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  1. Some game, AHHHHHH







    Glad it was a good one in that weather,



    HH Bhoys




  2. Brilliant…………………..



    Q all those leaving running back in to celebrate……….




    This is what its like to be Celtic









  3. Good win for us. Thanks for updates and videos of goals.



    Noticed David Goodwillie scored a goal for Clyde today. Didn’t he get a good transfer south of the border a couple of years ago?



    TOSB: Comhghairdeas leat on your 40th wedding anniversary.

  4. Celtic brilliant going forward. Edouard unplayable. But maybe time to give Bain and Gamboa a chance.

  5. Good game and great goals with some luck and better finishing it could have been 10! Hibs 2nd goal? Lustig as weak as water yet again he unfortunately is our weakest link.


    Hail, hail!





    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary



    hope your good lady got a ruby




    Great result ,





  7. Managed to “watch” a portion of the game on a stream that failed every two minutes! Tallybhoy posting on it complaining like feck about the reliability!



    Could and should have been out of sight before half time.



    If we had even taken just our gilt edged chances we would have scored seven or eight. Their keeper also had s great game. Hubs are a decent side but we should have closed the door better than we did for their second goal.



    Great result and at times scintillating football !



    Well done Celtic ?

  8. well that was a braw game of football….well done the Celtic ..a fine birthday present for Pauly wally doodle ..



    smiley smiley thing