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  1. The crowd are blamed for today’s performance on the one hand and given credit for the Barca performance on the other.


    The crowd always get behind the team. That changes when the crowd see no effort or heart.



    The players have contracts guaranteeing their wages for years to come. The crowd underwrite that guarantee. They therefore will not shut up. No matter who tells them to do so. They will dance to nobody’s tune but their own.

  2. The inconsistency of the team is matched by the inconsistency of many posters here, saying one thing before a game and something entirely different after, I’m not happy, far from it but I still believe we have a good young team and have the foundations to build a great one. I do accept that Lenny has built an ideal European team strong in defence and good on the counter. Its working better away from home in the SPL where some teams are having a go but at home when teams are doing to us what we did to Barca its not working. I still feel after the Spartak game things will come right and we will have a healthy SPL lead by the time the Euros come round again.

  3. Corkcelt you say “The inconsistency of the team is matched by the inconsistency of many posters here, saying one thing before a game and something entirely different after”



    That’s true. But. There is no connection between both phenomena.

  4. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Right now I’m worth about 50 quid!



    Too much month left at the end of the money!

  5. We were poor but Murray is a cheat im sure Brother Thomson will be MIB @ Swinecastle on Wednesday.

  6. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Ntass oola.


    Consider our form away from home where the support get behind the team.


    Consider our form at home in European competition where the support get behind the team.


    Now consider our form at home in domestic competition.


    It’s hard not to draw a conclusion about how the support affect the performance of this young team.


    The bad news is that you can make a prediction about the score in the next home game without green brigade support.

  7. I really think we need to nip this “oh we’ll still win the league anyway” chat in the bud.



    It’s disrespectful to the other teams. I honestly think there’s a complacency in this team that needs sorting out and quick.



    Play like we did today at Tynecastle and we’ll get a doin’.

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I have not noticed anyone congratulating Inverness they came off the back of a 5-1 hammering and they came to frustrate.There tactics worked for them and we didnt have an answer so well done Inverness C.T. and Terry Butcher.Lennie you need to take a long hard look at your squad a good few of them need to be rested.H.H.

  9. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    I want Celtic to play well and be consistent, most of the time.



    I’m not getting anywhere near that at the moment.



    Some great highs and lots of p*ss poor lows.



    Still, it is still only November.( the end of)

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    …..he has rights and may quit when he wishes.



    Is Pep still unemploted?

  11. Silver City 1888



    17:50 on24 November, 2012Top of the League? We’re as good as we need to be.


    I think you have summed it up mate.Motivation factor is low,thank God for the CL.

  12. Obonfanti






    That type of attitude is verging on the arrogant



    If a team gets their act together then we could be in trouble

  13. The Reason D’Etre…



    Fur .



    Hivin..a Large Squad of Players at the Manager’s Disposal..






    It gives the Manager.. lot’s of Options.. when Assemblin his Team fur that day’s Game..’



    Neil..should be Mair Aware of That.



    He should be quite.. Ruthless.. when it comes tae



    Pick that Proper Horse fur ..the Race..



    Obviously.. He .. is NOT being Ruthless Enuff.. when it comes to makin


    His Picks



    Fur his..



    Bread and Butter kinda Games



    Fur His Euro Confrontos.. he Diz…



    Extremely well…



    Howevah….he should remember that



    If we dinnae..



    Win This League Race..



    There wull no be Any European LEAGUE Glory.. tae speak of.


    with it’s Chance tae Snag a Buckeful of Cash.




  14. Just home, at least the traffic wasn’t as bad as normal today.



    Another baffling performance in a season where home form borders on the bizarre when


    viewed in balance with our squad of players, and European progress.



    As usual Celtic opened brightly against ICT who predictably were set up like pikemen to thwart the Celtic charge.



    And although we squandered two great chances, there was no width, no creativity, no overlap and most of all no incisive Celtic play, and so the plateau reached in previous home game was quickly met before half time, and the Celtic support with resignation settled in for more of what had gone before in every single home SPL game.



    Calum Murray was in fine form though and produced a yellow for Kayal and Samaras both playing in ball winning roles, and just to remind us early doors that Scotland will never be a level playing field.



    Frenetic second half of huff and puff and nothingness except the predictable ICT breakaway and tidy finish.



    The worst parts in home form are praying for a draw, cheering a corner, being relieved when ICT hit the bar on another breakaway, the unzipping of Paddy McCourts tracksuit a Hail Mary that surely by now, we know never works and is inappropriate.



    If Neil Lennon has football eyes and I believe he has, he must see the players we have are suited to a different game to the cavalry charge that’s failed at home in the SPL



    We’ll actually beat Hearts comfortably on Wednesday just like we did in Aberdeen when the side is away from home ‘defends’ and the focus is on simply not to lose.

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Much as I love Lennie if its true hes threatened to quit because some fans got on his and the teams back he is out of order.The fans pay good money to watch the team and it is there right to grumble just as much as it is to cheer.H.H.

  16. Imho



    Sammi was his evil twin today … And never a captain



    Vic and kayal ok in midfield but little creation



    Commons missed at least 5 decent chances



    Gary and tony suffered from poor servicw but i think hooper wants to leave



    Felt sorry for matthews … No left peg



    Big charlie off form




    Oh and the mib was shocking too

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut I suggested earlier the players should be made to applaud the victors off the park.



    Well done Inverness.



    Ntassoolla salutes you.



    I hope you have a safe journey home on this wet and windy night.

  18. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Joe fillipi.


    Aye SSB news reported by kevjungle is sure to be spot on.


    As someone said on here the other day: you wouldn’t drink in a Hun pub, why listen to a Hun radio?

  19. As usual the stats guys are on telling everybody how bad things are well here’s a stat and its the only one that counts CELTIC TOP OF THE LEAGUE FACT. HH

  20. CQN after a defeat is the equivalent of Radio Snyde’s pitiful phone-in.


    People who are upset when we have a bad day at the office are no more Celtic supporters than Charles Green.



    They are sickening idiots.






    These same clowns will sing when we are winning that ‘ We don’t care if we win, LOSE or draw.’






    I love my club when they are winning.



    I love them MORE when they are losing.



    That’s when they NEED us as supporters.



    I hope I don’t meet any of these glory-hunting fools tonight.



    I would not be sure to maintain the dignity that I was taught to display as a CELTIC SUPPORTER.



    God Bless Neil Francis & his terrific young side.

  21. Ah hiv Not Many Complaints regarding.. Lennie’s Worth tae us, as a Manager..




    He has done.. Splendidly..






    Ah do hiv Wan..



    Big ,Big .. Complaint… regarding his ..SEEMING..



    Inability ..



    Tae.. Realize .. that ..



    There are Some Players… in His Team..



    Who Shouldnae be .



    In Ma Opinion.




  22. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Joe fillipi.


    If a Hun at work told you something about Neil Lennon, would you feel the need to pass comment on this blog about it?