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  1. weebobbycollins on

    I don’t care for the tories, the green brigade, our board or the ironing board…I care only about Celtic…

  2. It’s quite interesting, the difference of opinion on here and on Twitter, the majority on Twitter, that I can see, except you Dan :-) and some journalists, are supportive of the Green Brigade, the opposite appears to be the case on here.

  3. I just believe that if we call ourselves all inclusive, I could not give a jot who the guy sitting next to me votes for, what religion he is what colour he is as long as he supports the Famous Glasgow Celtic.


    When we start saying no Conservitive voters allowed to support Celtic, do we then say no Black or Asian’s to support Celtic, no Protestants or Jewish or Muslims blah blah blah.



    There is a club in Glasgow that will welcome that kind of selection process and it’s not my Celtic.



    Bring on the Herts



    D. :)

  4. Lets just forget the numerous foodbank collections, the aid to the people of gaza and the anti-racism initiatives when it comes to making a mark on the “real world” created and shaped by all the grown up people who have “grown up” conversations and make difficult decisions . But then again, this probably doesn’t even register in the “grown up peoples’ world. The reputation of Celtic Quaint News on other Celtic sites will be re-inforced tonight.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    My thoughts exactly, I’m in the standing curve and was one of the few who didn’t clap at the hate Tory chant.



    For the avoidance of doubt normally I would be clapping wholeheartedly elsewhere :)

  6. David 66.


    This from Twitter has nearly 400 likes.


    Rod Stewart didn’t just endorse the Tories, he publicly congratulated a racist, misogynistic, bigoted Prime Minister who’s endorsed by the far right and is on the cusp of wreaking havoc on minorities, so aye, we are a club open to all, and today’s banner emphasised that.



    My own thoughts, are we cannot possibly be a club open to all, fascists?


    As for the Rod banner, maybe a tad harsh, but he did have a pop on video at The Green Brigade last week, so it was only expected that he would receive a comeback.

  7. The Green Brigade aren’t perfect, in my opinion they do far more good than bad, they are an attraction to our youngest fans and the food bank stuff is real life … who cares about banners about Lazio or Tories … total non stories in my opinion am pretty sure the Lazio ultras and our Rod won’t give a flying flick and am sure PM BoJo won’t care too much … he doesn’t care much for Scotland so am sure 150 punters in a wee corner of Celtic Park won’t even register in the Eton Boys life



    It’s quite interesting, the difference of opinion on here and on Twitter, the majority on Twitter, that I can see, except you Dan :-) and some journalists, are supportive of the Green Brigade, the opposite appears to be the case on here.






    If you had read Twitter before the election you would have anticipated a much closer outcome. Social Media and the real world are not the same thing.

  9. Rod is a multi-millionaire luvvie based in LA. You won’t find many of his sort voting for socialism. He is also a romantic at heart and loves Celtic with a passion. He spends a large percentage of his free time coming to see us instead of hanging out with the Hollywood jetset.


    I cannot think of any other major global celeb who promotes his favourite team as much as Rod does for us.


    GB can get to **** if they think they have the right to slam people for their politics. Reeks of the facism they proclaim to hate.

  10. Jimmynotpaul- I actually like the green brigade, and I don’t like the Tories.


    But I could not give a flying feck who votes for who.



    The GB made their point today, they should leave it at that.



    We have a big game on Wednesday let’s all focus on that and pull together and give the team the support it needs right now.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Well done the team today.



    Potentially tough game generally well handed.



    Perhaps we’re all being a bit harsh on the GB?



    I believe the song goes “If you know the history” ?



    It’s entirely possible the GB know the history and just struggle a little with spelling.



    GB …..



    Our founder was a “Marist” not a “Marxist”



    Hail hail

  12. Freedom of speech entitles anyone who doesn’t like Boris, the Tories or Rod Stewart to say so. Telling them to f off from CP however was crass and in poor taste. The banner was wrong and not consistent with the values of Celtic. We cant have it all ways.

  13. The GB have achieved their aim. Attention seeking.


    We are discussing them again when we should be discussing the pro and cons of a 2- 0 victory.



    Can anybody answer me this :- If you love our club then why would you knowingly and deliberately get our club fined numerous times ?

  14. i like the Green Brigade … but they don’t speak for Celtic, much the same as Dermot & Peter dont speak for Celtic, they all contribute to Celtic but not one of them speak for all Celtic fans …. like many on here I don’t care much for Rod’s politics but being a very rich individual he probably won’t ever be on the other side of the Governments cuts …. BUT the green brigade are a closed shop and actually not open to anybody :-) sometimes if you live in a glass house don’t throw any stones, or take any moral high ground



    Rod Stewart CSC

  15. David 17.


    Well obviously if most of your followers and the people you follow are Scottish.


    I’m only trying to give information on what other places are saying.


    As Gerryfaethebrig says, CQN is only a tiny percentage of our support


    Anyway I’m away for the night.


    All the best to everyone.

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It all. seemed a little flat today, but job done.



    I hope Forrest can refund some form, along with McGregor. Both were poor today, perhaps missing Christie.



    Sometimes the GB annoy me, today I cringed for them. Even my 10 year old was bemused.

  17. JNP 9.28pm



    Good to see you on here …



    A wee early Christmas holiday am off till Wednesday … Dallas knows but hope Art of War reads this between now and the morra … as he doesn’t :-)



    Childish but worth it



    JNP main thing about today is Neil collected another 3pts so that means we are both happy :-)

  18. Why can’t the GB listen to the overwhelming number of those attending the AGM and get back to what they did earlier: be humourous not aggressively antagonistic. Their leaders are promoting their own narrow politics rather than being truly Celtic, truly open to all.

  19. I can remember when we used to have a fine moustachioed Dandy Don and the odd ( transparent) hun contributor ………at least their avowed bhlog handle suggested same…….I empathised with the Dandy Don……………



    I’ve never been tempted or had the time up until now to post on ither blogs…………….


    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but I’ve always thought we accepted everyone here who supported Celtic into the support of Celtic



    The rockets, nonces, nuggets, right wing fuds, duds, plamphs, beery bullies,Big Mooths, lonely hearts, trolls, hun fantasists, and sleekits were always obvious…………….



    They have loads of choice now…………



    Thank goodness for Celtic!






  20. Celtic were there before the green wotsits and will still be there when that lot have outgrown their spotty wee faces…

  21. Well I got my answer concerning the motivation of Allan to prove just how wrong Celtic were to let him go, and also whether Kamberi and Doidge would stretch and twist our back3/4/5. But not in the way I expected.



    As a footballer I’ve always thought Scott Allan was a cut above the normal graduates to Scotland’s beautiful game. Not only does he have great vision and passing range, but he really does make the players further forward more effective, especially now that Hibs have settled on a front pairing rather than a single striker, by finding the ever mobile and roaming abilities of Kamberi who in turn can either pass or hit the byeline and cutback or cross for Doidge.



    Whether this is a deliberate tactic or a natural by-product of the team/players’ styles, it has been a real feature since Heckingbottom departed Easter Road. Linked with other talents like Boyle, Mallan and Horgan, Hibs are not that far away from resurrecting the legacy of style and directness left by Neil Lennon.



    But today, none of it worked (well not enough anyway) and not just because of the attacking skilful irrepressible adventures of Frimpong, but to me anyway because the same Scott Allan mentioned above was out thought, out tackled, probably out-talked and out-passed by a totally dominant Scott Brown.



    This not only nullified their main creative leader, and while Jack Ross probably also set out to counter James Forrest’s forays and prowess – which was apparently successful, Broony banjaxing Allan and Jamsie occupying a couple of their defenders, allowed the wee fella to explore his ability to outsprint anyone who tried chasing, bamboozle anyone who tried to out-sleight his boot-full of magic, and with one goal out-smile in a nano-second the total amount of time that the Columbian charlatan of Edmiston drive has managed in a lifetime.



    So Frimpong for sheer entertainment was top man, Broony the man having showed Allan why he is no longer at Celtic park, a magnificent enabler and James Forrest with his ever increasing ability to stick to the manager’s game plan a smashing support act.



    But like everything else in life, football is a sum of its parts. The team requires the thoughtful, the outrageous, the steady, the innovative and most of all the attitude to keep trying until it all comes together.



    That’s a team at its best and that is down to them all with Neil Lennon at its head.



    So my man of the match on reflection?…..All of them.



    And that is what EVERY MANAGER AND OPPOSITION needs to try and counter if they want to end Celtic’s march into future history.



    It’s not just quality, it’s not just will, it’s not just belief, and it’s not just vision and organisation. Its the special product of mixing them all in one big pot, turning it to simmer for half an hour and then serving up for 60,000 fans to taste of the finest emotional cuisine the world can imagine.



    If another club manages to do that then they’ll deserve it and all the praise that follows – although it might also be because they are a bunch of primordial swamp dwelling cheats…who am I to judge?




    Hail Hail




  22. MATT STEWART on 15TH DECEMBER 2019 10:25 PM



    “and with one goal out-smile in a nano-second the total amount of time that the Columbian charlatan of Edmiston drive has managed in a lifetime.”



    Beautiful :)

  23. Matt 10.25pm



    I thought Scott Allan would have flourished under Brendan … alas maybe the odd great pass isn’t that great



    And his tattoo on his calf heading hand in hand with his old man up to the old Rangers gates (before liquidation) probably means he wasn’t too fussed about being a Celtic legend ….



    I liked Scott Allan … good enough for Brendan or Neil’s team …. nope



    Hope he he gets another tattoo on his other calf for the new Klub :-)



    Two calf’s = two clubs



    Hope the new mob don’t liquidate surely he can’t have a tattoo of his old man on his third leg :-)

  24. Just as well we are not privy to the voting intentions and political persuasion of our players, very rich individuals, as they might not be welcome at Celtic Park and we might be staring at an empty pitch for 90 minutes.


    Yes the GB promote a lot of good work but it is the rank and file of the Celtic support who fund/donate to these initiatives and I’m sure there may be a few Tories amongst those who donate.


    I have friends who vote Tory, support sevco and don’t agree with my religious point of view but they are my friends and will always be welcome in my home and will not be greeted with a banner asking them to indulge in sex and travel.


    The GB need to ask themselves if they are in fact becoming a contradiction of that which they claim to abhor – intolerance?

  25. Pog 10.51pm



    The GB do loads of good but they are a closed shop …



    Green Masons ?



    I think they are starting to believe their own importance and playing into the hands of the board ….



    The matter how much noise they make its 150 punters in a crowd of 50,000



    Again I love the good things they do but they do not speak for the full Celtic support

  26. Great ambassador for Celtic?




    “I think Enoch [Powell] is the man. I’m all for him. This country is overcrowded. The immigrants should be sent home. That’s it.”

  27. GFTB



    My judgement (or perhaps it’s the various managers’ judgements) of players will remain forever beyond my ken.



    Many years ago I tried solving the mystery of David Fernandez, a player I rated so much that he had his own wee photograph slot in my Celtic Room.



    And yet he after he joined us, he might as well have changed his name to Marie Celeste and I began to doubt my own sanity?



    He had seemed to me to be probably the most naturally gifted talent to come to Celtic Park during Martin’s tenure, but then metamorphosed into a figure of fun, anger, derision, and animosity.



    But not to me!



    David Fernandez arrived from Livingston, a slim but athletic figure fresh from innumerable triumphs of individual artistry over the more brutal qualities of Scottish defenders. His arrival was almost a fanfare of glory further brightened by the obvious discomfort of the anti-timmite brigade hiding in the sordid nooks and crannies of the netherworld of Edmiston drive and for what is in the majority laughably termed ‘the press’.



    £1.25m approximately he cost us up front, followed by significant wages, a loan spell, and approximately 5 first team appearances and 1 goal.



    And yet at the back of the mind sat this big question mark which is trying to skewer my mind with its curly end sharpened like a whalers harpoon.



    ‘David Fernandez will be a big big player for Celtic’!



    This statement was made not once, not twice, but many times by MON in David’s first year at Paradise



    Amazingly at the end of the year DF had transformed himself from that svelte Iberian rapier to a successful impersonation of Billy Bunter’s left buttock.



    Back on loan he went to Livingston, where once more he was transformed into the skeleton key which unlocked almost every defence in Scotland whether by his own running and space awareness or by his own lateral vision which allowed himself to see passes before even the recipients knew that they were in defence splitting positions.



    But there is more. So effective was David’s resurrection that MON not only refused to allow him to play against us, but having seen him regain his athleticism, his skill, his impact and his confidence, he also exercised the right to bring him back to Celtic. So at the end of his loan period, and in the face of numerous approaches from clubs in Scotland, England and on the European mainland, back came the boy David; once more to balloon in weight and once more to languish in the reserves.



    Except, Languish is the wrong word.



    I regularly attended reserve matches.



    I regularly watched David Fernandez playing alongside ‘stars’ of the first team squad and outshining, outplaying, out-thinking, and out-running both them and the opposition.



    One particular evening at Airdrie’s excelsior ground against Rangers reserves, Celtic won 3-0 and DF was man of the match. In a side which also had Paul Lambert and Junhino, DF was the star., and if there had been any visiting aliens (apart from those in the opposite stand) they would have undoubtedly picked DF as the famous Brazilian footballer.



    And yet on the Saturday, who was picked for the bench against Clyde?



    Junhinho and Lambo!



    DF was there standing at the corner flag, in his tracksuit, laughing and joking with the others who had not made the bench.



    And then MON went.



    And in came GS to put him on the bench in A FRIENDLY AND NOT USE HIM. A FECKIN FRIENDLY AGAINST FULHAM!



    And then the season started and Marie ….sorry I mean David sunk again without trace.



    Was there a flaw there, an inability to get on with neither a pragmatist like MON nor a more visionary like Gordon.



    Back to The Arabs he went again and guess what?



    Once more, a miracle of revitalisation and 20lbs lighter,he terrorised teams across Scotland again.



    I remember for a while he ended up at Kilmarnock and was at the game when Gary Caldwell I think, crocked him and destroyed his knee ligaments.



    I heard him a few years ago saying that actually the problem was his….MON and GS DID really rate him, but when he walked through the doors at Celtic Park he just thought he’d made it, and never tried a leg.



    Great shame, but I think he was being too hard on himself. When he arrived he was seen as the new Larsson. That would have been impossible and I am convinced that the management tried to refashion him to a square peg from a round one to fit the hole they needed to fill. He stopped getting any pleasure from the game and I think he just let himself go out to seed.



    He was however a brilliantly creative midfielder and Gordon Chisholm at Dundee united picked him accordingly, David enjoyed football again and he thrived.



    I wonder how many careers have remained unfulfilled because someone tries to make you fit a gap in their jigsaw, but you are from a different box.



    Hail hail




  28. Matt Stewart 11.08pm



    David Fernandez :-)



    Brilliant Matt …



    I am typing this from Orlington Court on the outskirts of Cornhill drive & Gartsherrie Road ….



    When Celtic signed the current player of the year (DF) we also signed Ulril Laursen & Magnus Hedman … I thought 3 terrific signings … sadly mine worked out … that’s how difficult it is to play with a team that’s expected to win






    I can assure you last Sunday Gartsherrie was green & white … my missionary work is working …



    the world is a changing :-)

  29. GFTB



    Ma Granny Stewart lived on Cornhill Drive and then moved across the road to North Square.



    I was born in 49 Long Row.



    Hail hail




  30. Matt 11.22pm



    Am an interloper Summerlee Bhoy all ma days (oh my days) I am enjoying life in the Gartsherrie enclave … North Square is still standing …



    Not sure how long you have been away but trust me it’s still the same … :-)



    Keep telling your stories on here, terrific stuff

  31. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Matt, great read about David Fernandez.



    When Livi won the league cup against Hibs, David was by far the best player on the pitch setting up one if not both Livi’s goals.



    I ‘m certain he never blamed Gary Caldwell for the serious injury he suffered despite the media doing their usual to get him to publicy have a pop at Gary.



    Another fine win for our team today despite not being at full strength and playing a new system.



    Jobo, my email is playing up would it be ok to list my top 3. 1 Calum. 2. Jeremie 3 Christopher Jullien.