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  1. A very good first half and we had full control of the second half. Well done to all – not a failure in the whole game!

  2. Just managed to catch the biased commentary on sportscene…deary me…….anyway nice first half nor so much second….thought hibs played through us too easily at times ….but if we didn’t miss sitters it wouldn’t matter as much……as ange says ….we will get better !!!

  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    Lost count of the number of times the bbc managed to say it wasn’t a penalty in. 15 minute highlights package.


    Out of order.


    Cork Celt….. that’s the first time I have ever heard an Irish man use the word “outwith”.

  5. Dushanbe, I could come out with an word, and usually use it out of context,


    Don’t take any notice , I’ll be OK in the morning,

  6. In from match.kettle boiling…so are Celtic


    Good victory,


    Starfelt great performance


    Hatate and Maeda can both turn.


    Hatates distribution superb and his performance would have been topped if that volley of his had went in ,looks like solid acquisitions to start with and good to see a strong bench.


    A happy and content Celt


    Goodnight,God Bless




  7. The two clowns on BBC Scotland adamant that a Hibs player cannot commit a handball offense if the ball has firstly come into contact with their chest…demanding VAR to prevent Celtic scoring…

  8. No rumours so far of Seethin’ G coming in for his erstwhile Galacticos such as the tubby Colombian, Kent or Hagi? Hmmmmmm. The Zombies can’t afford 500,000 for Soapy Soutar, he could get them for a song, and he must know that. Methinks Slippy is setting his sights on a better class of player these days?

  9. It was so so very good tonight so very good it was to see Celtic to play with new signing players as well too.


    I like Ange I see a good man trying his very best so happy just so happy

  10. hail hail






    dishes washed, swabbed the floors, battened down the hatches.



    aircon ON



    its about 30 degrees and will hit the ton soon :O)



    its 7:42 am in sunney dowtown Perth.



    HH hail Tims wereever you are.



    off tae the coffee shop , celtic, jockovic and the weather over breakfast



    metta xx

  11. 1st half, full size of pace, movement and forward passing


    That’s what it’s like to be Celtic



  12. “I am ambitious. I want to succeed. But I am no magician. I need help. To be successful as a coach, you need good people around you – staff, board, CEO, the strategy of the club, the structures around it, the players. I have got senior players here who are so helpful and supportive.



    “We have a fantastic chairman who provides the clarity, vision and support for us all and allows us to get on with our work.



    The above was said today by Graham Potter, Brighton manager. Any lessons for us to be learned here, in terms of long term support for Ange?

  13. itscalledthemalvinas on

    What a performance from Reo Hatate,he was everywhere. I half expected him to be driving the bus back home.


    Saw him make one mistake from a Celtic throw in when he miss controled,no problem,won the ball back instantly.


    Guy is going all the way.

  14. park the bus 442 on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 18TH JANUARY 2022 12:28 AM




    The Celtic executive who put their feet up and sat back and watched last seasons entire disaster play out, without lifting a single finger in an attempt to alter the unfolding car crash of the “10 season” are all still in office especially Lawwell’s fingerprints, and they remain in their lofty positions unchallenged, because there’s a 53,000 wide oldfirmitus psychosis which has hampered any shred of hope of Celtic fc being run as a meritocracy.



    Parochial Provisional Wing CSC

  15. BADA BING @ 10:47



    JHB- a rumour a couple of weeks ago was Johnston would be part of a deal for Boyle? Who knows…..




    Yes, you’re right – only thing that would stack-up against that sort of a deal would be that Shaun, who knows our club, might think that if Celtic, with much better players, can’t get ‘a good tune’ out of Mikey, what chance is there Hibs could. Funnily enough the reverse logic works in Boyle’s favour when considering him moving to Celtic Park – wait & see, as you say.

  16. BRIZZO 1888 on 17TH JANUARY 2022 9:28 PM



    I wish the clearasil plastic paddies would shut the feck up embarrassing us with this Ira crap. We need to move away from this continual we are freedom fighters rubbish. They don’t even remember the troubles they are all to young.



    *we didnae remember 1916 when we were belting out the Foggy Dew and Merry Ploughboy with gusto, the whole Celtic End and the Jungle, so what’s your point

  17. I liked the way Hatate just drifted by players easily in the midfield.



    Sign CCV asap. What an Awesome permanent signing he would be. Total composure.



    First half was excellent but it was pretty flat 2nd.



    How many Goalies gonnae get caught out by Maeda’s blistering pace?

  18. Oh and Hibs came to make it a proper game of fitba, as they usually do.



    You won’t see as many opposition players in the Celtic half of the field frae any other Domestic team. Including Newco.

  19. Good Morning Celts…



    Grand Day to be a Celtic supporter…



    Really enjoyed the game, this team really striving for excellence. The commitment was first class.



    Meada and Hatate the new Deans and Murdoch!?



    We’ll see.



    Got to mention the PPV Stream from Celtic TV, a real quality production from start to finish.



    They really have upped their game both in content, professionalism and technically.



    Great Entertainment



    Well worth the hard earned…



    Enjoy your day Celts



    Hail Hail

  20. Well played the Famous Glasgow Celtic.


    For me…REO Man of the match, closely followed by Carl Starfelt and Big Cammy Knickers.



    Having Kyogo and Jota to come back in to that squad last night is something to really look forward to.



    Kyogo thru the middle, REO Hatate on one wing and Jota on the other, with both these players able to ” switch wings” during a game, and IF or WHEN we go Three goals clear in any game we can rest tthese Guys for the last Twenty minutes or so, and bring on GIO and Abadda etc ?





    Based on what I witnessed last night its gonna be difficult for young Turnbull to shift REO Hatate in the starting line up, but hes yet another player who we can use as a SuB to replace REO or Callum after 65/70 minutes when the game is won, or if we are in a stalemate and need to change things ?


    So funny to see wee Jamesy trying to tell REO that he was voted MOTM in the dug oot.



    I hope wee REO doesnt drink the whole bottle of Champagne in the one go ?


    have a look at DAIZEN for our 1st goal…hes TELLING Big Tam Rogic whereto pass the ball…I liked that.


    There is always room for improvement as Big Ange says….but we really need to work on Free Kicks, Corners and CROSSES in Training.


    I suspect that REO could be a excellent Free Kick taker ? We didnt get to see “GUCCHI” for long enough to form an opinion just yet ?


    What do I know ?


    HH .



    A happy good morning to all from Govanhill.




    Happy Celtic morning Mate.


    I am feeling slightly better healthwise, but Im certainly not even 80% fit. I would struggle to get into Big Anges squad at the moment. I STILL havent been out or had any drink since New Years Eve.


    I hope that you are well mate and staying safe.



  22. Good morning all from a happy clappy Garngad



    Weather, its smiley with big bursts of laughter.



    What a good game that was, every other team in the League stand up and take note of Hibs get up and at them attitude tgats what your fans pay to watch.



    Not keeping it tight with 11 men behind the ball and get beat anyway. Erseholes



    Great performance last night and 2 of CQN finest on early doors, what’s not to like.



    Big Jimmy and BRB keep on keeping on bhoys.



    D :)

  23. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy, I’m fine old chap. We could come down to the Saltmarket for a pint tomorrow if you are fit for selection. If not probably best you give it a miss. JMcG. HH

  24. First half was a joy last nite.


    Japanese Bhoyz did not disappoint and will get even better under Ange.


    As was previously mentioned, hope he knows and buys a left back, pronto.



  25. DAVID66..


    Morning mate and suspect that The Celts put a wee smile on yer face last night !



    Some of REO’s passing was a delight, and he showed that he has the ” VISION” to pick a pass. I cant wait to see REO and KYOGO play together.



    I suspect that REO is more than capable of SCORING with Free Kicks outside the Box, by curling the ball into the oppositions net ?


    Our PACY and TALENTED Forwards will TERRIFY the Huns defence.


    Stay safe my good friend and..





    Big Jimmy, I’m fine old chap. We could come down to the Saltmarket for a pint tomorrow if you are fit for selection. If not probably best you give it a miss. JMcG. HH




    Thank mate, but I think its too soon for me to go out and have any Beers, as I am struggling a wee bit with different ailments just now.


    Maybe I need to stop being a Chump…and MAN UP !