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  1. No fan of the tories either.


    But surely everyone is welcome?


    I would bet that a fair amount of our millionaire players past and present have voted conservative many times.

  2. Watching from Jock stein stand today



    Best thing about game is the Jeremie F performance on right midfield


    Should make it his own from now on



    Problem is now Neil is playing mr Invisible as a no 9 where no good


    Problem for Neil now. How will he drop his favourite. As I type Forrest loses ball again

  3. James Forrest has quiet games sometimes and quiet spells in games.


    But I hate it when he gets called ‘mr invisible’ by supporters.


    His stats prove that he is NOT invisible.


    He is a magic wee player and I would have him in my team every week..as does our manager and as did our previous manager

  4. JNP 4.34pm



    So was aye :-)



    ST 4.34pm



    Dallas had mentioned you were travelling “home” on Friday, I think wee Jamesy is keeping his goals for Wednesday as he knows your in the stands waiting to pounce :-)



    Hope you have a great holiday back in the freezing cold 👍

  5. So the living embodiment of moral good tell Rod the Mod to f— off then. Think we need to redefine the mantra of the club being “open to all”. There are seemingly so many exclusions now that its meaningless.

  6. James Forrest, when he’s good he’s sh*t hot . Too often he disappears and that is frustrating.Last weeks cup final , every 50/50 ball he ran towards, he slowed himself down but gave the impression he was going his fastest. Mibbees that’s why the aeroplane arms go out to give the impression of lighting speed.


    I used to do it myself when I was young and the going got tough.


    It’s takes a sh*te bag to spot a sh*te bag!

  7. I still stand by my original thoughts on the quality of boli boli and Juliane even thou I was advised that a couple of games into the season was far to early to give an opinion.