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  1. TwoTunTimfromTeddington on

    Afternoon from a beautiful sunny Edinburgh



    Hail Hail, come on the Hoops!

  2. CELTIC (4-4-2): Forster; Lustig, Ambrose, Wilson, Izaguirre; Commons, Ledley, Wanyama, Mulgrew; Hooper, Stokes


    Subs: Zaluska, Gershon, Samaras, McCourt, Watt, Kayal, Rogic

  3. excellent. a new article. much better than that new application paul67 put up earlier

  4. I hope all the marchers had a safe trip from George Square.


    No harassment. No kettling. No cramps.

  5. Kojo


    I think Tony was playing mid week in the under 20s.


    I guess Neil wants the league won and then we will see the likes of Watt, McGeough, Rogic and more importantly…..



  6. Laura has a No “Do”.. The ole Reliable..



    Long Haired..”Page Bhoy”



    Ah think..










    Mabel, says that Laura.. should hiv gone fur The Classic.. Upsweet “Do”




    Fur.. Laura has a Straight Nose.






    Still Laughin’

  7. ‘gg



    Police let us walk the whole way to Celtic Park on the roads , gave up trying to get us on pavements :-))


    Good turnout , good to catch up with so many from CQN .



  8. GG



    Ah jist think that Neil.. is treating Tony, Shabbily.



    The Bhoy needs more Team Starts..



    You may be right.



    Ah agree that Young Herron is a Real Find..





    Still Laughin

  9. up_over_goal on

    A very good selection by Lenny. I’m slightly concerned about Fraser, who hasn’t looked comfortable of late, but it’s great news Commons is back – he is the best feature of today’s team. The central midfield of Wanyama, Mulgrew, and Ledley is very strong as well.

  10. corkcelt



    14:31 on 6 April, 2011



    I haven’t heard from him in some time, I think when he went back he was working with his sister in a pub or B&B, but as I said he is back somewhere in Canada now




  11. Reading lost 2-0 to Southampton.


    Artur probably assured of premier league football next season.

  12. up_over_goal on




    I agree. Watt for Stokes is the only change I’d make to the outfield 10.

  13. corkcelt


    BBC Scotland front page says 100s. So that would be 10k minimum.


    Hundreds of people have protested in Glasgow against the perceived ill-treatment of football fans.

  14. ‘GG, I saw that article but ignored figures, hoping to get an eye witness estimate.

  15. Up over Goal



    Stokes is a Good Player..



    However, In Ma opinion, he needs tae learn tae be a “TEAM PLAYER”



    Ah am one of these guys who believe that a Team must learn tae play as a





    That is what is wrong with us.



    We rely too much oan individual performances..



    Sammi,is a good example, Commons ,is Another..



    Incidentally, Ah do not believe that’



    Commons,is a Team Player,eethur..



    Commons, again.. is a good Player but he ..is too prone to go for glory ,rather


    than, make that telling pass.



    Commons, can make that Killer Pass.. but he does not use that skill..







  16. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    What did chuckles whisper to Gilmour? What did Jabba tell Green about Gilmour and Whyte?

  17. GG Kojo






    I work beside the young Mr Herron’s father.



    He fears that our first team’s stumbling bumbling performances have skewered NL’s plans to get young John and Tony regular end of season games. And they have indeed all travelled to further climes which. There are English clubs more than sniffing about the young Mr Herron.




  18. Ulysses


    Next time you see him ask him send my greetings from New Jersey to my sister.