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    Yes remarkable, despite the cruise ship and hotel isolation fiasco.


    H.H. Mick




    So in awe of all those health workers, nurses, doctors


    working double shifts etc.through this crisis.


    But we need to get the economy going again, I know the


    Irish family who run our pub the Dubliner are one of


    thousands really struggling.


    A few days with our Bhoys attending will help them no end.


    Hope you and family are safe and well.


    H.H. Mick

  3. Morning all from a depressed Haggerston



    Returning to the grind, but that was a nice wee break.



    Bring on Thursday.



    D :)




    Indeed, my pal’s wife is a doctor and caught covid fairly early on due to the lack of decent protection – but was then back to work within a couple of weeks and has been ever since. So much respect for the men and women on the front line dealing with this.



    All the best to you and yours and hail hail!

  5. Magic news Melbourne Mick. Simple science really. If no one moves the disease can’t move and in one or two sets of 14 days it’s gone. Hopefully we will see a NZ- Aus bubble soon. We would be over in a shot. Great win against the hibees, if we play like that against the close season wonders we might be able to shut the SFA mibs up and they can live with fact that Glasgow is green and white for the ten, lifted by Lenny and Broony. Hail Hail

  6. I see that Istanbul Basaksehir champions of Turkey are bottom of the league after 3 games.Coincidence?



    ‘Magic news Melbourne Mick. Simple science really. If no one moves the disease can’t move and in one or two sets of 14 days it’s gone.’






    Might work so lomg as every single person is completely isolated from every other person for the entire 14 days, which is never going to happen.



    People live in families and household groups. One asymptomatic individual within a household could transfer the virus to another member or members of the household during lockdown. At the end of lockdown the virus is still there, ready to spread.



    Eradication is not an option.




    Hope to see you soon , then I’ll know we’re back


    to normal.


    Think the bilious bigots tipped us to drop points yesterday,


    but a very well controlled and confident performance from the


    Bhoys will have put doubts in their feeble minds again.


    H.H. Mick




    Point taken Ernie, but it makes tracking and tracing easier


    ergo more control of spikes.


    H.H. Mick

  10. My friends in Celtic,



    By all accounts, best performance of the season and I missed it due to pesky work. Just managed to log in at the last kick of the game. ( Sorry Jobo )



    Great result, especially when the huns had won convincingly. We needed to set a marker, and we did.


    Now I’m looking forward to our game against them with increasing confidence.



    Well done Celtic.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  11. Will be a tough game against Sarajevo on Thursady…Ii know the 10 is most important this season but the Europa league is more our level at the moment and the club has a achieved some success in recent years in this competition frequently qualifying from the group stage.We could also do with the money on offer for a decent run not quite Champions league sums but welcome during these difficult times.I guess it would be beneficial to Celtic if “rangers” were also to qualify as it would mean they would also have fixture congestion but its difficult not to hope for a Galatasaray victory.

  12. PARK ROAD 67



    Should be some great deals from travel agencies soon.


    Interested? 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  13. THE HAND OF GOD on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:53 AM



    I feel a European run is soooooooooooo vital this season. More so than ever, maybe.



    Why do foreign players come to Parkhead?


    They come for our legendary atmosphere, which sadly is not there this season.



    They also come to use us a stepping stone to a bigger league. Europe provides that platform for them.



    We need to stay in the European league for our profile. League reconstruction will surely happen and we need to be in the forefront of decision making.



    Cheers and HH.

  14. GFTB,



    From last night and as you brought me in to it. From a position of care I genuinely hope you are alright fella. Tough times for all currently. Football should be an escape for us.



    Onto Thursday and back to Perth on Sunday. Let’s keep the wins going and hopefully a decent end to the transfer window too.








    Fine, but if the government sells the policy as being a one time fix for the problem they’re going to lose credibility when it doesn’t work.

  16. Ernie sorry mate that is how it was eradicated here, and initially in Oz. Our second lot of recent cases came from mistakes at the border. We had been disease free for over 100 days. Not saying that it will stay that way but to have any chance you need to stop people moving. If Westminster won’t do it, or the people choose not too, and that is also a choice, you are stuck with a killer virus until you get the vaccine. We might be too, despite our initial success, but the science of people not moving means virus not moving works, if you have the right messaging and leaders.

  17. Good morning, friends, from a grey and drizzly East Kilbride.


    Loads of opinions flooding into the ole inbox this morning with views on who our top 3 performers were yesterday. keep your votes coming – 3 players names in no particular order by email to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM . And, open to all whether you post or just lurk or whether you’ve never voted before; the more opinions the more accurate the results (in theory, anyway!). Voting closes at 10pm tonight and results out shortly after that.


    Hail Hail

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Morning all.



    Does anyone know if Thursday’s game is being shown on TV?



    If you’ll forgive the cliché – I am actually asking for a friend.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  19. Ernie I concede that it is not one 14 cycle that does it, you do need two to keep any bubble infections isolated until the virus has nowhere to jump too. Not easy, but must be easier than six months of half measures and the inevitable spike. Unless you think it’s all just a conspiracy to control the masses. Then you need a tinfoil hat which will do the trick. Mick Looking forward to that Guinness.




    How widespread was the virus at the time of the first lockdown?



    How widespread is it now?



    It will still be there when the lockdown ends.



    A lockdown will reduce the rate of infection but it won’t eradicate the virus.




    I understand that Premier Sports again have the rights to it. It was penciled in as a 7pm kick off but I think I read somewhere that the game may be moved to another venue/time as Sarajevo’s home stadium doesn’t meet UEFA standards. Even the Celtic website has the kick off time shown as ‘TBC’.



    Thats excellent news about Covid etc, and it was a very good performance and result by The Celts yesterday also.


    There were some pleasing performances by several Celts, but I especially liked young Turnbull who made an excellent contribution…with hopefully more to come from this young talent.


    I would love to see a 50 yard race between young Jerry Frimpers and The Buzzbomb in his heyday…Now wouldnt that be something ?




    Stay safe mate.







    We would love to get back out there for a few beers down the Rhebel peninsula , fingers crossed 🤞😎🍺

  24. Never managed to see the game yesterday, as I’m through at North Berwick with the good lady for a few days.


    Great result against a decent Hibs side . Clean sheet is always a bonus too



    Any news on getting fans into games yet

  25. St Tams,


    We’ll Probably be eating our Easter Eggs when we next get back to Celtic Park.



    Though I’m not sure which Easter.



    The Onlooker

  26. Big Wavy …



    No malice intended … your critique of Broony & Greg Taylor always catches my eye … again hopefully we never always agree … I like both players but maybe am the other way and dint see the negatives … so keep pointing them out … I am a bit blinkered when it cubes to Scott :-)



    That won’t change … even when I am wrong

  27. The hand of God @ 8:12 am



    “I see that Istanbul Basaksehir champions of Turkey are bottom of the league after 3 games.Coincidence?”





    Just checked and it probably is. Looks like Boli Bolingoli has only made one 2nd half sub appearance (in a 2:0 defeat to Galatasaray when it was 1:0 at h/time when he appeared). He wasn’t in the squad for the other 2 fixtures. Also looks like the 3 teams that beat them are all top of the league clubs.



    Bolingoli served our club badly and has not had the grace to issue an apology for what he did so I am, at least, indifferent as to how he is getting on at a new club. He needs transferred because he won’t be easily forgiven, so it’s probably better, on the whole that he does well and we can get something back on him.

  28. GFTB,



    Appreciated fella and absolutely.



    Likewise, keep putting me, as the blog bore, to rights.



    Keep safe.



    HH and HWG 10IAR




    The virus is real, and the disease it causes is real. There is no conspiracy.



    But talk of eradicating the virus is unrealistic. The most you can hope for is controlling its spread.Repeated lockdowns will do that, but they won’t wipe out the virus.