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  1. Great win today. It was 10 vs 14 when Dan (who I thought looked a bit shaky and unconvincing) was sent off.



    We’re really up against it. Blatant cheating from the officials.

  2. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Just in from match … Great result and players dug in.. Tried hard .. Bit ropey after Dan sent off but Kris C helped.. Also , fair play Sammi.. We had the usual.. Brilliance , unpredictable ,over elaborate and dramatic.. You wonder what he’s like at home? I can see him crying if his toast gets burned!!



    BUT… Sammi recently.. He s the man .. Trying so hard ..



    The officials were blatantly cheating.. We sit North stand lower and linesman in front of us was shocking.. Big Dan … Honestly.. What are the officials on???



    Cheating.. And what happened to the clock? 86 mins and times getting called!



    Hail hail ..

  3. Just back from a very cold Parkhead.



    Gutsy performance, officials a disgrace.



    remain unconvinced with kelvin Wilson,Had he put the tackle in prior to dan’s red card then we wouldst have had the issue in the first place.



    None the less, delighted with the 3 points

  4. Sorry bhoys…



    copy and paste instead…



    Steven McLean is one of Scotland’s up-and-coming officials



    9 February 2012 Last updated at 13:29



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    print..Scottish referees reap benefit of Spanish training camp


    By John Barnes


    BBC Scotland Referee Steven McLean says Scotland’s top officials will reap the benefit of their week-long training camp in Spain.



    The La Manga Sports Complex in Spain is host to 25 category one referees, 11 category two referees and the country’s only Fifa female referee Morag Pirie.



    McLean told BBC Scotland: “It’s been an excellent team-building exercise for all of us because we don’t have this opportunity too often.”



    This is the fifth year the four-day course has been held.



    However the trip to the south of Spain has been anything but a holiday for the men and woman in black.



    The Scottish Football Association’s Head of Referee development John Fleming is supervising the event.



    Continue reading the main story


    “In order for us to get as many decisions correct we need to be in peak physical condition”



    Steven McLean



    Category One referee



    McLean combines his duties as a grade one official with that of Referee Recruitment and Education manager at the SFA. It is a job he shares with fellow ref Craig Thomson.



    Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound programme McLean said: “It’s been a very worthwhile exercise.



    “We arrived on Monday and immediately had a training session. We had a double session on Tuesday and another on Wednesday. Then we had video analysis and meetings to discuss the season so far, including both positives and negatives.



    “Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of being full-time like the players do. But we get this chance to basically be full-time for a week.



    “It’s great to take advantage of that and having hard sessions mixed with recovery sessions, which is what we have been doing.



    “Graeme Jones and John McQuade our sports scientist and fitness consultant have been developing sessions which have been specifically tailored for that.



    “It’s been very good from a physiological and training view point. It’s been excellent.”



    McLean admits the fitness levels of referees are now so important because of the pace of the modern game.



    The 30 year-old whistler, who has been a Fifa official since 2010, said: “The players are getting fitter, faster and stronger and therefore the game develops at quite a pace now.



    “So in order for us to get as many decisions correct we need to be in peak physical condition.



    “The guys prepare very well and the fitness level as a group has improved enormously over the last five to 10 years and that can only benefit the game in Scotland and benefit us as referees and our performances.



    “The more decisions we can get correct, especially in the final third and important decisions in the penalty area, you need to be in close proximity to incidents to get the best viewing angle to make the correct decisions and if that gives us more credibility then that is only a positive thing and that’s what we’re

  5. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    Was wondering myself about the clock. I started my watch at 90 mins on the big screen. 3 mins extra was called but the game stopped after a minute and a half.

  6. The other day I emailed Radio Scotland and asked them to play the Kaiser Chiefs “I Predict A Riot” when the huns go into administration.



    Maybe if enough others ask they’ll play it.






    ps starry plough that mix is the dog’s b’s!

  7. 2012 and the Naehun Prophecies says:


    11 February, 2012 at 18:01



    Aye I never got round to timestamping it, just reviewed Big Dans sending off unbelievable, the guy should be sacked on the spot, in any other line of work such incompetence would be punished.



    See your on the Mixcloud too, be checking that out after my dinner..



    Hail Hail..

  8. Just back from the game. Conversation with my brother before the game started. “Who is the ref I asked” “McLean” He says. “We will need to be at our very best today, if he gets the chance to influence the result make no mistake he will take it”



    Not surpised by his performance today. Lived up to my expectations.




  9. financial brains probing celtic finances on FF…hillariousss




    Keevins is sure Celtic will release positive 6 monthly accounts on Monday


    If he is indeed correct, I am puzzled how they do it!





    Re: Keevins is sure Celtic will release positive 6 monthly accounts on Monday


    Private loans from Desmond Dekker do not get put through their accounts.




    I am no accountant but if you look there is a provision on there accounts for loans from the executive club which i take it would mean the directors however I cant confirm.



    It also looks like they have creative accounting and they have bank debt between £20-30M(not net debt) but again I cant confirm maybe someone with an accountancy or auditor background could have a look and see.




    They owe Dermot Desmond millions. It’s the only explanation.



    Pretty sure such loans are illegal for a plc as well.



    Here’s hoping some investigative journalist will do a bit of digging and expose what we know is happening.




    Im told they still havnt paid for Lennoxtown but our impartial mhedia choose not to mention this




    Re: Keevins is sure Celtic will release positive 6 monthly accounts on Monday


    IF they release positive accounts next week then surely they are due an investigation..




    Correctamundo, Dermot Desmond has already pumped around £50 million into that cesspit and thats why their books always balance,plus, Glasgow council paid for Lennoxtown, if that was on the balance sheets they would be in more debt than us !



  10. 2012 and the Naehun Prophecies,



    I loved your phrase earlier:



    ‘The resurrection of Georgios Samaras’




  11. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. on




    Gonny go over and tell them that Fegus McCann was actually the Queen in disguise and that it was The Tory Government who refinanced Celtic in 1994.



    Before that Hitler was in charge with Pol Pot as his CEO




  12. bournesouprecipe on

    Not long back due to the usual abysmal police trafficking, and roadworks.



    An extremely warmly welcomed victory for Celtic, in the face of real adversity and not much time for gleeful singing, even from the GB in this second half.



    Another example of 93 minutes punctuated, with blatant cheating from the SFA officials bizarrely rounded off with a sending off for Daniel Majstorovic in a recovery last ditch tackle, in which he took the ball as clean as a whistle.



    Celtic did well to overcome the shock, let alone the need to quickly regroup with ten men, and Ki Seung Yung replaced Wanyama who switched to Centre Back, and Celtic led by Samaras held firm but only just, as Commons eventually was swapped for Forrest, who had ran out of ideas.



    Inverness were fired up from the start of this match, and any Celtic fan celebrating an SPL cakewalk needs therapy, because every obstacle will be put in front of us if today was a snapshot, of what lies ahead.



    Joe Ledley’s arrival as a penalty box finisher is welcome and stunning performances from Mulgrew, Samaras, and Brown helped cement the victory, though on the downside the pairing of Majstorovic and Kelvin Wilson looks much less convincing than Rogne and Mulgrew.



    Three points, and a brilliant result for Celtic, underpinned with a timely warning that we have a long way to go to recapture the title.



    Hail Hail

  13. Paddy Gallagher on

    The Queen and Mc Cann eh, never made the connection myself, but did notice a fondness for head-wear

  14. Jim on message furra ranjurs………




    commercial annihilation for the huns is unthinkable….

  15. Very happy winning 1 0 think it irks the other mob as well with the such a tight scoreline. i know whenever they win by the odd goal im always a wee bit more frustrated the other team didnt take anything off them. So as they say get it up them!

  16. Having watched Mr Winters poor performance at lunch time which was followed by the three stooges who officiated at Celtic Park this afternoon no need to guess what was discussed by Grade one officials at La Manga, operation save Rankers is now in full swing, it is clear we are going to have to overcome ridiculous levels of mibbery from now till the end of the season.



    Peter Lawwell should be warning Regan another all out war is about to break out with Lawwell leading the troops against the referees this time anything less Peter and you are selling the Celtic family short

  17. I have never see a display of cheating as I did today.



    Winning this league will NOT be easy, they have it in for us and are doing it blatently without any shame.

  18. Ten Men Won The League on

    So, Cousin hasn’t signed yet but TFPLG is ‘hopeful’ that a deal can be ‘concluded’ in the next few days



    Does anyone foresee a wee last minute ‘hitch’ to this deal for the 25 stone frontman?

  19. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    Well, well, well,



    They’re going to learn the hard way, that this sort of behaviour is only going to make this Celtic team stronger. Chewin on a grievance is fine medicine for makin you fight faster, harder, and for longer.



    I’m the most wary of making predictions. But today gave something different. I’ll say this once and once only.



    We are going to win this league.

  20. I’m on my way home from the game just now, Celtic were poor today, very sluggish I felt, Forrest was very poor, particularly when we were down to ten men he looked lazy to me.



    The referee tried his best for Rangers, but Forster was rarely tested so that failed, ha ha :)



    However we came through it, passmarks must go to Ledley, Brown, Samaras and Mulgrew, well played Bhoys, bring on the hibees!



    Hail hail !!




  21. Paddy Gallagher on

    Ten Men Won The League says:


    11 February, 2012 at 18:31


    So, Cousin hasn’t signed yet but TFPLG is ‘hopeful’ that a deal can be ‘concluded’ in the next few days



    Does anyone foresee a wee last minute ‘hitch’ to this deal for the 25 stone frontman?




    Hibs? :-)

  22. Just in from game. How come the plod can’t clear Springfield Road to Farme Cross?



    Total hun bassa cheating ref.


    Worst since Dallas sent Mahe off and gave Hun penalty coz he got hit by a coin.



    This league will be hard to win. Mibbery will only get worse. I’ll take 0-0 at the Bigotdome right now as they will do as they please and be ably assisted if they get there still close enough to us to have any chance.



    Remember last year, they scraped one goal victories, goal difference -20 or something, all of a sudden they were pumping Top 6 teams 5 and 6 nothing.



    The Huns are hurting; the more they hurt the greater the cheating.



    Bigotdome in March: A place for real, brave, Celtic men.



    Ref McLean you are a disgrace.




  23. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    lionroars67 says:


    11 February, 2012 at 18:27



    Well said. I expect the strongest of official complaints regarding the diabolical refereeing, even more so as they have just spent four days partly at our expense ‘honing’ their skills in Spain.



    And in that conext what a fantastic result today. Well done the Bhoys!!!!! :)




  24. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    Eurochamps67 says:


    11 February, 2012 at 18:34



    The fight will not be at ibroke, it’ll be at Hampden and the phone should be red hot right now.




  25. Brilliant performances today from Chas, Joe and eventually Sammi. Broonie got there.


    Kelvin? I don’t know, a centre back who appears to not engage in contact?


    James Forrest a boy today, it’s OK.



    Great 3 points. GIRUT.




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