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  1. 1 point from the last 3 SPL games is pathetic. The worst thing is that all three games were a carbon copy of each other. A team, well organised, sit in and get 10 men behind the ball for the first half (very occasionaly venturing forward). If Celtic don’t score early we run out of ideas and become increasingly frustrated. Likewise the support start to get on the team’s back. In the second half, as the game becomes stretched and Celtic players tire, the opponents throw more men forward on the break and recently they have scored goals and caused us to drop 8 out of 9 points at home.


    We lack creativity. If a team stops Commons, or he has a mare like today, we have no player who can unlock a well organised defence. Away from home in SPL and in Europe this isn’t a problem as teams come at us more leaving us space to exploit, and we are good at exploiting this space. Today our best players were Kayal (back to his best) & Ambrose, with Victor & Lustig giving passable performances. Forster could have sat in the stands for all he had to do. The rest were poor, especially the forward players. Samaras was back to his worst, home SPL games are not his thing, he needs the space away games offer for him to gallop into as he doesn’t have the guille to beat players with a trick or find a pass to open a defence up. Not a criticism of Sammi, just an observation. Hooper looked as interested as he looked fit and Tony Watt, as I mentioned earlier, is more suited as an impact sub at this stage of his young career.


    Substitutions were baffling. Needing to open up a defence surely Miku and McGeouch are better options than a half fit Brown and a never fit Paddy.


    If Spartak watch recording of our last three home games and come to CP and sit in, playing on the break, Europa League here we come.

  2. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Joe filipi. Ps nothin personal against you. My vendetta is about super score board and Celtic fans that keep it on life support

  3. Don’t care what anybody says, this was a disgrace, nothing more, nothing less.


    CELTIC 0 Highland huns 1



    not good enough,seemples




  4. One way home from game. That was utter shite! No wonder home gates are falling we have been tripe at home. Lost to killie and ict at home and not even December not good enough.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    The Honest mistake. Fella read back it might help you to get it right I didnt make comment on it I responded to another posters post but why bother with facts when you can make it up as you go along.H.H.

  6. Disappointed in Neil’s petulant response. Love him but the punters have a right to voice their disapproval and quite frankly home league performances are absolutely disgraceful!



    I hope he has the good grace to apologise tomorrow and accept that just because we beat Barca doesn’t make him or his team immune from criticism!

  7. KOJO


    Palomine, long time no communicate.


    Hope you are well.


    go on and give names.


    I agree wuth you but to simple me it looks like, hey, we beat Barca here so Caley should be a breeze! Doesn’t work like that. We should be taking 7 or 8 goals from muppets like them.



    Hail Hail



    KINGLuBO Still greetin’

  8. Kayal33






    Ah wish that Ah hid Written.. whit YOU .. WRIT.



    You Captured.. the Reason ..as tae why..



    Agin.. Poor Oppo..






    Huff and we Puff..and then.. wee… Run oota.. Air..and






    Lose a Soft Goal tae oor Much Inferior.. but.. FLYER.. S.P.L. Opponent..



    All the Dugs in the Toon..n Awe the S.P.L . Managers..



    Noo Know..



    The secret o’ how tae beat us ..



    And..it is Jist as ye hiv revealed…




    Guid Fur You ,Pal. fur tellin’ it.. Like it LAYS.




  9. CoL…it is good enuff..we’re still top with a game in hand and on the threshold of the last 16..got to take the ruff with the smooth and while it lasts i’ll accept mediocrity if we get there in the end!!

  10. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Jabba and Cosgrove talking about eating humble pie. Unfortunately there’s no pies of any description left due to Fat Sally Le Coist having got in first.

  11. Just back in from a very disappointing game..Inverness lined up 4-1-4-1 in their own half when we had the ball in their final third and we really struggled to break this down .


    Another bad day at the office ?.. One or two over a season might be acceptable but this looks like a recurring pattern..Neil said in his after match interview he recognised this and vowed to sort it out..and I trust him to do it..


    Top of the league,still in the CL with a chance to make the final 16,still in both cups too …HH

  12. Valentine's Day on

    Back in from the game – don’t know were to start!


    How about Hooper, could nae trap a bag of coal.


    Commons, slow if only he wis that quick.


    Sammy – wis just Sammy. The rest were pish, apart from Efe


    and Kayal first half. Every league game at home


    has been shocking – this is our bread and butter


    entertainment value non existent!!

  13. Hahaha . Only kidding brother.



    Whilst I hold your opinion in the utmost regard, I must respectfully disagree with your considered thoughts.



    Nah I agree.

  14. Just back in from the game. It just wasn’t our day. Nothing seemed to work out and Inverness played well, I thought. Efe played well and so did Kayal, Sammi got injured early in the first half and should have been hooked. Things started to look up with the introduction of Brown and McCourt but it was too little too late.



    Still, it was good to spend some time with the wean and I got a magic photo of him, scarf held aloft with the pitch in the background. I put a fiver on Ambrose to score at any stage but was disappointed to find him acting as the only player in our half at set pieces so it was a very long shot.

  15. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    In the mean time we’ve won 4 points at away in the league and beaten barca at home in the cl.


    What is missing at home in domestic competition?

  16. Gary Mackay Steven in January. Pace to drag defenders out of position and trickery to beat them. A fully fit Forrest would also give us a boost both in tight home games and in away games where he can exploit the space. If its not working through the middle with sideways pass followed by sideways pass, we need to use pace and trickery down the wings.

  17. I can’t believe how much we miss Stokes. He’s the second best assister at Celtic after Commons, and knows how to hit an Spl net too. Get well soon!

  18. Kilbowie



    Sorry pal doesn’t mean I’m not a Celtic fan because I can’t except that shite. Players take the plaudits when they play well they can take criticism when they play shite.

  19. 50 shades of green on

    team did not link up well at all today.



    Kris commons shooting was rank,shot from everywere and hut nothing.



    my choices at the back would have been. ADam at right back and charlie at left back with efe and mikul lustig as the centres.



    other than that i think lenny wasent to far of the mark.



    however if you cant pick out your own team mates with the wee baw then all the tactics in the world wont work.



    still love lenny though .




  20. My Dear,dear,dear, Friend..King Lubo



    Hiya.. Palomine??



    Nice tae converse ,wi you.. again..’






    tae pit it.. Like This..’



    Ah am Daeing..and Feelin’… a Hellava Loat Bettah ..



    Than the Celtic.



    And Ah am Feelin’ Pretty Low!



    So ..ye kin Imagine..






    Neil..is .. Feelin’.. aboot this…



    Maist Aggravating’ and Inconsistent Bunch.. who are Presently weari’



    oor Colors.






    Greetin’..like You.






    Trying.. Mightily.. tae Still Smile.. Thru



    Ma Tears.




    Team of His..

  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Did someone tell the GB we were going to play like that ….? …… some of these players think they only have to turn up…..Grrrrrr……very disappointing performance……..some of the squad need to get their chance in the SPL now……

  22. KOJO



    Great to hear you’re picking up and doin’ ok, brilliant and take it easy as in the words of my old man, son, yer deid for a helluva long time, so enjoy it.


    But I hear you cry, how can I enjoy it if the mighty Celtic are so inconsistent.


    They will soon wake up and smell the coffee, of that I am sure.


    So, chin up and forward we will go.



    Hail Hail