Celtic v Hibernian, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

Win 4 x Walfrid Restaurant Hospitality tickets for Celtic v Hearts on 30 Jan.
Help Celtic FC Foundation in the process.
Generally reflect in awe at the goodness of club sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing.

Intelligent Car Leasing have offered us 4 hospitality tickets for Tuesday’s game against Hearts.  Winners will eat at the magnificent Walfrid and enjoy a complimentary bar.  I’ve done this, it is magnificent, a truly great way to watch Celtic with your nearest and dearest.  Proceeds go to the Celtic FC Foundation.

The auction closes tomorrow, so you only have a few more hours to bid.

Good luck!!


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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    -After Pinochet came to,power, thousands of Chileans left their homeland, arriving on these shores as refugees.



    My family lived in Drumchapel at the time . Around 30 of the above refugees were housed in as Billy Connolly called it , ‘a desert wae windaes’ .



    Some of the refugees were given jobs in the Parks Department by Glasgow Corporation.



    There was some resentment towards them initially but thankfully , it was short lived.

  2. roberttressell/bobbymurdoch’s



    Of course the solidarity in Scotland did not stretch as far as the SFA. Only four years after the coup Scotland played Chile 1977 at the very football stadium in Santiago where Pinochet had detained, tortured and murdered thousands of his opponents. A “Shame Game” if there ever was one took place despite widespread opposition, and debates in Parliament led mainly by Dennis Canavan, Labour MP for West Stirlingshire.


    How did that song go again? “We’re on the march with Augusto’s army……”

  3. Imagine Own Coyle could have had the keys to the kingdom and turned us down.



    Sliding doors

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Ross Co are unbelievably poor. Relegation beckons, and they won’t coming back up anytime soon.

  5. At least we know who will fill the automatic relegation slot. Worst performance from any team in Premiership this season. Doyle would need to sign anew team by Wednesday night to have a chance.

  6. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Bada Bing 2.06pm



    A couple of days before the windae slams shut, maybe Dodgy Dave the second is hoping for a cash sale of the wonderkids Morelos & Maccrorie :-)





    I didn’t know that,but it hardly surprises me. Nothing about the SFA ever does. Yet…



    Less than ten years earlier,one of their members threatened to dump the European Cup for reasons of principle.

  8. Symo video coming out tomorrow called martinelli it will come through WhatsApp it hacks your phone and seemingly its un fixable got the message from it boy i know let other people know do not open it

  9. Does McLean travel up on the team bus with his favourite team?



    It’s great when times have changed so much that the orcs squad has a Murphy and a Docherty in it. I bet they get called by their first names though!! Remember they wouldn’t refer to Drinkell by his first name! Kevin I believe….. sad peepul

  10. RT and Dallas Watch ‘Nae Pasaran’ a short film about the Rolls Royce workers in East Kilbride who defied Pinochet. Hh

  11. Liverpool have had a bid rejected for Brazil goalkeeper Alisson. Roma have named their price for the shot-stopper: £44m. (Source: Il Tempo)



    Could mean Danny Ward available??

  12. BMCUW



    Its amazing eh?


    All opposing players must be outside the penalty area until the ball is in play.


    Cannot be offside from a throw in.


    They dont care. Its all about getting the huns up into the Euro qualification slot i.e. 2nd



    Now that BR understands the MIBS how long before he gets the PLC?

  13. I see I’ve been beaten to the punch but if after reading this you are happy to accept Regan in situe by ST renewal time, supporters don’t deserve honest governance.






    Also check my response to the well named Smugass.

  14. Couple of observations re Ross County game.


    1) That Sevco outfit pass the ball forward more often than they pass back.


    2) They take pot shots at goal rather than trying to pass their way through the middle


    3) They don’t mess around at the back


    4) The Ross County goalie is obviously a Sevconian

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on

    RT 2.36pm



    For my signs I listen to Clyde SSB, thankfully I don’t take it serious but actually enjoy it, one of the Sevs had phoned in during the week praising Declan John, but refused to use Declan’s name I was too busy laughing that he mentioned he used another name for the fullback that I missed what he called him instead :-)





    I think he gets the PLC,tbh. I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to speak up on that.

  17. GFTB


    You are missing the point as usual.


    They shouldnt even be there.


    I hope they do get humped by luxembourg’s 5th best team again.

  18. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Celterella 2.49pm



    I regularly miss the point and totally agree they shouldn’t be there but also deal with the facts



    How did their Euro run go last season (rhetorical question) I imagine it will repeat next season but hey ho you do seem to worry more about them than us :-)

  19. GFTB


    The OF is not for me. However, as you and most Tims prove again and again the concept of causality interferes with your blind faith.



    Without Scottish refs the huns have no chance in Europe.


    Would struggle to name one player in their squad good enough at the Europa league level.

  21. South Of Tunis on




    For what it’s worth — Italian TV news programme has stated that the Whatsapp Martinelli is a hoax . (WhatsApp is huge in Italy ).



    On a related theme -currently watching Zenit v Guangzhou Evergrande . Like all streams watched on an old laptop with nothing on it apart from the Media player and a Linux security thing .. 11 minutes in (0 -0) — 19 Malware attempts.

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