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  1. Difficult game today made very difficult by some very strange calls by the MIB. Big Dan being sent off for what? The ref was miles away and the assistant made no indictation of there being a foul – Celtic must appeal.

  2. Phew!



    Well earned 3 points.



    The officials were as incompetant as we were professional.



    Job done.




  3. Tough 3 points. We ended up grinding it out. On the Masto sending off, it looked like it might be the right decision. However, if you watch the forward, he gets straight up without even a glance at the ref thinking it was a fair challenge. The Bhoys were obviously tired after Wednesday so credit where credit’s due. Great win

  4. Great 3 points to get in the circumstances



    4 points clear and holding



    Well Done, Lenny & The Bhoys

  5. Solid, brave and disciplined performance.



    Some outstanding performances, particularly Ledley, Brown and my MOTM, Sammi.



    I expect Celtic to appeal the red card.

  6. Ten Men Won The League on

    Superb 3 points



    The club must complain about McLeans refereeing performance today



    4 points clear



    We shall not be moved

  7. Well done to the Hoops but we must complain about the MIBs performance today.


    Report the cheats when were winning,again well done to the troops



  8. oglach says:


    11 February, 2012 at 17:00



    Who was the MOM




    I think Brown got the stadium MOTM. Can’t argue too much with that. A real captain’s performance.

  9. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    Oglach, MOTM?



    Samaras was great but Brown was outstanding in his captains role.




  10. great result joe sammy browny all ran their heart out today have we ever seen such an incompetent ref and linesman,


    well done lenny and the boys

  11. Brown was superb today.


    Sammi was outstanding.


    Mulgrew was sublime.


    Ledley was terrific.


    Bhoys to men

  12. Got to hold my hand up I was one of the critics of Sammi and Broonie.But hey they were pish but they sure have turned it round.Well done to the two of them.

  13. A refereeing display that harks back to the darker moments of the last few years. It was noticeable from the first minute.



    In light of that I thought we were magnificent. We really are a team to be proud of at the moment.

  14. The hamster had a poor day today


    He obviously needs a few more peanuts before the game


    Some oil on the wheel may help his wee legs to keep running