Celtic v Hibernian, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Offer the Sevs £1m for Foderingham, decent back up to Dorus and would show their fans that cash is King :-)





    Was noticeable how good De Vries was in passing the ball yesterday.



    Markedly so. Before Craig’s substitution the range of distribution was limited to 20 yards or so. De Vries was able to pick players out 30- 35 yards out. One ball to Boyata sticks out.

  3. Vogue . Definitely the auld .


    Bmcuw . Strange Kulture pal .


    CRC . A table of FB’s . Just the way I like it .



    On the referees , until the marginalised recruitment and selection policy is changed , nothing else will .


    Edinburgh Mike from this parish explains it well .

  4. Played a game about 25 years ago, i was lining up to take a FK, ref had a wee digital tape measure, that an estate agent would measure a room with, to get the 10 yards simples




    I think it saves them money on “We Are Rangers” overnight accommodation.



    You know,the ones they book cos “We Are Rangers”,but neglect to pay for cos “We Are Rangers”.



    Hope that helps.

  6. Pog, this is the reason..




    Goa v Mumbai City Indian Super League 12:00



    The games would have clashed, ;-)

  7. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Holy Goalie coming back although I don’t know his current form to be honest.

  8. !!BADA BING!! on 28TH JANUARY 2018 12:10 PM


    And BR had a go at Jozo for not going over to the fans with the rest of the team. Called him back like a wee schoolboy getting a ticking off from teacher.

  9. !!BADA BING!! on 28TH JANUARY 2018 12:10 PM



    Seen it, nothing in it tbh. A mere exchange of views.





    Ten yards? Just ask you to lie down,job done.



    Mibbe a slight exaggeration,so how many huge CQNers would it take?








    He referees all the games in the same style. Watched him, even his favourites.

  12. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    It’s an utter disgrace that in the 21st century celtic can’t be punished for not singing sectarian songs; the lawelling of scottish football continues without anybody able to challenge it. What’s the point being the most successful club in the world if this is what we face in a bent spfl and a useless sfa who can’t do anything about the fenianisation of the refs, the mhedia and their friends around the world lending them players on the cheap so they can ruin them and now the bookies are in on it trying to destabilise us during the transfer window to stop us getting more quality like alves and krancjar.



    I haven’t been on FF, but that’s gotta be close to the general gist of it.

  13. I now hope Brendan has Moussa in the team for every game now that LG is out.Chopping and changing is doing nothing for anyones match fitness.Moussa was hopelessly of the pace of the game yesterday.


    No worries about De Vries for me.Musonda would be a real tonic of a signing for us.A wee jag in the arm,and with Paddy due to be coming back,the skill levels will go up.Any kind of win against Hearts will be very welcome.

  14. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    !!BADA BING!! on 27TH JANUARY 2018 5:50 PM


    Maybe try Brown and Kouassi centre mid, Ntcham ahead of them as a No 10


    Great minds and all that ! Said the same after the game last night, at least until we fill that No 10 role.


    Kouassi deserves a run of games as he hasn’t let us down when he has played and we did spend a lot of money on him. I also like the way for a young guy he directs players around himself and is always looking for the ball when in space..


    Ntcham is a powerful runner, has fair amount of technical ability and imagination, and is not afraid to shoot from distance. On Tuesday night we will likely need those attributes in a tough battle in that area.


    McGregor is a good squad player who produces the odd performance but is not the answer in the trenches.


    Sinclair’s 2nd or 3rd touch is more like a pass these days and his confidence in front of goal seems to have deserted him despite his tally of 17 goals this season so far. Could be closer to 25 in reality. Needs competition for displace to gee him up a bit ! Have hopes Lewis Morgan will provide this in due course.


    And not for the first time, I think Simunovic doesn’t really want to be here so get a CH (Hendry ?) in a get some money in for him instead. With Compper , Boyata and Ajer (who I rate) plus Hendry we will have a good mix of experience and youth there.


    Let’s see what happens between now and Wednesday midnight window closing, and remember we can only register up to 3 new players for Europe League deadline Thursday night and one now looks like it might be a goalkeeper, maybe a No 10 and one other.


    Really need our injured players back asap as we have a run of tough games including Sheep and Huns away before mid March break.

  15. BSR- I thought defence looked a bit more relaxed , omly a couple of stray passes, Ntcham more influential in every game IMO

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Pog 11.59am



    FA cup weekend the only time Sky give Scottish fitba a decent time slot as they play third fiddle to BBC & BT, am afraid this time it’s not our paranoia although the other 99% time our paranoia is correct :-)

  17. Embra- ta for reply, 750k tops for Hendry for me, untried at a higher level.Dundee board will be on the blower, forget the wee runt McCann

  18. Saw the Brown/N’cham incident on iPad link. Looked like a good healthy exchange of views to me. Broonie not happy with something Ollie had done and Ollie giving back his point of view. They would both have cooled down by the time they hit the showers. Saw Brendan beckoning someone at the walk round the fans but you couldn’t see who he was calling over. He didn’t look pleased.

  19. Brown, Kouassi and Ntcham should be the midfield on Tuesday. McGregor has done well this season but probably time to spend a few weeks on the bench. It’ll be a battle against Hearts so need to beef up the middle. Maybe Gamboa will start at RB as well given Lustig will now be out for a spell.

  20. Clean sheets are always good. Especially when you have to change the Housekeeper halfway through making the bed.






    Saw Brendan beckoning someone at the walk round the fans but you couldn’t see who he was calling over. He didn’t look pleased.



    It was Jozo.


    I think Brown was having a go at Ntcham for not passing the ball wide (Sinclair or KT we’re in acres of space) when we were breaking late in the game, he passed through the middle to Moussa and the attack petered out.

  22. BMCUWP


    You may be on to something there.


    Brendan should get 5 of our players – who’s aggregate height is exactly 30 feet- to lay down end to end.


    Seriously, it’s a real bugbear of mine. Not just in our games but matches you watch on TV. I doubt very few walls ever end up the full 10 yards back. I would love to see something done to tackle this in the forthcoming World Cup that was then rolled out as mandatory. I quite like the idea of the laser pen, although that may be in a worry in the hands of our MIBs!

  23. The refs nearly always fail to count out the full distances at free kicks when Celtic are the attacking team. Yesterday I felt it would actually be an advantage for the Griff because of his technique and he did almost score. Then we had a few seasons of mostly Celtic goal scorers being booked for celebrating scoring.


    But……..the other one that really bugs me is……..the added time .


    Normally we are lucky to get 3mins. Doesn’t matter how many subs or other stoppages.


    I reckon will be cheated out of a couple of hours watching our team every season.


    In the EPL 4mins or longer is normal. In Italy for example they are extremely accurate in adding on the precise time ,often over 6mins.

  24. Gooood afternoon CQN


    See I started a wee debate on the 10 yard rule :-)))


    Gary67 – is Mikael Lustig also injured ? Haven’t seen that reported


    For sake of repeating myself, thought the defence looked comfortable for most of game yesterday

  25. GARY67 on 28TH JANUARY 2018 11:46 AM


    Available keepers?







    Danny Ward





    Tim Krul





    David Marshall





    The Holy Goalie



    Danny Ward could be a good shout.



    Musonda deal being held up for this game by Chelsea.

  26. Reading back……..delighted that BR decided to give up an out ball in James Forrest for more defence in Kouassi, on reflection his presence might even have won us the points. Callum McGregor ‘nips’ the ball back fairly often but rarely ‘goes to ground’ to get it, just not that type of player and not something he can learn.



    Kouassi might bring a different quality to the team but in so he sacrifices Callum’s attributes that’s maybe why he replaced a wideman in wee Jamesie moving Ntcham up the pitch is an option, BR will hopefully try .



    We were outmuscled by Hearts don’t BR will let it happen again at CP, a game that can’t come quickly enough for me.

  27. Ghuys Yesterday I had the pleasure of making the journey to watch the Celtic, in the company of my two eldest Grandsons 6 and 8 on what was their first visit to Paradise. The look on their face’s as they arrive outside Celtic Park was priceless.We waited outside the ground so the Bhoys would be able to see the team arrive and when the bus approached their eyes lite up in excitement that they were about to see the players and Bhoys did they enjoy that moment. When we entered the Stadium both Bhoys looked around in amazement at the surroundings. When Celtic took to the field both Bhoys stood clapped and cheered their heroes. Then the moment the Griff scored and the crowed erupted both Bhoys cheered their tiny hearts out and to see their reaction to the goal brought a tear to my eye and made me the proudest Grandad on the planet. Yes the “Celtic Gene” is alive and flourishing in L57’s family. I have another 4 younger Grandchildren this story will continue.



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