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  1. Ki slices it wide. Sammi keeps ball in beats player and Williams sent off as he takes Sammi out

  2. Ref now realises he has to fake ‘honesty’…..so,that he can keep his ‘job’ i.e. making sure The Unclean heave their way to attempting to salvage their season.


    What words to us? This officiating is low,sleekit,cunning mendacity.


    Commons on for Forrest.

  3. Bhoys we are watching THE CHAMPIONS ELECT!



    I will take much,much more pleasure from this performance (if we win) than the victory over the minis.


    Bhoys became men today in the most adverse conditions imaginable.


    Charlie Mulgrew shading it above a few others for the outstanding player on the park.


    Honorable mentions for Big Vic and Joe Hunskelper Ledley too.



    ‘Mon the Hoops!

  4. I predict the ‘ref’ will manage a penalty for ICT.


    fK fluffed by ICT.


    Bronnie runs another mile to keep ICT under the cosh.