Celtic v Hibernian, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. Having measuring aids takes the human element out of the game , the honest mistake cabal would have to treat all teams equally , how’s that gonna work . ;-)

  2. Morning all, nice day to be a Tim… Again!



    Well done Brendan and the bhoys.



    Didn’t see the game but the consensus is Moussa was poor. We discussed the physical and mental implications of a hamstring injury earlier in the week.



    It’s odd, you hear of Sportsman, Sprinters, Tennis players being out for the Season but rarely happens in Football. A bad joint injury or a bad fracture maybe. But I can’t help thinking, in football, we pressurise players to come back too soon.



    We also had a discussion concerning reserves. There would have been a time that Dembele’ s return would have been in the Second half of a midweek reserve match… not in Front of a full Celtic Park Crowd expecting a hat-trick… the guys good… he’s no Dixie Deans;)



    Still, I’m sure the bhoys at Lennoxtown will have his recuperation sorted… Just good to see him in the Hoops again…



    Musonda looks like a goer… BRILLIANT!!



    For the guys who would be driving M.D. to the Airport for £12M… I’m going to keep my powder dry.









    M&M have you salivating as they rip a team to shreds… I’ll remind you, if course I’ll forgive you but I’ll still remind you;)



    All the best to Griff and Craig, they’ll be missed.



    Hail Hail

  3. The TV companies have the tech to show exactly how far back the wall is.


    All it would take for change is for this to be shown in analysis.

  4. While we have a healthy lead at the top of the table I don’t think we are playing particularly well.Iam sure this due to the injury list but what concerns me is the inability of some players to step up and take more responsibility,Scott Brown can’t do it all on his own.Dembele is practically unselectable at the moment,Forrest and McGregor needed to impose themselves more they gave McGinn far too much room to play,they failed to close him down on a number of occasions.Yesterday in the end was all about the result but the second half was very difficult to watch.

  5. Morning all



    This may be a long one.



    I am quite a pessimistic person when it comes to Celtic and that can be traced to the Feyenoord game in 1970. Seasons like 79/80, 82/3 and 2004/5 fed that pessimism too. I hope and probably expect us to retain the league this season but there is still a part of me thinking it will all go wrong. It is not just that irrational part of me that thinks we might blow it. The reality that 7 of those who took part in the Cup Final last May- Gordon, Lustig, Roberts, Armstrong, Rogic, Griffiths and Sviatchenko- as well as Hayes are not likely to play for a while ( or in Erik and Jonny’s cases again this season) with no great cover for these guys suggest this could be a very bumpy few weeks.



    I like Brendan Rodgers being Celtic’s manager. He has brought both an air of sophistication to our play and a winning mentality that none of his predecessors this century has managed though some managed one. I accept that there have been unprecedented cave ins in Europe- the most alarming for me was versus Astana – and fear another two against Zenit but Barca, PSG and Bayern are as far ahead of us financially as we are ahead of Aberdeen when it comes to money. Zenit may not quite be in that bracket but in terms of money spent on players they will be nearer to those 3 glamour clubs than they are to us. Park the bus? Maybe and I do think Brendan’s team should go into matches with these kind of teams with a different strategy to when we play Partick or Brechin. But against PSG especially I think no tactics that did not involve playing with at least one extra player would have stopped them.



    I have been disappointed at the level of money Brendan has spent on players. 20 months ago I thought we would see two things from him- better play (which we have generally got) and a higher level of transfer fees being paid than in the NFL and Ronny Deila eras. I think our gross spend under BR is about £16m- roughly equivalent to what we will have taken in gate receipts for the 12 home European games we have played since Brendan arrived. I thought and expected more. Why more has not been spent I do not know for a fact and my theories are probably best kept to myself.



    This is going to be my last post here for quite a while. I had been going to stop for Lent as I did last year but this year giving CQN does not seem such a sacrifice.



    I have felt something of a disconnect for a whie – the reaction of some to our win in Brussells and the hounding of those who thought, as I did, that Scott Sinclair dived for the penalty we got in the League Cup final kind of pissed me off and the drifting away – or even expulsion- of a lot of articulate contributors has not helped. Those who contribute now are superb people – or those whom I have met are at any rate- but the blog can seem a bit stale nowadays. Whatever it does seem that the factions here can seem a bit polarised- dividing us into either Happy Clappers or Mine Shafers is a bit sweeping but there does not seem to be too many of us Mine Clappers at times. I like the discussions about music and the reminisces of Tontine Tim and others but find the political discussions and even the debates on Resolution 12 a bit tired largely because they seem to have been stuck in the same places for years now. Or maybe it is just me who got stale.



    Whatever good luck to the Celts and to you all. I shall return if and when we clinch the league and console yourself with knowing you will not have to skip over my planned reminisce about the events of 16 March 1968.



    Over and. Just about out.




  6. Something as simple as being able to pace out ten yards is a fundamental skill required to be a referee. Any unable to do so should be shown no mercy.

  7. The hibs player ( slivka ?) Catching the ball out on the wing..



    It wasn’t deliberate hand ball or madhun would have booked him surely ?



    His arms weren’t in an unnatural position ?… or madhun would have booked him don’t call me Shirley.




  8. Ghuys



    Each main cut of grass is 6 yards wide , applying some basic trigonometry you can easily work out ‘ the honest mistake coefficient ‘ for the wall retreating



    Madden had the Hibs wall back 8 yards in the 2nd half , which Ollie couldn’t get the better of and drilled it into some defenders belly.



    On Madden in general there were around 6 clear fouls (3 a piece) ) where he waved played on … terrible ref

  9. RE Moussa , he was willing yesterday showing for the ball – a bit clumsy to start with gave the hall away a lot but came onto a better game , just needs a few games , give the guy a break …..

  10. BOGNORBHOY on 28TH JANUARY 2018 10:07 AM


    The hibs player ( slivka ?) Catching the ball out on the wing..


    It was really just a daft moment by the Hibs player he probably couldn’t explain why he did it.The ball was going into the stand and it had zero impact on the game.I think a yellow card would have been harsh.

  11. The Gregorian calendar has failed after 436 years.



    It says that we are in the last Sunday of January but Andy Murray is not getting beaten in the Australian Open final





    Those seasons you referenced nearly had me going back to bed for a scary X-rated nightmare. But you don’t even have to go so far back-you missed out 2008/09.



    How far in front were we at the start of January?



    The worst one in that respect for me was 86/87. About a dozen points ahead at the turn of the year,and threw it away.



    Fortunately,I moved south and missed it!!!




    But what do the rules say ?



    I get your point …. but …but .. Having a daft moment …that could be used in many instances ….

  14. MWD @ 9.09 am



    I think you have totally misunderstood the point of the discussion surrounding police costs contributing to the £49 ticket price.



    We were discussing if it was possibly a factor in the pricing policy. No agendas.




  15. Does anyone know if the injury to Crag Gordon is in anyway connected to the injury that nearly put him out the game? Desperately hoping it is not.

  16. Neustadt braw published a link to the odious wings over Scotland site on the offensive behaviour at football act.



    It included this quote



    “Opponents of the Act didn’t win any arguments. Nobody has ever identified a single victim of a gross OBFA injustice. They didn’t win over popular support by “organising” anything. They persuaded nobody to their point of view – the opposition parties have opposed OBFA bitterly all along. The public largely thinks those trying to get the Act repealed are whiny bigot scumbags who just want to wind up other bigot scumbags.



    The people who will have brought about OBFA’s likely repeal are wealthy Tory voters in the Borders and the North-East who elected just enough millionaire poshos to tip the balance, assisted by the overwhelmingly middle-class occupation of journalism, in which (disgracefully) not one Scottish hack has spoken up for the public’s view on this subject in the six years since the Act was passed”



    I must have imagined all those dawn raids etc etc…..



    SNP and its cheerleaders are becoming increasingly like trump.





    The game when Tommy Boyd was booked for that “offence ” was in 2002, a 1-1 draw with the defunct club.


    Kenny Clark was the “impartial” man in the middle.



    He perpetrated worse that day.


    I’ve suggested previously that contemporary politics and Scottish football-etc!-are beyond parody,but maybe I was wrong. Stewart Lee makes a good stab at it today,including this wee belter.




    My own spesh involved me stuffing, or giving the impression of stuffing, a succession of coins of various foreign currencies up my back passage, while dressed in a tutu and playing the bodhrán. “And now ladies and gentlemen, the Icelandic 50 kroner coin, the 50 kroner. Here we go…”



    I was starting to make a name for myself, although admittedly that name was Roger Rectum Currency.





  19. Bmcuw.


    After the game ( which I enjoyed ) , I went for some refreshments with some CQN’rs to catch up and dissect the game . We all enjoyed the game , agreed that MD seemed of the pace and needs game time . Also unanimous in agreement that Madden is a buffoon .


    My journey home might interest you .


    Boarded the wrong train , only the Ardrossan one ,so no dramas , off at Kilwinnig and made my way to proper platform . The young team were getting ready to wave of a couple of their group on to the same train and were passing their time singing we ditties that will be familiar ,if not distasteful . One involved Dembelle being a monkey with one eedjit hanging from a shelter imitating a monkey . The sash was mild in comparison .


    When the train arrives at Kilwinnig , the doors don’t open . Security arrives and says no one getting on . I protest and point out me and another guy ain’t part of the group .


    I’m then told to speak to the driver , who opened the front carriage doors .


    One of the young team protests about us getting on . I then say to the mutant ” grow up ya wee bigot . The reply was priceless . ” Who are you calling a bigot ya badly old fenian ba####d ” . I had no team colours on . ;-)))


    Special place the ole Kilwinnig . HH





    All speculation.



    Craig has had problems with a broken arm, and patella, cruciate and anterior ligaments.





    I would love to bump into the fella who writes that WINGSOVERSCOTLAND tripe on my occasional forays to culture in Bath.



    I’m not naive enough to think I can convince an uberbeliever of the error of his ways,I doubt I’d even try.



    I’d do as I usually do. Ask for an explanation of their beliefs,then burst their bubble point by point.



    It gets quite amusing to hear their voice rising in pitch and volume,face turning red,head turning anxiously side to side looking for support-or the exit.



    And then I ask the fatal-for them-question.



    Want a pint?




    Which of the eejits dreadful slurs hurt most ,the baldy or auld ?:O) hh


    Fenian B disnae count.

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Big Cup Winners



    Cheers, not sure why that stuck in my mind especially as you said the man in black probably made worse decisions on that particular day !






    Cheers for the tennis update put a couple of shillings on Cilic at 13/2 when he was 2-1 down in sets :-)

  24. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    ANGELGABRIEL on 28TH JANUARY 2018 11:11 AM



    We were calling you that in the pub as well? :-)











    The F word is used to anyone they don’t know. Bandied about willy-nilly,and a coming of age when you can spell it correctly with a spray can.



    Pity so few know it’s origins.



    My Dad reacts badly to its use against him,while I react badly against the word that usually follows it. Dunno why. I guess the lesson is don’t call us a pair of…

  26. Gftb Sorry to tell you that fabulous Federer leads 2-0 in the final set and playing majestically. Hh


    Want to emphasise something about Madden. Let’s park his allegiances for the moment here.



    It’s his definition, decision making, what he perceives as a foul that is at odds with the rest of the referees.


    He is a throw-back to maybe 10-20 years ago when players could tackle.



    Put it this way, how do you think Danny McGrain would get on in the modern game ?



    It’s the confusion Madden instils in players that is the problem. Yesterday he allowed several foul challenges to go without a free kick. Both Hibernian’s and our own guys were confused.



    Madden, is the only referee who breaks the consistency that the others align too ?

  28. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Am afraid there is far far more many old firmists than non-old firmists and nobody on here will ever change the rivalry (hatred :-)



    Angelgabriel’s experience is sadly the norm but the good thing is the majority of us can laugh it off (not that we should, but we can :-)

  29. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    We did what we had to do yesterday, win the game. Not as good on the eye as we would like but getting the 3 points and a clean sheet , despite injuries to two of our more important players durinig the game.



    Hopefully , neither injury will keep Craig and Griff out for to long .



    Regarding the ref counting out ten yards , when we beat Hamilton 8 1 a few years back, Collum was the ref. At one point in the second half , the crowd started counting out Collum’s steps when we he wa pacing out ten yards . Maybe we should do it again.



    Supersutton was right earlier on about getting the ten yard marker thing they use in American Football for checking if a first down has ben reached.



    Jimbo 67, the 79/80 and 82/83 seasons still annoy me , We blew it big time in each. In 82/83 we had the makings of a very good team but ended with the away win v Ajax and the league cup final as the most significant matches, terrific as both were , from that season.



    The 86/87 season became a nightmare after our two nil loss at Ibrox in January. When Davie Hay was told to use his own money to buy Steve Clarke and Joe McLaughlin while Souness was spending freely , the game was a bogey.

  30. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I think Federer is a brilliant sportsman and would be delighted for him to add another tennis major to his tally, when I put a bet on I expect to lose, a return is always welcome but never expected



    By all accounts Roger had a chance to sign pro with Basel as a teenager, but took the tennis option ! I think he choose wisely :-)

  31. Midden is a buffoon (booking Moussa was unbelievable) but the linesman, who couldn’t keep up with play and missed giving us a corner, deserves special mention.



    How unfit do you need to be to be Scottish ref?



    Complete prick!

  32. Bobby I find more and more that the likes of Campbell and many other SNP supporters, now peddle fake news and act like nazis. They seem to think the ends justify whatever means they dream up.



    Very dangerous, illiberal, desperate to attack any minority they can and peddling right wing policies whilst simultaneously declaring themselves as left wing.



    On Celtic matter unfortunate injuries have now made our squad very threadbare. Will Celtic actually spend any money?

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