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  1. Notthebus



    I can only comment on the season thus far ..



    How would you consider it was progressing without the CL



    We’ll win the league because the rest are poor

  2. PF Ayr



    I know what you’re saying BUT in Moscow, Barcelona and at home to the Catalans we had effort, ability and skill.



    Today and every other home game this season in the league we’ve had precious little of it.

  3. Given the poor show or no show in the SPL then changes have to be made.


    Otherwise what opportunity and motivation for fringe players who see rubbish rewarded every week with a starting place?


    I was away doing situps.

  4. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    The point I am making is that Neil Lennon should be judged on the teams performance.



    25 points from 42 in the league is crap, even if we are still top.



    When will Neil Lennon admit that it might just be his fault?



    Playing his favourites, or guys who just aint fit, or guys who just aren’t doing it in the SPL.



    How many youngsters have we brought through under the current management team?






    Please don’t blame the CL.



    Two games a week for trained athletes should not be a problem.



    The manager needs too make some serious changes.



    The fans will vote with their feet and their wallets unless their is an improvement soon.



    Jock Stein always said being kingpins of your own midden was more important than doing well in Europe.

  5. Kojo I forecast Samaras for 2 goals against Barca most likely Charlie Mulgrew set pieces.



    The basis of my forecast was big Giorgos playing in the shop window.

  6. Snake



    If you’re struggling to attend the match….financially , logistically etc



    You will not push yourself to attend while the current standard of performance is being served up



    I have the cold today …didn’t go …..saw this rubbish coming …years gone by I was there half dead

  7. Notthebus @17:07



    I suppose it was one of the same 20,000 clowns within the stadium that booed the substitution of Tony Watt with McCourt or one of the 10,000 that were still in the stadium that were booing at time up


    Every visiting manager at Parkhead can be heard to say, lets frustrate


    the crowd,


    and oh! boy!, how easily were they frustrated today,


    this is a young team we are building,


    if someone was getting on my back at work i know my performance would be affected.


    Get a grip boo boys, if you don’t like it


    don’t go!!!.




    A major problem is that in spite of our poor home form we are still top of the league.



    Now if we were third and falling behind, the same attitude that saw us come back from 3 down at Killie last year would kick in.



    Attitude has a lot to do with performance and the belief that it will be all right on the night is not helping us.



    The ref was not to blame but he was very inconsistent.



    Was their goal off side btw, looked it.

  10. We seem to have built a team with Europe in mind…. Strong defensively and good on the counter attack.



    We seem to have forgotten that in the SPL that’s the wrong kind of team!



    We have a ball playing creative midfielder in the squad. His name is Ibrahim. Where is he? Time to give him a chance.

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    The biggest concern for me after todays match most of our team were not up for the game I do not know why that was? Parkhead is no longer our strong hold.The Russian team will take heart from our poor home form but we dont need to be shouting for heads to roll we need to get behind the team and let Lennie sort it out we are sleep walking our way to throwing the SPL title away so come on Bhoys dont lose the faith our team our manager need us to support them.H.H.

  12. …midden …sums up the performances that good money is wasted on…one CL game a must win and hope barca don’t roll over

  13. A Professional Fitba Player…






    Very, Very SELDOM..if.. EVAH..



    Lose the Ba.. when He is In possession…




    Commons… diz this.. Too Frequently, fur Ma Liking..



    Sammi… Tae.. is a Big, Big .offender in daeing this..












    Noo.. If ye watch.. Tony.. ye wull see



    That .’




    He .. Very Seldom Loses the Ba.. when He has Possession…



    tae Me. that Marks Him.. as .. A Guy.. who is Worth his Position .



    Fur..Keeping Possesion of the Football…It is Fundamental Part of the Game.



    If Ah wur King..



    Ah wid point that oot.. Very Forcibly..






    Sammi, Hoops…and Commons..




  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Ntass Oolla



    I heard him say it. It was a televised interview from Celtic Park.



    But as it was over 40 years ago I cannot be specific about the date or the time of day.



    Any other questions?

  15. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Easy to lift your game with 60000 fans getting behind you and having a ball. Not as easy with a quiet stadium where the voices of dissenters are heard. We appear to be need the support to play better but at the same time we need to play better to attract the support. Get the gb back straight away and improve the match day experience. The 12th man is needed urgently.

  16. We are top of the league ,nearly in the last sixteen in the champions league and after dec 5th we will have time to concentrate on league business till march.I know people pay a lot of money to get to games, and the performances can be a lot better, especially after european matches but some of the criticism on here is not really justified of certain players.We win as a team and lose as a team. Hail Hail.

  17. Kev Jungle



    If Guidi said anything stupid it was that if Celtic don’t win the next three games their season will fall apart.



    Semi-Final of the League cup


    In one European football competition after Christmas after negotiating 2 qualifiers agaisnt teams mid-season


    Top of the league with a game in hand.



    How on earth is that a season falling apart?



    Performances – unacceptable at home in the league.



    Maybe you should write his article tomorrow.

  18. ….PFayr


    17:25 on


    24 November, 2012



    I dont think you can sepreate the two.CL having a massive impact on our domestic problems



    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!


    17:28 on


    24 November, 2012



    With respect you didn’t answer.Should we change the manager?

  19. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I’m getting fed up with this “young team” crap as a constant excuse for failure.



    Mcgeogh, Watt, Twardzic, Chalmers, Fraser, et al are young. Apart from Watt when did any of these other lads feature from the start in a non friendly game?



    No sammi commons broonie mulgrew Lassad Miku hooper wilson are no that young!

  20. notthebus…no need to change the manager..just some of his selections..tired after CL games but still turns out the same team..something contradicts!!

  21. Philbhoy



    Thats maybe a tad harsh, I understand the sentiment however it must be difficult managing the modern day footballers ego.



    In the aftermath of a good euro performance or good result the praise, the worship and adulation young men have heaped on them must go straight to the head.



    The answer is that the players use Celtic Park as their depot to and from training.



    The best way for the players to see both sides of the coin and not just the adulation is to meet the punters face to face win lose and draw.



    The prospect of knowing whats to come before and after training next week following a result like that would be have to be an additional incentive.



    Its also a great way to keep guys grounded and level headed.



    The East End Glasgow mannerism is very, shall we say honest..

  22. Notthebus



    We’ve been in the CL before ….last 16 twice …our league form then was much better than now

  23. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Ach am away te make the tea!



    It’s tuna linguine, very tasty and quite healthy.



    It’s the red wine that’s killing me.

  24. Absolute rubbish.. Players should be ashamed of themselves.. ICT were humped 5-1 a week ago.. Players seem to think there better than they are cos of 2 wins in champions league against barca and spartak.. Spartak match we scored a last minute goal against 10 men to win and the barca match lets be honest we could have lost that match if barca had of took their chances…. Were badly lacking creativity… Worryig times ahead of Spartak match next week.. Based on that performance 2day we will not win the match.

  25. Auldheid



    A major problem is that in spite of our poor home form we are still top of the league.



    I don’t know if I can agree with that.



    I would be more worried if we were 2nd or 3rd playing they way we are in the spl.



    It’s obvious there is a motovational problem, how it’s fixed, no idea.



    I thought it was offside, but we were not at the races today.



    I suppose you get what you pay for, top players who perform week in week out cost serious money, either to buy or pay wages for.

  26. Ntass Oola




    Yep.. Ah agree..



    Sammi, is a Big, Big, Game Player,,



    Mebbe, ye are correct.. with yer observation..






    Sammi,is Mainly a Passenger in S.P.L. Games… and.. Plays ..


    Extremely Ineffectively.. ..and Seldom.. Scores.



    Whereas,in Big, Big, games..Internationals.. And Euro.. Ones..



    Sammi..Plays .. Extremely Effectively. And Scores .



    Of THAT, AH Am Painfully Aware..’



    Surely, Neil, should be ..as Well??



    Yet..He continues tae Play Sammi ,in S.P.L . Games..




  27. Snake Plissken



    17:41 on 24 November, 2012




    I’ve been called – Gerry McNee ?


    I’ve been called – Hugh Keevins ?


    Now you want me to write – Mark Gudi’s column ?


    Whit happens if the pygmies who run Celtic


    ban me as well ?


    Then the TRUTH won’t get out – CSC