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  1. Been watching dodgy football streams on the computer for nearly 20 years.


    However this past year [2019] has been the most difficult to watch celtic matches.


    It appears that celtic tv have made it very difficult for dodgy streams.


    Perhaps they should be putting more resources into improving their legal coverage.



    French Eddy blazes over…..oh dear what a chance

  2. Boli still a liability in my humble opinion. James has been mostly anonymous. Sub please Mr Lennon.



    Decent 5 minute spell for Hibs.

  3. Is Lenny ever going to take Forrest off.We are going to lose a goal here.Fed up with playing men short.Surely he can see.

  4. hibs are sounding very dangerous now.


    we need the second goal.



    Does the green brigade banner really say ‘fu*k off Rod’???



    If it does that is bang out of order

  5. Good job Forrest was kept on to set that goal up……good job French Eddy was kept on [for another 2 mins] to score it!


    That’s why Lennon sticks with Forrest even when he is quiet.


    Forrest has just missed a sitter mind as i type this!

  6. Most of stadium ( not directors box ) but including, Hibs fans.


    If you hate the f###### Tories, clap your hands.

  7. Ron 4.27pm



    Delighted to read that’s what you wanted



    Surely every Celtic fan wants Celtic to score :-)