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  1. What did we learn today- Lenny finds difficulty setting a team up to break down an organised defense- he has a blind spot to the form of certain players- especially Commons- Callum Murray is a poor excuse for an impartial referee- and will continue to diminish as long as our football is so poor and while we treat football fans as criminals. All in all nothing that we didn’t know before.



    I find this “don’t criticise the team or your not a real supporter” patter a quite childlike view of the world,and Lenny needs to avoid arguing with crowd if he wants to develop as a manager. There was enough on the pitch for him to worry about never mind conversing with the fans

  2. jeese oh,



    poor game, poor performance, poor attitude from players.


    I cant get worked up to lay any blame with NFL.



    Everybody has an opinion on who should be picked, who was unift, squad rotations etc etc etc, however, our young team, and young manager, are on the verge of CL last 16.



    Its a hard balance, they havnt been here before.



    I trust NFL.




    The players are not bad, none of them.



    But they have been getting it wrong too often, thats what our man needs to fix.



    I wouldnt swap our manager for anyone.

  3. Hi folks,have had time to cool off after returning from the Game today,my crib is, I attended a my Grandsons Confirmation service 12noon, which pushed me to the limit to get to the game,I put more effort into getting there, than the players and management did throughout the 90min,Murry is not an excuse for today,when will Neil get to grips with substitutions, he could have taken 5 off a half time,and it would have been an improvement.My thoughts are, we maybe are to deep the COMFORT ZONE, due to what we all know, I hope it does not come back to.


    Bring on the Jam Tarts, Awerabest PJ

  4. Teams have been coming to CP for decades with nothing more ambitious in mind than to pack the defence and hope for some success with the occasional counter attack. Teams with much less ability than our current one still managed to skelp most of them. We attacked from the off because we always had flair players up front who created barrowloads of chances and took a fair few of them. There’s the rub – look at the SPLs top scorers this season and we have no one anywhere near the top of it. Our strikers aren’t striking.

  5. Neil Lennon sensationally threatened to quit Celtic after an angry altercation with fans during the 1-0 Clydesdale Bank Premier League defeat by Inverness at Parkhead.



    With the home side trying to claw back Billy McKay’s 65th-minute strike late in the game, the former Celtic skipper remonstrated with angry supporters behind his technical area and the match ended with a crescendo of boos from many of the frustrated Hoops support.



    The Parkhead side have taken only one point from the last nine at home but remain top of the league by a point and are within one game of reaching the last-16 of the Champions League due, in part, to an incredible 2-1 home win over Barcelona earlier in the month.



    However, in the post-match press conference the former Celtic skipper was clearly enraged by some of the criticism.



    Lennon said: “They are frustrated. I disagreed with them, I didn’t like what they said about the team.



    “Look, if they are not happy with what I am doing and they want me to go, I will.



    “If the fans make it clear that they are not happy and they want me out then that’s okay, I will do the honourable thing.



    “I can’t repeat it (what fans said) because it is public arena but there were a lot of expletives and heavy criticism, which I didn’t think was justified and (there was) a lack of patience with the team as well.



    “If there was a lack of application and commitment I would be the first to criticise the team.



    “I didn’t see that today but I did see a lack of composure and quality in the final third and that’s what cost us.



    “If I think it is justified then I don’t have a problem with it but I don’t think it was justified today.



    “But they pay their money, they are allowed to say what they like. I’ve got my opinions on it and sometimes I give them as well.



    “I am not happy with the league form, it is my team at the end of the day so I take the responsibility for it.



    “It’s not for the lack of trying to find the answers.”

  6. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Kojo. For the first time EVAH, I agree with everything you say in your post.



    Although my approach as a supporter is to encourage my team, I would defend the right of others to express their disapproval.



    Otherwise we become like the people we loathe who try to suppress free expression of views, as witness the boycott today by the Green Brigade.



    It strikes me as being utterly hypocritical to on the one hand support the actions of TGB, yet at the same time seek to condemn the expressed opinion of Celtic supporters, whether we agree with them or not.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Just realised we’re still top of the league … Well, that’s good news anyway……

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just back in from the game, that was a bit of a freak result, I am not too bothered as we should have had the game dusted before they scored. I was certainly more angry at the performance against Killie and Saint Johnstone.

  9. Valentine's Day on

    Re: GB



    I was amazed at the number of fans round about me who did not know anything about the boycott and what harassment they were being subjected to.

  10. It’s a poor show when u cannot voice disapproval at another inept and garbage performance.



    Some posters on here would appear to have the opinion that its okay to accept any old crap!



    Unacceptable performances need to be challenged and we have had far too many this season.



    Blind acceptance is just what the board want and then there is no need to dip into the coffers at all to improve.






  11. Valentine’s



    Guy behind me asked me what is was all about on 12 minutes.



    Unfortunately there are still Celtic fans that don’t know about Celtic media, and rely on


    MSM for news, or the lack of it.

  12. Valentine’s Day


    19:08 on 24 November, 2012



    sadly more Celtic supporters read, and get their news/opinions from, tabloids like the record and sun than read websites/blogs like CQN etc.

  13. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on







    My concern is that Neil is not learning from these crap performances.



    He is still playing his favourites whether they are unfit or just playing poorly on a regular basis.



    It is the same mistakes week after week.



    Even I can see that.

  14. Arsenal only manage a 0-0 draw against lowly Aston Villa.


    I doubt Arsene Wenger will receive the same abuse as Neill Lennon did.

  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Never seen or heard about todays performance. Just seen the result. Not surprised at all. Seems to be an accepted pattern. Not worried ………….yet




  16. Re booing at CP.



    Constructive criticism is acceptable and NFL would be the first to agree on this.



    Booing is not constructive and belittling players and management is not constructive so people stating on here that folks are within their rights to boo or berate the team and management are wrong as this is destructive on constructive.



    Said it before and will say it again, look up the definition of a ‘ supporter’ then look up the definition of ‘oxymoron’ and you will understand why booing the team is not compatible with being a supporter of our club.



    Hail! Hail!




  17. Today we were dire. This was not the first dire performance I’ve seen nor even the most dire. If you support a club then you support it through dire and glorious performances. Who remembers Lou Macari’s team performances? Who remembers Tommy Burns’s great team performances when we were hardly defeated and couldn’t win a league.



    I will say this though and anyone who likes can and I am sure will come back at me because it is certainly not fashionable to say this. I don’t like Neil Lennon. He and his team have given us the most glorious results that we have enjoyed in Europe for years. He brought a team back from 15 points behind to be in front 10 or 11 weeks earlier. But I don’t like him. he does not comport himself, in my experience, in public in the manner that I have come to expect of a Celtic manager. (I’m sounding a bit Sevconian now am I not?)


    I am speaking frtom personal experience of the man.


    More to the point is that he seems to feel that he can complain about his treatment by some fans but has not, to my knowledge, said anything about the treatment of his team’s fans. His shocking experience at the hands of lunatics and others out there are not relevant to this issue.


    Today’s result is concerning but I will still be back. I was supporting Celtic before Neil Lennon was born and I intend to continue after he leaves if, as my dad used to say, God spares me.


    BTW still can’t find the words to describe how I felt after beating Barca,


    Just saying.



  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    19:00 on 24 November, 2012





    “love my club when they are winning.



    I love them MORE when they are losing.



    That’s when they NEED us as supporters.”





    Maybe I could make more sense of what I am saying if I said…..



    I love my family when everything is going well for them.



    I love them even more when they are struggling.


    That is when they need me


    Celtic are part of my family,…always have been.



    Sorry if that is hard to understand.

  19. The lack of effort by some players in the home SPL games this season has been really concerning



    Bad attitude and poor professionalism …yet the same players get picked every week

  20. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Booing the team is not constructive, Of course it isn’t and you would have to be a bit of a simpleton to suggest that it was



    .I haven’t seen anyone on here who said that booing was constructive.



    However those who choose to boo are within their rights to do so even though I don’t agree with them.



    If we are to start being so prescriptive as to dictate to people how to express their criticism or disapproval of tactics or performance, we may as well just pack it in now.



    I am proud to be a Celtic supporter, and one of the reasons for this is that we are a club and support who are happy to embrace difference of opinion and diversity.



    If you want to toe the party line and be a mindless robot, join the zombies.

  21. We do have to be doing better, everyone knows this but still top,big big night coming up Neil Lennon has shown us what a good manager he is(one of the best young managers in europe?) we need to be supporting him 100% HH