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  1. Frimpong made that game exciting.Slow pace ,some too much playing on the ball did not help uFrimps,Broony of course ,star men for me.Below par,Forrest Callum Boli,Eddy ,God forgive me for saying it ,but it’s a win against a good team so not moaning too much,but we have to up our game.

  2. Enjoyable game. 3 points was the all important target & that was achieved, could have had another 2 or 3 goals but I’m not complaining.


    Frimpong was superb, we have a diamond there. Thought Ajer was also outstanding so they are 2 of my Jobo picks. I’ll have to think about the 3rd. Eddie, CalMac & Brooney are in contention,

  3. Thanks for the updates guys. Sad about the GB. Rod shows our name all over the world and mentions Celtic whenever he can


    Time for bed. Goodnight

  4. I loved pick Packie when played for us despite his odd flaw.


    However no wonder our defences during his spell where generally all over the place when he was doing all the talking.


    He talks too much


    He talks his own brand of mince

  5. At pesky work : We Watched the majority of the game on Hibs TV.


    Fingpong deservedly man of the match. What a find.



    Shocking banner by the immature GB. Reeks of intolerance and fascism. Who the f@ ck are they to say who’s welcome at Paradise.


    Me thinks they are on very thin ice.



    HH to ALL, the journey continues.

  6. Ron, Boli I wouldn’t argue with but remember all players are different in can take players an entire season to settle. On the 2nd occupant of the Poke, I think he is doing extremely well.



    Turkeybhoy, That;s the way I’m leaning, thought Cal Mac had a great first half, Eddie as well but a game lasts 90 minutes, so my 3rd choice is probably Brooney.

  7. Good result. Hibs have been better of late. Could’ve been a tricky one.



    Shame on any Celtic fan who thinks they have the right to dictate who is welcome.



    Another PR disaster for the drummer boys.




  8. Wednesday,now is the most important game of the season.Win,we are 5 ahead hard games for us and the Huns before the 29th.A fantastic chance to go 8 points clear.

  9. Any photos of the banner.If it’s what I have heard,it’s a disgrace.Before anyone on here comes on,we heard the same from posters on here,on Twitter,in the Record,and generally every social media.



  10. agree re frimpong, we have ensure we don’t burn him out, but his enthusiasm and drive is fantastic and gets fans off their seats, a breath of fresh air

  11. G.B. Banner.





    Tories not welcome





    F### off Rod.



  12. glendalystonsils on

    Rod is a great ambassador for Celtic whose approval of Boris I don’t agree with



    The GB can be great ambassadors for Celtic but there’s a helluva lot they do that I don’t agree with.



    Rod’s politics should not be one of their ’causes’.

  13. I would hope our big bhoy julienne does some heading practice , his timing is awful, continually either getting way above or below the flight of the ball , oh and while he’s at it a bit more practice with his long ball passing.

  14. Ron, Did you see the difference in the defense second half against Cluj when Julien was subbed. You are just determined to be right and will pick on every mistake rather than look at the bigger picture.


    Bolli wasn’t shite today either, his touch in their box going forward was poor a couple of times but he did a few good things as well.


    Anyhow off ooot. Catch up later.

  15. 48 games for Neil only 4 defeats (2 dead rubbers still :-) this is not a dig at Brendan but in his tenure he never beat Hibernian … some teams can be bogey teams …



    3pts job done ✅

  16. Strong performance overall despite some sloppiness at times. Brown was immense as per and Frimpong superb again. Eddy doesn’t look fit and thats a concern with 2 more games in 6 days. Boli was disappointing with his use of the ball and Forrest can do more although his assist for the second goal was good. The 3-5-2 gave us good control so credit to Neil. Delighted with the 3 points.


    “Rod is a great ambassador for Celtic whose approval of Boris I don’t agree with”…..




    ……stand back and consider that statement…….maybe RS realises that BJ will bring an independent Scotland quicker, by his behaviour? Same thinking as Sinn Fein? The Tories represent the greatest opportunity for the dissolution of the english driven UK. No-one ever thought the USSR would be dissolved and yet……

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    Naw! You f**k off




    naw i wont



    look at the devestation they fuds have caused to our country in the last 30 years



    i will never tire of telling them to f*ck off

  19. Enjoyed that game and we were well worth our 2 goal win. The crowd will become frustrated so long as it stays at 1:0 but we even had the “spoiled children” element in our support, shouting at Lenny for keeping Bolingoli, our newest scapegoat, on.



    I know Boli made a few mistakes today but he also contributes a lot of speed and vigour in both attack and defence. Overall, I still rate him a better bet than the quieter journeyman qualities of Taylor, though Jonny Hayes might still be the best of the 3 when it comes to the bigger games.



    James Forrest will continue to be our most effective wing threat until others step up to threaten him. In recent years he has seen off the threat of Paddy Roberts (the favourite of the “Mr. Invisible’ jibe merchants) and he has seen off Sinclair, Shved, Morgan and Elyanoussi this term. Only Mikey Johnston looks like having the quality to replace him until Karamoko’s time comes or Jeremie gets a move forward in out line-up.



    Jeremie was my MOTM today, with Kris Ajer in second because he dragged us up the pitch on numerous occasions. Calmac gets the 3rd spot on the back of an excellent first half.

  20. Thought Ntcham had a great game today. Some great passes and interceptions, broke their play up like he was Neil Lennon. I think he sees the game very well. And he seemed to have a bit of understanding with young Frimpong. That’s two very good games in a row for Ntcham. Here’s hoping that’s him with the nut screwed and he’s on his way. Could be a big month for him




  21. Will anyone who voted Tory in the General Election please stop supporting Celtic, please hand in your season books and please fuck off.



    Any other political parties getting up your nose?



    Let me know.