Celtic v Hibernian, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

Win 4 x Walfrid Restaurant Hospitality tickets for Celtic v Hearts on 30 Jan.
Help Celtic FC Foundation in the process.
Generally reflect in awe at the goodness of club sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing.

Intelligent Car Leasing have offered us 4 hospitality tickets for Tuesday’s game against Hearts.  Winners will eat at the magnificent Walfrid and enjoy a complimentary bar.  I’ve done this, it is magnificent, a truly great way to watch Celtic with your nearest and dearest.  Proceeds go to the Celtic FC Foundation.

The auction closes tomorrow, so you only have a few more hours to bid.

Good luck!!


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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Danny Ward ?



    Is that the goalie who was at Aberdeen, seem to think a lower end Premiership team or a championship team were after him but fancied his chances at getting a shot at Liverpool, think Sunderland under Coleman was after him





    MCTALL is the tallest fella I’ve ever met,and a total gentleman too.



    He holds a high position in a police force in a small Caribbean island. It doesn’t have a lot of crime,which is no surprise.



    The last thing you want as a pickpocket or burglar is a 7’2″ giant of a man hollering “Haw you,ya wee ….” in a broad Glasgow accent.



    Actually,not quite true. The last thing you want is to be caught by him!!!!






    Danny Ward ?



    Aberdeen keeper for half a season. Spent full season at Huddersfield last season when they won promotion. They wanted to sign him permanently but Klopp wouldn’t sell, he hasn’t played him and he’s third choice keeper. BR signed him for Liverpool. Welsh international who played in Euro16





    Doubt it. That’s why I don’t have a great deal of interest in this.



    I’ve yet to see anyone explain why he will be a good signing.

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Cheers, thought he played with Huddersfield last season but wasn’t sure, he had a decent record with Aberdeen as well, and obviously Coleman rated him with Wales

  6. Ghuys Yesterday I had the pleasure of making the journey to watch the Celtic, in the company of my two eldest Grandsons 6 and 8 on what was their first visit to Paradise. The look on their face’s as they arrive outside Celtic Park was priceless.We waited outside the ground so the Bhoys would be able to see the team arrive and when the bus approached their eyes lite up in excitement that they were about to see the players and Bhoys did they enjoy that moment. When we entered the Stadium both Bhoys looked around in amazement at the surroundings. When Celtic took to the field both Bhoys stood clapped and cheered their heroes. Then the moment the Griff scored and the crowed erupted both Bhoys cheered their tiny hearts out and to see their reaction to the goal brought a tear to my eye and made me the proudest Grandad on the planet. Yes the “Celtic Gene” is alive and flourishing in L57’s family. I have another 4 younger Grandchildren this story will continue.








    There’s not much better than introducing a new generation to THE HOOOOOOPS. Especially when they,well,just get it.



    I can look back with not a little pride at being lucky enough to do that once or twice. The pleasure never leaves you at a job well done.



    I had a failure too,took an Aussie lass to a midweek game,we got beat 1-0 off Motherwell. And I had to phone my mate for a lift home cos the last train got cancelled.



    Not my finest night,that one(!)

  8. Yes Bobby looking forward to repeat exercise God willing in the neat future


    Bourne the Celtic gene will survive in L57’s family



  9. LURGAN57


    Not sure about that but if you are trying to log on using wi-fi it might be the router rather than your ipad thats the problem. If you’re not at home that is. HH

  10. BBC Alba at 10pm tonight. The story of a once famous Glasgow southside football club, it’s financial mismanagement and subsequent liquidation.

  11. https://youtu.be/YeDbXCfs5Ho



    I just got a link to this emailed to me. It’s a song about the workers at Rolls Royce East Kilbride plant back in 1973.



    The unionised engineers refused to repair engines that had come in from the Chilean airforce and that we’re being used by Pinochet. It’s a story I’d never heard of.



    Thought it might be of interest to some of you.



    Happy Sunday to you all.

  12. GORDON64 on 28TH JANUARY 2018 1:38 PM



    Was on last night. Excellent documentary, as all BBC Alba football documentaries are.

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Silly Dodds bbc Scodland



    “Rangers have got such a strong bench Kranjcar, Herrera, Docherty, Halliday and I canny remember the others



    Happy days :-)



    Tom England fae Limerick agrees it is such a strong bench :-)

  14. Re wall distance , I was right in line with the the free kick N/Cham hit into the wall late on , madden took 9 of the smallest paces I’ve seen and placed the hibs wall in line with the penalty spot and the free was 1 yard outside the box , a total of 7 yards in my opinion blatant cheating. Goalkeepers maybe Brendan has contacts down south to get someone on loan until Craig hopefully recovers, if not goalies up here we could maybe buy Bain from Dundee but on loan at hibs so not allowed for 3 clubs in one season , so next best would be Clark at St Johnstone . If Connor Hazzard had not gone to Falkirk I would have been happy for him to be back up to Dorus.HH

  15. Lurgan57, you could try installing another browser. I like Opera, it has built in pop up blocker and VPN.





    Back in the good old days when solidarity was commonplace.



    Labour stopped supplies to Chile when they won power in 74. It didn’t take Maggie long to reinstate them.

  17. Bada bing – my favourite Murty cliche is when he says Celtic Park is unbeatable for atmosphere.




    On another note, sky commentators are still living in the pre 2012 era. Sevco may not be as bad as we like to think but the constant use of the word ‘quality’ used to describe them is the give away.



    Up against Scotland’s worst team form wise I don’t expect any good laughs today from them. The hope will continue to build. The bigger the bubble when Buy now pay later F.C. inevitably burst it the better.

  18. Bmcuw – I was a baby when that was happening. It’s something I find hard to imagine happening now. The laws against it are so draconian that union leaders would crap themselves at the prospect of instructing members not to handle goods in this way.



    That said, it’ll return some day. It has to. If it doesn’t then we are goosed. Workers in some other countries certainly still possess that spirit.





    A Union is always a good thing to have at your back,but only on individual cases. They’re neutered from calling national or even local disputes.



    Just about the only exception to that is the rail unions,and it’s no secret that the tories are backing Southern Rail for a reason.



    Once they’ve done for private sector,public sector will be next. Ask a teacher,or a nurse,or a junior doctor.

  20. Message to moderators


    1. Bookmark urban dictionary


    2. I understand why you delete left wing posts and promote Nazi ones. A catholic thing ..I gettit!


    3. Good luck with the night school and that o grade English quest





    Like who? Not seen anyone say they don’t want Artur back.





    Aren’t O and G capitalised?



    Just asking,I know there are none in PhD.

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