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  1. Efe surges forward, to Lassad over half way, gives it away. ICT head for the corner to eat up time. Only three added.

  2. well the paddy fans got their wish, no made much of a difference to me



    we’re still gash today




  3. RRC:


    16:52 on


    24 November, 2012


    The players are responsible for their performance


    The referee is responsible for his performance




    Accurate summary but referee will be praised and the players will be condemned.

  4. We may be able to make one more chance.



    Fraser Forster long to Lassad. Cleared to half way. Efe and Lustig combine. Keeper will get it.

  5. The up and down form continues under Neil, this has been coming, not started the season well and we continue to rollercoaster in form under his stewadship i’m affraid. Again not good enough and half fit players on display and we know what we get in the spl refwise. so no moan from me, We should be better than this in the spl, Attitude stinks across the board.




  6. Kev bungle


    What’s being a Celtic fan got to do with team performance?


    There’s Danny McGrain on the staff who was not a Celtic fan but is one of our greatest ever players

  7. What is it with this time of year and celtic these last few years?



    You do realise if we lose or draw today that sevco will by default become the greatest team ever with hunners of millions of pounds and tons of dignity? And it will all be kris commons or dermot desmonds fault….

  8. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Bad day at the office Bhoys!



    You know what. I am unhappy at losing the game but the league is a hell of a lot more interesting with teams competing for everything. Long may that bit at least continue.



    Win lose or draw. Still proud to be a Celt

  9. Cluggers.. played this Game.. very well..



    We ..Didnae.



    Simple..as that.



    Sammi, and Commons should no hiv Played..



    Sammi, hiz bin a Passenger.. especially..in the Second Hauf.



    Commons , Ah wid gie Him a Long, Long , Rest.



    He is Faur too Inconsistent.






    Unhappy.. as .. Romney.

  10. Chas, long for Sami. ICT have it. Efe has it. Last few seconds.



    Sami to Lustig, chance to cross, but it’s out of play.



    All over.




  11. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    I’m all for closer competition but some questions are starting to emerge over this team’s SPL performances…

  12. As bad as murray has been, we’ve been exponentially worse.



    It really strikes me that Neil is suffering a bit from the O’Neill syndrome of playing his favourites without fail.



    Full time. Totally unacceptable. If the team is tired then Neil should be playing those who are fit.

  13. Just shocking stuff. Lots of credit for our efforts in Europe but it is simply embarrassing to lose at home to the spl dross.

  14. result doesnt matter now guys, big picture is we are rotten at home and in the spl. Had no confidence going into the match and I am getting sick of the excuse makers about europe and Neil being indifferent about our form. no huns doesnt mean no effort. Im affraid.




  15. Celtic first



    Great effort with the updates today. Thanks.



    I would like to be the first to say that you are blameless for today’s defeat.

  16. hey if lenny and his team are prepared to take the plaudits then by feck they can take stick when it’s merited



    and 3 shots on target over 90 mins is a downright disgrace