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    Apparently Johnston not picked today cos he’s a Tory…………



    Very good. :-)

  2. To put the G.B. banner in context, they unveiled it whilst they were singing Grace.


    In that respect, I assume they are calling out Rod as a hypocrite ( as I say an assumption)


    Rod is happy to make money from signing a republican love song, but he takes his knighthood and congratulates Johnson, surely a contradiction?

  3. Who are the Celtic fans called the green brigade that can so define a Celtic fan?


    Rod Stewart is not more of a Celtic fan or less for that matter. His political persuasion I care not a jot about,he says he is a Celtic man it’s good enough for me.for those who question rod,they only question their own Celticness,but may be that purity is hard to attain,and such structure and thought is more welcome over in govan than in Paradise.



    Enjoy yir beer Celts a good and well worked victory





  4. Great game at Celtic Park, great CQN company and another three points secured by the champions, in a mildly Christmas distracted crowd.




    Was a bit of a surprise NFL opted for a back three of Bitton, Jullien, but Ajer none of them put a foot wrong all afternoon and countered the rejuvenated big men from the capital, in ninety odd minutes of football. With Boli Bolingoli restored as the first choice left wing back, and the phenomenal Frimpong on the right, Celtic set about Hibs from the off.




    Hibs remained dangerous on the break, but to be honest it was only a matter of when Celtic would break the deadlock and the goal came via classy Edouard who when put in front of goal, had the wisdom to assist,instead of shooting as many a lesser striker would have done?




    Frimpong took his chance and Celtic were fairly comfortable without ever looking prolific, and we had to wait until Bolingoli’s flighted cross fell to James Forrest, then Eddy for the releiving second goal, that sealed the points. Playing a back three was like having a man over, and Ntcham McGregor and Brown got the better of Hibs, as you’d expect at home, be interesting to see how December pans out for Hibs.




    James Forrest’s level has dipped but going from right winger to playing off Eddy in the left channel, would put anybody off their game and filling the Lewis Morgan lone furrow, is an awkward not easy shift, for the big wee man.




    Bitton was superb, and were it not for Jeremie he’d have had stadium man of the match, Leigh Griffiths needs a goal and there will be plenty of December opportunities made for him, even if its from the bench.




    M.O.M Jeremie Frimpong

  5. Bournesouprecipe.


    It would have rounded off a good day, if Leigh had scored, a couple of chances at the end, too.


    We definitely need him, Eddie still not 100% and another 4 games coming up very quickly.




    My wife voted tory, so I’ve stopped makin’ the dinner, no more housework or shoppin’, she can get therself tae the station in the morning and nookie is a definite no no.



    Ah feel better noo.

  7. PHILBHOY on 15TH DECEMBER 2019 6:39 PM


    So…..a new poster comes on for the first time, do we ask –



    Are you a tory?






  8. Philbhoy on 15th December 2019 6:05 pm


    Will anyone who voted Tory in the General Election please stop supporting Celtic, please hand in your season books and please fuck off.




    Any other political parties getting up your nose?




    Let me know.







    The DUP.



    But no doubt they should be welcome too.

  9. 3 good points and a solid win. 4 to go.



    As an Irish Republican with no time for the tories, I want the green brigade to fuck off. I’ve had it with their attention seeking.




    The nookie bit was a bit of an idle threat!



    You’ll mibbe find out what I mean when you are a LOT older!

  11. From previous thread







    Never one to complain because I love this site and all it’s readers, BUT, it kinda looks to me that you have become disinterested in it and maybe that is why so many have stopped using it annd gone elsewhere. That really is sad because in it’s heyday this blog was untouchable , such a shame.





    So if I was your school teacher I’d report, must do better and pull you socks up, else the blog will continue in it’s current direction.





    Come on Paul, you know you can do it.








  12. Great Gazebo.


    Terrific game. Hibs played their part.


    Brilliant victory.


    The back 3 were excellent.



    The midfield 3 were in control mainly.


    Wing backs provided good width.


    French Eddy a class above, even at half pace.



    Frimpong is a smashing prospect. His pace is electric. Probably edged M.O.T.M. although I thought Ajer was magnificent.




  13. Don’t really get the posts about yesteryear or yesterposter … life moves on … enjoy the blog, if even post to say you don’t enjoy the blog IMO am pretty sure people who used to post either can’t be bothered or have moved to pastures new … me, and just glad P67 created this place for me to post rubbish about Celtic or other guff



    One win down … 4 to go till we recharge the batteries … the scary thing for the Sevs & others January is usually the reset button and we come back even stronger

  14. The GB must be allowed to decide on the political suitability of all other Celtic season ticket holders or occasional supporter. God Bless their feeble minds.

  15. Rod worked all his life for success and is still working at 74. How many of the GB will make their mark? Whether he’s a Tory or not shouldn’t make any difference as to his welcome at Celtic Park. Are we to ban millions of ordinary English people now too? Rod has been a fantastic ambassador for Celtic. Well done Sir!

  16. Applicants to the Green Brigade are reminded that they must take and pass the relevant ideological test failing which they will be deported to the Xinjiang Province for re-educational purposes. Only a few places left!


    Book N

  17. GFTB



    48 games for Neil only 4 defeats (2 dead rubbers still :-) this is not a dig at Brendan but in his tenure he never beat Hibernian … some teams can be bogey teams …



    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt it’s not a dig, it is the festive season.



    However your non dig lacks somewhat in the accuracy department.



    Unless of course you don’t count:



    6 Feb 2019 Celtic 2 Hibs 0


    20 Oct 2018 Celtic 4 Hibs 2(cracking entertaining game)


    27 jan 2018 Celtic 1 Hibs 0



    But yeah apart from those BR never beat Hibs in his tenure.

  18. Watching Sportscene … the MacGregor wonder save (described on the radio as a wonder save) he wipes the forward out after the save … surely a stone wall penalty … a few years ago that was just part of the game but not these days

  19. Sid 7.37pm



    At least all my inaccuracies gets you posting :-)



    I will rephrase it Brendan had a terrible record against Hibernian and Neil doesn’t



    Got a feeling the Sevs will make the top 6 this season :-)

  20. lets all do the huddle on

    no problem with rod



    his songs are pretty pish



    but his.drum kit is magic



    but tories can get to fk



    just my opinion obviously



    other opinions are available

  21. Good win again could have been 4 or 5.



    Everyone one is welcome to be a Celtic supporter. That’s everyone.



    Regardless of creed, religion or political interests.



    Celtic first Celtic last.



    D. :)

  22. Got a feeling there’s quite a few Tories in amongst the CQN contributers.



    Why don’t you fuck off, and stop pretending you care about the poor children’s dinner table (now known as foodbanks).



    Can you believe 132 years after the founding this is where we are in Glasgow?



    You are pathetic.

  23. Adi 7.54pm



    It was described as a wonder save on the radio, when I watched Sportscene I thought the follow through would be a foul anywhere else on the park



    MacGregor is a snake, the harder he tries to appease the Sevs for his Tupe the more dangerous he has become .. he has form, in my opinion 100% coward

  24. Jeepers some saying F*** all Tories and others saying no nookie for Tories, I tend to the opinion that this mad swing to the right in Englandshire represents more of an opportunity then a Threat to both Scotland & Ireland.


    Anyhow I’m far more interested in the set up today. 3 at the back giving Frimpong & Bolli a free license to rampage up the wings. Makes sense to me.


    Fair play to Hibs for coming to play football, I would give them every chance of taking something off the Huns next Friday.


    However we are out again on Wednesday. The Jambos seem to be shite but they will be energised against us so we need to be prepared.