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  1. Starry Plough..


    How.. Perpicacious ..






    We need a Mid Field General..,




    A Lubo. type..



    Ah wid…. Dis Assemble oor Present Mid Field..’



    We need tae start awe over again.. there…



    Ledley..Is No Much Use…



    Broonie..is.. but.. He is Physical Health.. maks him … untrustworthy..



    Kayal.. Ah wid Keep… he has Possibilities..






    Sammi,is wasting a Positiion in the Team.. He should Only Play in Europe..



    The S.P.L. is No his Type o’ Environment…



    Commons..is No gonna get any bettah..


    He is





    Thirty Years Old…’



    Fuggettaboot him… Ditch him frum yer plans.. Neil..



    That is..



    If ye Are Wise..






    the only Mid Fielder Ah wid Keep.. wid by..



    Victor..and he needs tae Grow up .. a wee bit mair…





    Too Unhappy.. tae Smile.

  2. I thought Ambrose was easily our best player. The two English amigos (one of whom plays for Scotland) need to show the same attitude.

  3. Starry Plough, again completely about the lack of a playmaker


    in the middle of the park. Ki was our only CM who could pick


    a pass and was never replaced. 4 defensive minded midfielders


    played in Benfica on Wednesday in Brown, Mulgrew, Ledley & Kayal


    and while I can accept this away in Europe, when it comes to


    domestic matters we are struggling especially when the likes of


    Commons seems happy to pick and choose when he turns up.


    A creative CM is essential in the window.

  4. Philybhoy


    To answer your question YES.


    I am unconvinced by his overall tactical ability


    He rightfully gets praise for Europe as his tactics have been right


    But this is one of the poorest creative Celtic sides I’ve seen


    There is a ton of ability in our squad but they seem shackled by our tactical approach


    Our inability to create more than a few chances per gr no matter who the opposition is tells its own story

  5. Arbroath?







    Far from gloating and result today was shocking and demoralising.




    Board need to decide, balance sheet or guys who live Celtic?

  6. Hooper would appear to be player whose mind is elsewhere.


    And as well as Neil’s physically dominating striker, the acquisition of a player with the ability to come up with game changing passes is a necessity.


    Neither will come cheap.


    But that’s reality.

  7. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    After a sensible post like that, they’ll be calling you a hun on here!



    The buck stops at Neil Lennon!

  8. When Celtic have played this season, they have been brilliant and when they are not on their game they are dreadful.



    When we drew with St Johnstone – the players were tired and needed a rest. The same players have played since at Pittodrie, in Lisbon AND today.

  9. Only caught second half but everything broke down with Commons and Hooper, both look v jaded for some reason.



    All round lack of intensity and not taking opposition seriously enough.



    No need to panic though.

  10. PFayr



    Season being saved? Its November !



    We are in 4 competitions



    Punching WAY above our wait and being distracted by a fantastic credible champions league performance.



    After our CL european adventures we will romp away with this league.

  11. Another poor performance. And on a freezing cold day. At least it didn’t rain…



    A poor run of form in the domestic wasteland.



    You can’t have everything, though many petulant malcontents demand it.



    So on to the next for Lenny and his bhoys. A few boots up erses early this week and hopefully a rebirth against those Edinburgh vermin on Wednesday.




    Personally, I’d trade this SPL inconsistency for the great European displays.



    We’ll hit form again around January-February and take the title at a canter.



    And before the usual suspects demand I back up my ‘over-confidence’ with detailed predictions, I’ll simply point you in the direction of these redoubtable chaps whose business it is to make money on predictions: Mr Patrick Power, Mr. William Hill, Lad Brokes, etc, etc.



    If you doubt the Hoops ability to win this league in any way I’m sure the above will listen intently and offer you good odds for your fool’s gold.



    Let’s just all take a deep breath and look towards a return to form.



    Oh, and is the ‘unacceptable’ tally hit over 100 yet?…

  12. Came on here on leaving Paradise against St Johnstone and argued why I paid £500 to watch that mince.



    Getting worse.




  13. Desertbhoy



    Perspective …budgets, players available etc



    This should be much easier for us than it is proving



    We’ve taken 11 points from a possible 21 ….

  14. Only saw last twenty but if rest of game was like that then pity help us.



    Our team is out of form with injuries not helping, would seem that Lenny is out of form as well.



    Lenny will you please drop your favorites before things get out of hand, get back to playing football.



    We have2 games to find a bit of form.





    Fekin disgusting, heartless, terrible,


    not the team but the majority of the supporters,


    Fekin boo boys, and definitely not real bhoys,

  16. Evening bhoys from a cool hun free mountain.



    No happy, not going to try and justify the performace, as there wasn’t one.



    Brother Murray was a disgrace, but for once I can’t blame the ref for the result.



    You really need to get it sorted Lenny.



    A couple of CL games keeping our season going.



    Still top of the league tho, still in with a chance of the last 16.



    Could be playing in the 4th div.

  17. Abysmal home league form continues – 11 points from a possible 21. Win percentage of just over 50%. 7 goals in 7 games.



    Very little creativity or cutting edge.






    Season being saved by some CL heroics.




  18. Totally unacceptable, Neil needs to have good look in the mirror, 14 league games played and we’ve only won 7 of them.

  19. I only got to see the last 15 minutes of the game through a dodgy stream. Efe wanted it Big Time.



    It is likely to get a bit downbeat over the next few hours on CQN. This is just a Team of youngsters really who are exposed to materialism at every turn and get the Bling of the Champions League then the utter mundaneness of a SPL game against Inverness.



    All I will say is, for Celtic to continually improve, and by that I mean taking care of domestic and European duties, then we should be looking to the Efe Ambrose model.



    Brother Murray must have been emboldened by the news this week, his bounce ball decision when Celtic were breaking was incredible, I’m guessing he was like that the whole game?



    SteakBakeSally was giving off all the Masonic comments yesterday about levels etc but I am sure they are going to get their comeuppance.

  20. Seanandliam



    That’s the reality of it



    If Barca had taken some of their chances at CP and Sammy hadnt scored that last minute cracker in Moscow we’d be in turmoil



    Ifs, buts and ands but the league form is just awful

  21. Look, Celtic deserve great credit for the season they have had but fans are not coming to home games in our domestic league. These are not purely down to financial matters – it is down to effort and entertainment.



    We cannot absolve the team and the manager for a good season in Europe when we have the best team and players in the division.



    We need to win the league to be back there next season. We won’t win the Champions league or the Europa league so to be back there (WITH 3 QUALIFIERS) we need to be champions. I believe we will be in the long run but if we were losing and playing well it would be more palatable.



    I haven’t enjoyed watching any games in the league at Celtic park. Really poor and depressing.

  22. ..pfayr…budgets squads agreed..we should be beating these at a canter, but that’s maybe the problem..they’re up for it we’re not!!



    and i’m also sick of the “tired after CL” games..jeezus we’ve got a big squad why not use it ffs. Not saying we change 11 or one side for europe stuff but that was diabolical

  23. As much as we will bump our gums and fingertips, the answers will not be found on CQN.


    It looks like we need some desire and motivation on Saturdays.


    I thought about bringing in some youngsters or fringe players and asking them to play for a place.


    We had Watt on today and Kayal in for Brown.


    Kayal did ok but didn’t set the heather on fire.


    Watt was a lonely figure with poor service.


    I have no ready answers, and I refuse to be critical of Neil.


    I guess we will just have to offer prayers for the visit to Tynecastle.




  24. Its very easy to lift your game when you are playing against players superior to you.



    If it is as easy to lower your game when you are playing against players inferior to you, then you have a poor attitude and lack professionalism and its sad to say that it is rife amongst certain players within this squad.



    Cup Finals against inferior players hasnt been enough for them to raise or simply maintain their performance.



    Samaras, Hooper, Commons are amongst the worst culprits.



    I am delighted Ambrose isnt in that category because I thought he was excellent today – the only one who was.



    When the root of the problem is attitude then a softy softy sympathetic approach from the manager is the wrong one.



    He must be as equal in your criticism as you are with your praise and vice versa.

  25. Pre Season Lenny did dramatic culling of the squad, which left us with 23 outfield players, 6 or 7 of whom are injured which effectively means we have a real squad of about 16 for 10 places. Before people jump in about development squad who there is better then the more senior players and ready to step up. Players have had a lot of big games in a short time, between Europe/Internationals & Domestic, some lads have lost form but the playing squad is too bare to replace them. We will struggle whilst we are playing mid-week European games, once the Spartak game is over, we will see some domestic consistancy.

  26. Top of the league with a game in hand



    No issues with fans being arrested on bogus charges



    Ryland still in the X factor



    Could be worse I suppose, it could be rainin’

  27. Ah don’t believe in the ” Boots up the Erses”… punishment..



    and am an Aficionado o’ the.



    “If the Wine is Nae good.. Then.. THROW THE BOATTLE OOT!”



    Ah wid Ditch .. Commons .. fur a Start..






    Ah wid gie Sammi… Very few mair Games.



    Ye hivtae… Be ruthless.



    Hoops.. and Tony.. goat very little… Opportunities.. tae Show whit they Hiv goat..



    And the reason fur that..



    Celtic, dinna Hiv a Mid Fielder..in the Team.



    WHO HIZ VISION..and Fitba’ Intelligence..,




    oor.. Mid Field is where we ur Lettin oorsels Doon… Big Time..






    This Jan.. Use a Bunch o the Euro Cash..



    AND go oot.. and Find us..



    Two.. Good.. Mid Fielders.. who kin..



    Play Intelligent Fitba.. instead o’



    Un-Intelligent Fitba’



    Maks sense Tae Me..






    Still … Feelin’… mucho disappointment..at the shoddy display.. of oor Mid Field..



    The Day.