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  1. come on you negative bhoys in green hope it’s not to testing a game tonight



  2. @CelticFC Hibs line up …



    Hazard, Frimpong, Duffy, Welsh, Laxalt, Soro, McGregor, Turnbull ,Rogic, Johnston, Harper



    Subs: Doohan Taylor Connell Coffey Oko-Flex Henderson Ralston Hjelde Karamoko

  3. P67 – ‘Just when you thought it was safe to have hope for the remainder of Celtic’s season’



    Would’ve been interesting if P67 had expanded on what he was basing that hope on. I can’t think of anything, we even appear to be messing up our preparation for next season.

  4. A hibbie at work was saying this morning that last night Hibs were 7/1 to win, and a few of them lumped on it as the covid story was breaking.



    The bookies were offering very generous cash outs before a ball had even been kicked.



    Knowing Hibs though I’d take the cash out as could easily be a draw or a defeat for them.

  5. I haven’t seen all the media coverage but has anyone from the club hierarchy appeared to answer or explain anything regarding the latest debacle? Are they isolating too?



    Anyway, come on the ‘wee team’ tonight. 3 big points please.

  6. Right I think I will partake in a nice cold tinny 🍺 as my warm up for tonight’s game.



    Ok Davie stretch and move to the beer fridge and back..go.🍺






    D :)

  7. come on the Celtic…..



    smiley there is a saying in the glens of Angus…if you go to the Kirrie Ball ….be prepared to fight yer way oot thing



    hail hail




  8. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Obviously a bit of an emergency line up but it’s great to see Willo Flood back in the middle of the park with big Dion up top




    We had permission to go.



    It was a bad idea.



    We are paying the price for our stupidity.



    Oh and where did Julienne actually contract this disease?



    For the record.

  10. If we get decent balls up to Harper and Johnson they will terrorise the Hibs defence.


    Welsh will have his work cut out covering for Duffy .


    Still think we have enough to win though.,



    C’mon bhoys do it for us fans .

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Not sure how to play this tactically. I’d imagine Hibs will come roaring out the blocks so the first 20 minutes very important.



    We’ll have no out ball, so they’ll press the makeshift back line and hoover up the punts towards Mikey Johnson (like the huns did when he played up front at Mordor).



    Set piece or/and counter by the speedy Frimpong looks our best bet.

  12. ROBINBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2021 7:00 PM


    Harper? Centre forward? Never heard of him.



    Harper can play anywhere where across the frontline.



    Very quick feet a bit of pace and confident , not unlike Mikey.

  13. stpatricksbhoy on

    Cameron Harper is a very talented pacey wide player he ‘s only 18 hopefully he will shine.


    Hail Hail and to hell with the MSM,SNP, masonic me in black.KTF

  14. squire danaher on

    From previous blog.



    PHILBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2021 6:29 PM



    Celtic were stupid to go, but got no reminders from the authorities that it was a bad idea.






    How would it be if the Huns had made as big an RS McColls of it, and their defence had been “Wee Nippy never telt us we couldny go”?



    Regardless of how you think of her efforts or her herself, do you not think the FM has enough on her plate without having to remind idiot football club staff that they shouldn’t go abroad for what NL clearly advertised on Sky as “R & R”??

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Got to agree 100% with Andy Walker , he is as angry as the majority of us

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