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  1. I am surprised by the comments.



    Until I left the stadium, I dis not appreciate how bad the conditions were with driving icy rain and wind.



    I really enjoyed that game with both teams having a go. We were the better first half team and should have been well clear, but Hibs had a really good second half, so much so that we appeared to settle for 1:0 and hope for a few breakaways with around 20 minutes to go. At one point we had a free kick at the edge of the box, Hibs left 2 men up field to counter and we had 6 back marking them.



    For me Ntcham was the best performer with occasional cameos from Griff, McGregor, Simunovic and Brown. Both keepers made good saves but, overall, we deserved the win and the attacking stats show this.



    The major disappointment was Moussa who seemed very wary of his hamstring. He could still use his skill and muscle to forge chances but he lacked trust in his sprinting and his was a very reserved performance. With Griff’s injury, we will see if he can get back to previous form. That, and the windae shutting should help.



    3 good points and on to Tuesday. Now that Hearts have developed a taste for losing goals, lets go to town on them.

  2. Enjoyable game today, much prefer a team who have a go at us and cause us some problems than watching the bus being parked.


    First half we dominated an probably should have been more than 1 up. We started the second half well but then fell away and they dominated possession without creating much, can on think of one DDV save from McGinn. Thought our defence, the three in the first half and the four in the second we’re excellent with Jozo MOTM for me, closely followed by Ajer. Ntcham and Brown dominated the midfield battle in t(e first but McGinn drove them forward in the second. I’d sign him, more dynamic than McGregor and not scared to get stuck in. He was taking the ball from their half and driving forward deep into ours, we didn’t have anyone doing that. Dembele looked like a player who needs minutes on the pitch so hope he starts on Tuesday. Griffiths had a good half hour then his dodgy calf went again. Listening g to BR post match, Griffiths and Gordon will miss the next couple of games at least.


    We’re crying out for a creative force that will link the midfield and attack, we could have Roberts and Musonda (hopefully) in the next week or so and Rogic to follow so keep grinding out the results until then.

  3. TURKEYBHOY on 27TH JANUARY 2018 5:13 PM


    Worst domestic display I can remember.Absolutely shocking.



    Everyone entitled to an opinion but that is utter bollocks. Worse than losing 0-4 to Hearts? Drawing 0-0 with Sevco?


    Played very well in first half, defended very well in second.

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    By all accounts Craig’s injury could be his cruciate, not sure if recurrence from past injury ?



    Gutted for both him & Griff, anyway off to family party tonight young niece was 30 during the week so family doo tonight, as per usually family & friends all Celtic supporters with my mates good lady who seemingly done the windfall draw at halftime once we all start speaking of Celtic I will be referred as “are you still typing about Celtic to strangers on the internet”



    Hope Leigh & Craig are back in our first 11 sooner than later

  5. Seems to be a lot of speculation on twitter than Gordon’s injury is serious. We may need to sign a keeper before deadline on Wednesday

  6. Looking at the match in isolation i thought we played well until Moussa came on. When Moussa came on our performance level dropped. Whether he carries then blame or not i don’t know.



    We had the insurance of 3 centre halves on the field which helped us play out from the back but cost us some attacking impetus. Whilst we didn’t play at all well we had control and limited Hibs to very few chances as they struggled to penetrate and cut us open. This was a deliberate tactic i think as we dropped off when Hibs had the ball and allowed them to have it. We defended deeper than normal and with extra numbers. I would try something similar on Tuesday against Hearts. Brendan has mixed things up a bit tactically which I’m all for.



    Moussa to be quite honest looks like he’s never seen a football. Edouard should start on Tuesday as Moussa is a man down at the moment. Our main issue is the no10 position and has been for a while now. McGregor isn’t performing well at all and we need someone to link everything together and dictate the play in the final third. Calmac is a good squad player but not the answer. I find it strange that he doesn’t get subbed off. We desperately need injured players to return and new recruits. Brendan said after the game we should be able to ‘finalise’ new signings in the days ahead which sounds promising.



    3 points in the bag was my only objective today and we got them so happy enough. It’s very much the same on Tuesday night and next weekend. Hopefully by then we have players back and signed and we can regroup.



    MotM – Jozo (had a good game apart from one kamikaze clearance back into trouble in the 2nd half)

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    McGinn is a squad player at best, he’s like a beefed up McGregor, and if that’s the level your happy with then don’t whine about lack of ambition or craft or guile

  8. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    The slump continues,the crisis deepens,3 victories out of 3 since


    resuming after the shut down.



    I’m at the end of my tether, the Samaritans won’t take my calls and


    the hun next door is putting up the bunting.



    Away tae start a Novena.




    PS…we haven’t been convincing lately but think Brendan and his


    player’s have earned some slack.




    once we all start speaking of Celtic I will be referred as “are you still typing about Celtic to strangers on the internet”



    *Mrs TT tells her family that I talk tae eejits on the internet, so much for the higher education and qualifications some have on here lol.

  10. Sorry to hear that Craig’s injury is serious, disaster for him personally and for the club.



    Thanks to the SINGTIMS for their hospitality tonight, bought a few soveneirs to donate something to the club.



    Good result today, many positives for me.



    Night all, really is time for bed here zzzz

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Tontine Tim 6.26pm



    Your posts on here are most enjoyable and could educate the lot of my family & friends about their Celtic :-)




    Tontine Tim 6.26pm



    Your posts on here are most enjoyable and could educate the lot of my family & friends about their Celtic :-)



    *thanks, the greatest pleasure I have is waking up everyday knowing I’m a Celtic supporter.

  13. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    CELTARELLA on 27TH JANUARY 2018 6:38 PM






    Yes please.

  14. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 27TH JANUARY 2018 6:23 PM



    McGinn is a squad player at best, he’s like a beefed up McGregor, and if that’s the level your happy with then don’t whine about lack of ambition or craft or guile



    *both are Scottish internationalists and the last time I looked that’s where we play. As for Europe, lets learn to walk before we run. BTW no matter who or how many we sign this week they cannot play against Zenit.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tontine Tim – very well said.



    In my eyes Swan will always be a villain in this affair but you are right – George Graham was at that time felt to be a truly despicable bigot.



    Any idea if the nephew either played upon his uncle’s position of influence or kept quiet about the family relationship?



    I have to be honest – until recently I did not know they were related.



    Bada – I hear you and respect your views.



    We’ll just need to disagree on this one.






    Hail hail

  16. I thought that we performed poorly in the second half. We defended deep and when Hibs had possession we withdrew to the 18 yard line.



    Simunovic kept trying to push up and Ajer was hanging back. I think Ajer was scared of the Hibs forwards pace and kept backing off. Boyata was guilty of it. This defending deep allows the team in possession plenty of room and time to play. it ensured the second half was played in our half.



    Ajer has become jittery the last two games. I think he needs to be dropped.



    Brendan brought on Eboue to beef up the centre midfield and this helped a little.



    Dembele looked out of touch and Sinclair was poor

  17. Go tell the Spartim on



    Would that be the same Scotland squad that qualified for the square root of (you know the rest)


    McGregor is a squad player for us that’s only getting more game time due to injuries.


    If you don’t mind I’ll aim a bit higher than that

  18. BIGBHOY on 27TH JANUARY 2018 6:49 PM



    So in the 7 successive games Ajer has played we’ve had 6 clean sheets and the only goal conceded was a penalty, and want him dropped!!!

  19. I hope Craig Gordons injury is not as serious as seems to be being reported. Similar injury looked like it had ended his career not so long ago.


    I always felt this was the reason he seemed to be reluctant to come out for balls crossed into the box…..some keepers are much more dominant inside their own area, and Craig is a big lad…..don’t think he was ever very confident when entering a ruck of players – understandably so.



    We’re not having much luck with injuries this season, are we…..

  20. Compared to last seasons performance, this season has not been as good, this seasons performance compared to the years prior to Brendan appointment, are in my view way better in terms of both the football I watch and the results.



    Some of us are, again in my view, gettng ‘fat and lazy’ have gorged on last seasons glory.



    We all know it is only us who can bring an end to our dominance, let’s remember not every day can be a great day !!



    Tontine Tim – very well said.



    In my eyes Swan will always be a villain in this affair but you are right – George Graham was at that time felt to be a truly despicable bigot. Any idea if the nephew either played upon his uncle’s position of influence or kept quiet about the family relationship?



    *I’m unsure about this as he went down to England very young and only played only a handful of games for Villa before the Doc snapped him up for Chelsea.



    After a fall out with Tommy he moved over to the Arse where he made his name playing in their double side. He spent two years with manure ironically reunited with the Doc, his first signing I believe, they ended up getting relegated and it was all downhill for him then.



    He moved intae management and was very successful with the Arse, 2 Titles, 2 League Cups, 1 FA Cup and 1 UEFA Trophy, however, he got done for a brown bag payment and was banned for a year, but returned after he had served it to Elland Road and then believe it or not White Hart Lane where he won another LC, he was eventually fired when ENIC took over for a “breach of contract” and had been out of the game ever since.



    Given his background I often wondered why he was never offered the deidco position. Might not have been because of his indiscretions but because he got caught.

  22. Good game today. We could have put game away 1st half.



    Hope CG and Griff not serious’though rumours about CG havin a bad one.



    3 pts & some business to sort on Tuesday.




  23. I did not see the game due to pesky work; but when somebody like Turkeybhoy ( who always defends our team ) reckons it was poor , then I feel we have issues..




  24. I wasn’t impressed or entertained today. I don’t pay for 2 x STs to watch Celtic at home defending a lead for the last 30 mins. I’m not impressed by seeing us continually pass the ball backwards – often from the opponents half. I never thought I would use Celtic and boring in the same sentence but I came very close today.


    I never leave before the whistle but I must say I was looking at my watch with 15 mins remaining and asking myself the question.


    I’d like to think we will play in a more attacking formation on Tuesday.


    I agree with those who expressed dismay at Dembles’ performance and seeming lack of effort. Let’s hope it’s just rustiness.


    There were some positives. Broony is peerless this season. He’s purring like a Rolls Royce. I thought our defenders were very solid.


    My MOTM was “Bombscare” Boyata. He hardly put a foot wrong. Just a well, mind you, because when he does my God many are quick to pounce.


    So sad to see so many buying into the SMSM hype. Apparently he was in for a torrid time this afternoon.


    Was he, aye?

  25. 50 shades of green on

    Good god the merchants of doom have found a place to come onto and tell us all their fears.



    Well i don’t want left oot so here’s mine.



    We were 2 cans short of a six pack today.



    Sinky was outstanding till he reached the 18 yrd box, then he was like seeeebooooo.



    Why in the second half did the movement in midfield stop apart fae Broonie?????.



    Who told Dedryck he was Danny Mcg ????



    Who the fek thought that Sumo had a great game????.






    And what the fox in hell is up with the Moose???.






    I seen on them big giant telly things they have at each end that apparently today is Brendans bufday, fair play to him he disnae look 100. :-)




  26. The excitement of being a Tim is catching up with Ole Bourne he’s on the last blog talking to himself:))





    Enjoyed a great game of football and egressed a happy gazebo with all three, delirious points.




    Much better result, and game of football with the two Tonies, evergreen EuroChamps67 Goldstar10 DougC and guest appearance of Dallas Dallas .Wee Jordan on ref watch, was on hand to tip us off about Boabby Maddhun (and Craig Thomshun for Hearts) you’ve got to love Celtic fans that know the ref, games in advance.




    Celtic held tight against the best Hibs side since ‘the famous five,’ oldies talk about, well at least since Brownlee Blackley, Stanton, Harper -shirley? How can they lose to the mere/mire Heart of Midlothian?




    Unrecognisable with Neil Francis at the helm, but we were predictable at our best in the first half, with Olivier Ntcham prominent Boyata,, Ajer and Simo held firm to the end. Tierney was immaculate and of couse firm favourite of the choir. James Forrest was immaculately withdrawn and BR’s tactical switch left us week on the right but debateably so in the centre., where Ntcham’s elevation to support Moussa behind the point didn’t bear fruit, this time.




    There was a ‘purr’ round Celtic Park with surprise sub goalie Dorus De Vries returned along with some instantl distribution, sometimes missing via our numero uno shot stopper, who was thumped in a one on one ,right on half time.




    Leigh , Leigh super Leigh retired on two goals in around ninety minutes, and other fans hero, Dembele stretched his legs and not his hamstring , as the clock ran down a left sided player was absent for goal number two, as Ntcham checked at least three times trying to get to his right but mere details on another great Celtic day .




    M.O.M. guess………Scott Brown




    p.s. N.B. to wee Jordan Boaby Maddhun failed miserably on the paranoia Celtic radar his booking for simulation of Dembele was just breathtaking





    p.p.s Bring on the Huns without Bus fare

  27. 50 shades of green on

    Billy Bhoy.




    Opinions mate I know but when he stuck to defending Dedryck was fine, bombing forward not so great.



    Also mate I pay for 2 season tickets, and whilst I understand your comments about our play , imagine what these comments on here would be like if we had bombed forward and lost a couple of pts, we have previous for this against this mob.





  28. Off topic my Firefox has been playing up since 3.30 anyone having the same problems I’m using a tablet with silk browser. Might be a cyber attack as parts of my malwarebytes were deactivated and not by me.

  29. 50 shades of green on




    What about madhuns 9 wee steps when we had a free-kick, then turned to face the ball bent towards it and drew his bloody stupid wee line about 7in a hauf yrds fae the baw.



    Cheating fee king citrus Bassa.




  30. The originalsadiesbhoy, What game were you watching ,Hibs must be raging,that they didn’t at least take a point ,at Celtic Park,as for our team in the second half absolute dire,so for you to come on here and say we were in Control through out the game baffles me,Need To go to Specsavers

  31. Agree with Bada Bing…McGinn was excellent in 2nd half.


    Sinclair is dreadful defensively. Never puts the man under pressure when the opposition have the ball….always stays a yard away from them.


    Broony man of the match.

  32. 50 shades of green on

    Ffs think that bloody Scouse mob should buy a center hawf……o wait.




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