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  1. My team for the Livingston game.












    ……Dembele…………………….. McGregor









    Subs. A goalie etc.


    + I’d go and buy Declan Gallagher



    HH ☘️

  2. PS; having watched Declan of late, I suggest we forget and go for big Cedric Kipre, loan to buy from West Brom.

  3. Quad- a few guesses in there I think, Ross County, £375k a year,less than half of that I would say,thanks for reply

  4. I love watching Celtic.



    I love Celtic the Club.



    Despite the latter and because of the latter, I have 2 tickets that won’t be renewed till PL and the coaching team have been replaced.



    HH jg

  5. RC on 12TH JANUARY 2021 11:11 AM


    DENIABHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2021 11:25 PM



    Apparently the Compliance Officer is to study our holiday camp photos.





    Any links to the above?




  6. ERNIE LYNCH on 12TH JANUARY 2021 10:44 AM



    I think we now have to accept that the league is gone.



    To go from a position of total dominance, on and off the park, to this, is a remarkable achievement by the Titans running the Club, and a suitable legacy for them.



    In the absence of root and branch change anyone buying a season book for next season is going to be complicit after the fact in the whole shameful debacle.





    No doubts that is the individuals decision


    Its a strong emotional tie Ernie


    Its always been about following Celtic



    Do you have a season ticket?



  7. On season tickets, did Celtic not say they would look at rebates for the games we didn’t get in to see? I think they based that on getting fans back by Christmas. Can’t see us getting in all season so that won’t happen now



    Big decision now on the price point.



    a. Spent too much so hike the price; low take up, disastrous revenue


    b. Screwed up this season so drop price to keep numbers; lost revenue but predictable


    c. keep it the same, play the freeze as a ‘give back’ like the utilities do; unpredictable take up but no discount

  8. Having watched Jonathan Afolabi – granted on tele


    In 2 games for Dundee


    I would Not pin any hopes on seeing him anytime soon in a Celtic shirt

  9. Oh Bada! Indeed.


    Of FFS what a state we’re in.



    Seems Paul was prescient when he warned us several weeks ago that it would get worse before it got better…



    Begs the question, why have custodians done nothing tangible to address it? (Accepting of course, that our custodians are part of the issue)



    HH jg

  10. It would need a Rogers-style rabbit to be pulled out of the hat. And a new CEO.



    Yet realism also forces us to ask, what good players or managers would want to come to us right now?



    We see the stadium and feel the noise and excitement from our memories. For the players as a whole, it likely feels like an empty shell, with shite weather and agricultural football.



    HH jg

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The people at the top of our club have f****d it, but appear both unaccountable and indifferent to their failure.



    For Celtic to succeed we need to be united against the world. Instead you have a club run by one man, in the interests of that man. He has the support of the majority shareholder who couldn’t care less, a useless manager who knows he’ll never get another job in football and is putting No 1 first and a captain who’s been fantastic, but is now done.



    His reputation means no decent manager will work for him and he’s not above reducing our club to a place where his pals’ unqualified sons get top jobs. The masons would blush.



    He gave the new Rangers all the help he could, just as he did the old Rangers.



    He’s a fraud. An unaccountable fraud who is running us into the ground for years to come and shows only contempt for the average fan.



    He’s every inch the Tory elite. His actions clearly demonstrate that value base. Personal greed, arrogance, contempt for non-elites and suffering no consequence for failure.



    He’s a betrayal of our club’s social origins and values and I won’t be back whilst he’s still there. I know that’s irrelevant to everyone else, but when you’re powerless to change something so rotten it’s the only option left open to you.





    Spot on .Problem is “not a lot of people know that “

  13. PHILBHOY on 12TH JANUARY 2021 11:53 AM



    Have we signed the teenage French Super KId for £7,200.000 yet? You know, the one we were eyeing.



    *he’ll probably call up our French Connection for advice and be told not tae come near the place, Scotland that is not just Celtic, as you get kicked eff out of all day long with no support fae the authorities.



    Seems tae be the consensus on here about prospective managers calling fraudgers up and being told big Gas Meter is the problem. Nae difference then.