fallen






    Hey ST TAMS – nice to hear from you :-)



    Just saying – I’ve always been a fan of the big hash-smoking fiend that is Nir Bitton.



    The Big Man is a chilled out, super-smooth dude:-)))









  14. St Stivs



    I still appreciste yiur offer about using your ticket … Or the extra tickets with your own ST…. much obliged but both my nephews were raging … but I appreciated the offer 🍀

  15. Big George …




    I am missing the Wayside big time



    Away fri. Coatbridg the Wayside was my favourite rebel boozer

  16. SAINT STIVS on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:03 AM


    That a celtic supporter would have to ask Celtic supporters on a celtic blog who Liam whats his name is is just well bad form.




    BGFC here (half cut)



    SAINT STIVS – love you man, but just saying – sometimes things are not said with any ill-intent, and that’s how I took that post.



    I – personally – have a memory like a seive. I might be wrong, but I just took it that the poster was making a quick comment and couldn’t recall Liam’s second name – no ill intent.



    For myself – I had just said to WeeBGFC that Turnbull reminded me of Paul McStay!! Maybe a tad of an overreaction to one good second half performance, but that’s fitba chat fur ye :-))






  17. TOSB



    “I have noticed that those who criticise our manager, by and large, make a constructive case and spell out the exact reasons why they are dissatisfied with the performance of the manager. Everyone knows the reasons so I won’t go over them. However, those who criticise his critics, by and large, don’t support their argument with evidence other than “he’s one of us”, “he’s the right man to lead us to TIAR”, “look what he’s had to put up with”. ”



    I think that confirmation bias can’t be ruled out with that argument. The propensity for one side’s critique to be counted as superior to the other requires the evidence to be displayed, counted and evaluated. If I relied on my memory (subject to confirmation bias) I could conclude the opposite.



    I hear a lot of people who say Neil does not rate tactics and that he leaves team shape to the other coaches; that’s just a Chinese whisper distortion of the actual statement he made on the matter as people heard what they wanted to hear so as to confirm their perception that he was a dinosaur. Other people dismissselections and subs as “bizarre” or “Just picking favourites” when all that means is he did not pick their favourite.



    And, whilst not being evidence per se, Being “one of us”, or pointing out that he has “suffered on our behalf” ain’t nothing either. Some of the vitriol directed at him IS genuinely OTT and hun-like. Whne those posters are criticised it does not mean that those making more reasoned critiques are lumped in with them but some people cross the road to take offence.



    Most people on here are good (-ish) people regardless of the side of the many fences that separate us as supporters on the smaller matters where htere is disagreement. A preference for or against Greg Taylor does not make anyone a better or poorer supporter. However, a tendency to invent things to bad mouth fellow Celts is worthy of being called out regardless of what side it comes from.



    I have a personal gripe too. I don’t like the posts that say ” You’re not allowed to say anything bad about Celtic on here” because it is a flat lie and an insult to our host. I also don’t like the posts that come on and state ” the stuff on here is boring- change the tune!” without contributing a post or topic change that would suit them better.



    I don’t like them but I, quite rightly, have to thole them because it is not my call as to what is allowed or not.



    Paul sets only 2 rules- no gratuitous swearing & don’t libel anyone on this platform as he can be sued for someone else’s unfounded statements.



    That’s a pretty liberal set of rules to operate under. Many other Celtic sites would not tolerate what he does and a small number that let most things go, soon degenerates into a series of “Aye! Yir maw!” level of exchanges.



    I hope that, when we skate close to that level on here, somebody sensible brings it back to nearer the old standards and we can get on with it again.



    This has been small beer so far because, despite the levels of criticism he gets, Neil Lennon has a fantastic domestic win record at Celtic. There are only a few occasions each year, domesticall, where there is a legitimate opportunity to vent at our results. So posters calling out the management after a 3 point game because the style of win , or something else, was not to their satisfaction is understandable.



    Just so long as they get some enjoyment out of the success we have had too. If you ever do get around to counting out comments on matchday and ascriing them as positive, negative or neutral, I am confident that, until or unless we are 2 or 3 clear, there are more negative posts than positive ones. Just recall how many people posted after the Riga performance that they feared the worst for the Hibs game – how many of them came back on and said, I got it all wrong? Most of them just moved on to saying “I fear the worst for the Sevco game!”.



    Like Paul’s leader the other day, a wee bit of humility with your critique of what’s wrong does not go amiss. A wee bit of recognition that NFL has more earned the right to be trusted to manage Celtic than you or I have, is important too.



    That does not mean your opinion can be discounted or that you know nothing; it just means that, relative, to NFL, WGS, MON or even RD and Tony Mowbray, our opinion is not of equal weight to theirs. They do know more than us and they do have more evidence than us. They will still get things wrong; the trick is always to discriminate between the things they do wrong and the things we merely did not like.



    It’s past bedtime now- catch replies later

  18. GFTB on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:26 AM


    I am missing the Wayside big time






    Me too GFTB – great pub, great club, magic bouncing bus.



    Pool table, dartboard, jukebox with rebs and Paint It Black, singsong of a Saturday evening, cards, dominoes, good crack with Big Tony McHendry, the Finnegans, Wee Delaney, Haughians…could go on. Magic!!



    Stay chilled out my friend – don’t get riled up – stay calm :-))))))



    All Tims together !!!!






  19. SFTB 1.32am



    I go the other way ….



    Neil Lennon is Celtic and o hope he stays with us forever …




    The Celtic fans who dint want Nel will enjoy there wee days oot … not in my my Name



    God bless Neil.. a manager who wants tu be there

  20. Wee Big George 1.36an



    The wayside was an eye opener for this wee Coatbrig Bhoy … the pool table was full of all the Hammiks :-) rubbish st fitba bit hard with cues … you keep in st Uni …. and stay away fae all the birds the now … plenty of time for that



    Stag safe wee mhan and keep singing your songs of fallen heroes



    I have said it before and will say it again you & your Da are my type of Celtic 🍀




    SFTB – naw – your maw :-)))



    PS – agree with the post.



    Wee question – do you (like me) get innordinately annoyed when you make a long, well constructed post (unlike me), then read back after you post only to notice that you have done this:



    “…dismissselections …”



    rather than this:



    “…dismiss selections…”??? :-)))



    Anyway – I certainly do – aaarrrggghhhhhh!!!!!






  22. Fellow Celtic favs …



    We are in such a good place …



    Celtic should bd a joy ,.. never a Hinderanxe …. enjoy Celtic 🍀 life is far too short




    x x x x x x x x x x






    mind reader :0)


    thats what i would have said.. with worseror smelling






  24. 🗣️ Callum McGregor:


    “Broony is probably one of the best captains Celtic has ever had, and we’re lucky to be led by him. You don’t meet a lot of people in football who are as good as Broony is.”



    Great result bhoys & ghirls 💚🇮🇪💚👍

  25. all sunny on the Western front this morning, much prefer Celtic for supper than for breakfast, its a down under thing. Very much enjoyed the read here on CQN. tank u werry mutt P67. even the -glass is always empty because its broken- type posters, made me smile.



    may your god bless NL


    his charges


    and the wonderful ppl you meet who share your enjoyment of the “imperious” GLASGOW CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB (plc hehehe)






    P.S. its a public holiday here, Im gonna crank up the sounds (wake up the neighbours who partied hard last night) grab some sushi that I made yestreday and watch the game again, 92 minute of of green and white goodness, and thats just the sushi. be well sellic pals

  26. Indeed well played Celtic yesterday



    Wonder how it would have turned out if Forrest had not been Injured and Neil had picked him at right wing


    Same old ball going out to winger and….. he gets the ball then stops then passes inside and then back to midfield and then pass out to wing and err he passes it back inside grrr



    Surely end of that now with frimpong



    Now get a left back


    KT left over a year ago. Wasted over 5m on two replacements

  27. Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a very happy and very sunny Melbourne.


    Managed to see our wee Grace today for a cuddle, after months of


    lockdown, still 5 km rule in place so a meet up at the nearest park


    worked for us.


    Almost at single figure infections now in the state of Victoria with a


    population of over 5 million, incredible result for people who sucked


    the restrictions up, obeyed the rules and hopefully will finally get rid


    of this horrible virus.


    And to cap it all, a great result for the Bhoys, Broony back to his


    imperious best, a very exiting glimpse of the boy David’s potential


    and the hint of a striker in the Joe McGoals mould.


    Another couple weeks and the pubs , clubs, should be open, need to get


    our CSC back to it’s rousing best.


    H.H. Mick

  28. Melbourne mick. Good news



    Nsw down to 0 yesterday :)



    Can’t believe UK still letting people in



    Lessons learnt

  29. just checking in a min.


    have a great day Celts


    if you hea a rumour source it.