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  1. Kayal. Diz Marvellous.. mazy run..



    Beautiful Ba tae Lustig..



    Who Missed the Chance of a Lifetime.



    Tut.. tut






    No Happy.

  2. The game is being played in a very good spirit. Two challenges, two yellow cards for Celtic. None for ICT.

  3. Charlie at the back now, to Vic, to Commons, loses out. Shout for a free, not given. ICT have it.



    Shinnie down for a free. Pathetic.

  4. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    I think Brother Murray will eventually be hoist by his own petard like his comrade Brother MacDonald.

  5. Murray has exhibited anti.cfc bias his entire refereeing career



    He was hand picked for last Hun game at ibrox ….a fully fledged member of the Dallas cowboys

  6. West Wales Celt on

    The club seem to have become remarkably proficient at shutting down streams of C67.


    Not convinced that this is worthy of the effort from a business perspective as I suspect the vast majority of Celtic fhans abroad will be C67 subscribers. My guess would be that the majority of those watching streams of C67 only matches will be poor souls in the UK who are denied the opportunity to purchase live coverage of the game.




  7. Hooper and Watt must feel lonely as not enough balls getting to them.


    We need a wee bit of inspiration. A great shot, a mazy dribble or an OG

  8. Listening to the match via CelticTV…..refreshing….but..nae mention at the twelfth minute of the support for The GB. Official Celtic silence. Oh well.


    Mibbery in evidence as usual. Oh well.


    0-0. Oh well.



  9. Jude2005. If you are overseas go to Celtic TV on official site and subscribe. Its about 30 dollars a month I think.

  10. Game going the wey Ah figgered..



    Low Scoring..




    We wull need tae Tak .. oor Chances..



    In a Game , such as this… We canny afford tae Scorn. oor Oportunities..



    So faur..



    We hiv hid Two chances.. in which we should hiv scored..



    Ah am, otherwise pleased by oor Team’s Efforts.



    But..Like Ah said..



    Commons.. goata dae bettah.



    In Ma Opinion






    Still.. no Getting that Happy Feelin’

  11. Murray being consistent.


    He is a cheat.


    Neil Lennon needs to learn that possession is irrelevant if the opposing goalie has nothing to do.


    This seems to be the norm at Celtic park


    He needs to take some coaching on attacking football.

  12. Callum Murray outed himself when he refused to report Bougherra for manhandling him during the “shame game”

  13. HT Celtic 0-0 Inverness



    Bit of a flat performance. Lot’s of possession and a couple of decent chances but we have failed to test their keeper. ICT very poor, especially going forward. Kayal probably our best player so far. He has worked hard in midfield, breaking up their possession and pushing forward. Nothing from our front two, especially Watt who has hardly kicked the ball.



    Our best play has come through the middle, so maybe an opportunity for Paddy in their if 0-0 continues too long.

  14. Look.. Murray didnae Miss that Chance..that Lusig goat..



    Quit Complaining aboot the Ref..



    It is Par fur the course..that the Ref wull favour the opposition..




  15. My Dear Kojo…..



    Did Ye See This Post On The Last Thread..



    From Yer Former Side-Kick….



    Fae Yer Days Runnin’ Wi’ The Infamous ‘Shawlands Heidhunters’……




    When The Trams Still Ran Oan The Streets Of Our Golden Empire’s Second City….




    And Proud Britannia Ruled The Waves…










    19:24 on



    23 November, 2012



    message left a few days ago re ” and to Benny Cuthill wherever you are ” Benny would like to get in touch with kojo

  16. obonfanti1888


    15:57 on


    24 November, 2012


    Callum Murray outed himself when he refused to report Bougherra for manhandling him during the “shame game”




    At the hearing, was asked if he felt intimidated.


    I think his answer was “No, these things happen in every close family.”

  17. Who would have thought it from a Butcher side? Half time and fouls count ( against) is


    Celtic 7 ICT 2


    Guess that sums up Bro Murray

  18. Ref is really annoying me. We should be at least 2 up. Hate these type of games when you don’t take your chances you are setting yourself up for a sucker punch. Any crowd estimates.

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