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  1. KLV



    Nearly top spot :-)





    Ajer Bitton Julienne


    Frimpong Boli


    Brown MacGregor Ntcham Forrest


    I wannae be (Edouard)

  2. Ryan missing is a surprise hopefully nothing too serious … and maybe just a big 14 days ahead with 5 games to manage

  3. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    Eyes front Celtic- our league record against Hibs is not great. They play some good stuff and are quick on the counter attack.




    Broony and big Fraser have plastered over the cracks recently, we need everyone to be totally focussed and bring their A Game today or the Laptop Loyal will be melting their keyboards in joy at 5pm

  4. No Christie or Johnston on the bench



    Ntcham usually has stinkers against Hibs, hopefully he turns it on today.

  5. Gerrard is hilarious “we have no complaints about the red card… BUT” then complains saying the ref was just itching to send Alfredo off :-) :-) :-)

  6. McPhail, VIP Box Live Streaming are advertising it but you won’t know whether it’s working or not till 3pm.

  7. Gene, Ireland is Independent but you still can’t get live Celtic TV unless of course you are devious.

  8. Looks like win the midfield win the game type of games.


    Win and we top the league, again in our case,


    that’s all the incentive we need.

  9. Gene 2.56pm



    That must be a top league stat, pretty sure Motherwell pumped the new Gers in the play offs in the recent past. :-)