Celtic v Hibernian, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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    BANKIEBHOY1 on 27TH JANUARY 2018 7:20 PM


    oh God……………..



    if he answers you then yir deid.

  2. 50 shades



    I appreciate Hibs have bounced back against us a few times. I don’t mind us closing things down with 5 mins to go but I can’t buy in to playing the Ali rope-a-dope tactics for 30 mins.


    I thought Boyata was good going forward including a great killer pass that sent Moussa through on goal – until he fell over his feet again!



    I hope the guy in hospitality enjoyed meeting KT. He must have been desperate given that he gave him MOTM today – for one of his average performances.

  3. 50 shades of green on

    I’m in my local drinking ( first time in 2018).



    As a whisky drinker ( malts only) I’m a bit dismayed to see they are now advertising 18 yes 18 different Gins with fruit if required.



    Now before I get hung on here with one or 2 of you gin drinkers I’ve nothing against the stuff apart from the smell and the taste. :-)



    Just canny see ma sel shouting tae the barmaid, haw hen kin i huv a strawberry gin please. :-)




  4. 50 shades of green on

    Billy Bhoy.






    Wisnae an easy pick the day for Celtic players, mine would have been Broonie until the wee bassa that sits beside me pointed out that he had hardly made a forward pass the whole of the second half.



    Hate that bhoy of mine sometimes:-):-)



    Still thought KT was decent today though.




    Thats me OOT fur the night noo, cheap Gin tae try.




  5. BCW


    I agree, I also enjoyed today’s game


    Thought our defence looked much better, and Boyata did very well on RHS of it.


    Real pity for me about the 2 players he had in front of him – yes my 2 favourites, both very poor – again.


    Give me McGinn everyday before a Calum McGregor – and I’m not saying McGinn is the answer, but neither is McGregor, sorry


    In his first 5 touches today, Forrest gave or lost the ball 4 times – knew right away he would be poor


    I also think we seen today why Moussa not being picked – really needs to get back focussed on playing, hopefully for Celtic


    Incidentally DDV, much more comfortable with ball at his feet than CG.


    Anyway well done Celtic, hard fought 3pts are welcome



    Hail Hail

  6. Some surprises today


    Dembele didn’t start


    Looks like Celtic May be forced into the transfer market as a buyer


    Lawwell must be keeching himself and oh aye I just checked the big hoose is still open

  7. Today was as compact as i’ve seen us under Brendan, we were happy to let Hibs have the ball in front of us and even in the wider areas, knowing that if they crossed the ball we would mop up. Maybe we were worried about their pace as we sat deeper than normal. It was a dimension we havent seen from Brendan before. It’s no coincidence there were very few defensive mistakes today.

  8. Couple of quick points.



    Brown easily MOTM.



    Really fed up with the number of times KT passes backwards when a forward pass is easier.



    Couldn’t believe how many left early.



    Really felt for Dembele I just thought that nothing went for him and he certainly didn’t hide.



    3 points, that’ll do.



    Hail Hail

  9. Dessybhoy @ 2055


    HH mate, haven’t a scooby! Too complex for this auld addled heid, and nae swally taken either!! :))


    Sent an inquiry to Malwarebytes, they are pretty good at getting back to you.



  10. 50 shades of green on

    Ha ha ha.



    Quick look afore I go.






    As always mags funny as a week in the zombie infested hole in the soo side.



    Some surprises is it……Can you force us into something we have already done twice????







    big hoose is open so free kin what, x plane that ya tranny, not something we didnae know, or did you think it wiz news.





    Firstly,I didn’t see the game today. A lot of family and my friends did,including two who travelled via overnight bus Friday up,Saturday down.



    A lot of effort and discomfort,and a fair bit of money,to watch…






    I might be 400 miles away,canny see us in the flesh anaw,but see these wee mobile things,I’m never off the phone to friends and family.



    It’s how I’ve still got my accent,I reckon!



    Not many are happy. Not to put too fine a point on it.

  12. TC45


    I looked for an e-mail contact address couldn’t see one , if you get a reply can you let me know? Thanks

  13. 50 shades of green on

    HT .. Agree with you about Moussa, guys about me seem sadly to have bought into the hype surrounding him not trying etc.



    Do they really think that little of Brendan that he would play someone who wasn’t trying;



    And on is Century as well:-).









    If I’m reading you right, they are unhappy ?



    Celtic had a game today against a good team. The Hibs have a good manager and some right good players.

  15. Can’t comment on game today as I was elsewhere on family duties.


    I’ll be there Tuesday and on Saturday so I can reserve judgement till then.


    If I was to take inspiration from comments on here I may as well stay at home next week.


    I have often said on here that we should enjoy the good times, perhaps we don’t really know what good times are?


    HH and take care everyone.




    Post of the day!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My biggest issue with Moussa is him dropping into the no10 position and trying to beat players and make the play. He doesn’t have the form, confidence or the ability to do it and it drives me crazy. IMO he should pin himself up again the defenders and make their life hell, run the channels, get in behind them, back into them and use his physicality, I’m sure they are happy to see him in front of the them. And when the ball goes wide get into the box and in between the defenders rather than hanging about at the edge of the box trying one two’s and such.


    Madden today.



    Is he just poor, Sevco driven or just so out of sync with the other referees ?



    He failed to apply the rules at that handball. The Hibs player, Slivka was subsequently booked. His failure to apply the rules cost us today.



    But it’s the physical challenges, he allows, that put him out of sync with the other SFA referee that needs addressed. You could see both Celtic and Hibernian players confusion over some of his (non) decisions today.

  19. HT


    Congratulations mate!


    Well done


    The Celtic Trust do good work


    However, it needs finished


    65-61 is a close vote and it still goes to committee stage. I hope it’s just a perfunctory last step

  20. Thought Jozo dedryk and young Ajer were very good today,



    Hurry back Paddy Roberts and Tom Rogic

  21. Hi Bhoys



    Watched the game in a wee local pub today. Nothing but huffing and puffing from most of the punters throughout the game. I’m 57 most punters older than me and some including my mate about 10 years younger.



    My brother 12 years older was moaning and groaning about everything when my wee mate pipes up “what are you guys all moaning about we’ve lost one game in 70 odd this is the best time I’ve ever had being a Celtic supporter” PERSPECTIVE OR WIT.







  22. Madden had an average game, he is an inconsistent referee and whilst Slivka should have been booked for the handball so should Jozo for wiping out one of their players with his arm during an attack in the first half. I didn’t have a good view of the Moussa booking,

  23. 50 shades of green on




    Thoughts please about a Celtic player scoring the first goal in a game ( turns out to be the only goal), a miss-hit shot granted,but he desides not to show joy about it .Instead gets a couple of hugs etc from his fellow players. And shows no real emotion to the home fans that obviously help to pay his wages…




    Then gets injured shortly after, is thats whats called Karma ,



    Not my style of Celtic player.





    I go I pay I watch I want see emotion when you score.



    So take your tea-cakes an feek off to your sunshite in leaf…

  24. Agree with some posters earlier that Ollie was playing really well in first half in which we should have scored 3.


    But the second half was woeful. Boyata was never given the chance of an outball meaning he had to go backwards all the time. It frustrates the hell out of me





    And the end of season to beat them all,no doubt about it!



    But you’ve loved Celtic for about as long as I have. Why,oh why,do we win and go backwards?

  26. 50 Shades LG is a bit of an enigma. He never supported us but is now a die hard Tim. His private life is confusing to say the least and at times his behaviour is not befitting of a Celtic player. Okay he showed a wee bit respect to the club he supported today but he scored the winner for us and that will do for me. Hh

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